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If anyones interested or has any questions, pm me or email free_tony_yayo_@hotmail.com and make an offer. Everything is an original copy unless marked.


Would consider trading for any of the following:


Powerslam issues: 1,11,14,15,16,17,89

Raws/Sdowns from 99/00/01

Nitros(full US versions) from 96/97

Mick Foley hits and misses dvd




PS2 Games:


NBA Jam 03/04

X Men 2:Wolverines Revenge

Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer 2

Pro Evolution Soccer 3


True Crime: Streets of LA

Simpsons: Hit and Run

Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu

Megaman X7

Def Jam: Vendetta

DVD Region Free(makes the ps2 a universal dvd player, just put the disc in before you play the dvd)




The Slim Shady Show(vid)

Welcome to the Jungle(The Rock and Sean William Scott-dvd)(copy)





Ric Flair DVD(3 disc)

Triple H:The Game(4 vid comp-hhh's best matches from aug 99 title win til injury in 2001)

The McMahon Helmsley Era comp

The Rock: Know Your Role

Best of Raw Vol 10(Jan & Feb 98)

Best of Raw Vol 11(March & April 98)

WCW Nitro Tape from CTX Videos - Contains all UK versions of Nitro from September and October 1997 and the 1st of December 1997 episode

WrestleMania 2

HHH & Chyna: Its Our Time

WrestleMania 4(copy-all on one tape)

SSeries 93 and the 1st World War 3 - SSeries isnt full but does have the Harts vs Michaels and the Knights match


John Cena on Smackdown - comp from debut til jan 03

1988 Survivor Series

1989 Survivor Series









Powerslam Magazines


Issue 43(February 1998) - Reports on Starrcade 97 and In Your House 19X

-A feature on the 'Gangs' of wrestling including the nWo,DX and The Nation of Domination

-1997 Year in Pictures

-The ten craziest wrestlers in History

-The 1997 Powerslam Reader Awards



Issue 44(March 1998) - Feature on the Royal Rumble and the matchups made for WMania 14 as a result

-Interview with Diamond Dallas Page

-Feature on WCW/Nwo Souled Out

-ECW 'House Party 98'

-Mike Tyson as the ringside enforcer at WMania

-Feature on Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie(Terry Funk)



Issue 51(October 1998) - Features on Road Wild and Summerslam

-The Ten Worst Wrestlers of the 1990's

-Feature on Booker T, Bret Hart and the Brawl for All WWF Tournament

-History of the European Title

-ECW Feature



Issue 52(November 1998) - Documents Ric Flairs return to WCW with the Horsemen

-Full reports on Breakdown In Your House and WCW Fall Brawl

-Documents The Sandman's leaving ECW to sign for WCW

-Greatest Heels of the Modern Era

-Feature on the New Age Outlaws



Issue 71(June 2000) - Feature on Spring Stampede and the 'new era' of WCW(WCW had just been re-started with Bischoff and Russo in charge)

-Assessment of the prospects of most of the current wrestlers(wwf,ecw and wcw)

-Feature on ECW Cyberslam

-Interview with Rob Van Dam

-Feature on Taz



Issue 82(May 2001) - Feature on Steve Austins heel turn and alliance with Vince at WMania

-'The Rise and Fall of ECW'

-Feature on WWF's purchase of WCW

-Wrestlings Genuine 'Hard Men'

-Feature on The Outsiders Recent Indy-card Reunion

-Full report on WCW's last ever PPV 'Greed'

-Results from WMania 17



Issue 94(May 2002) - Complete coverage of WMania 18

-Feature on The 'Big Show'

-Feature on the WWF's dying tag-team division

-The role of 'The Booker' in wrestling and its variance from place to place

-Indie feature



Issue 96(July 2002) - Feature on the British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith after his recent passing

-Interview with Jerry Lynn after his recent dismissal from the WWF

-Stacy Keibler feature

-A look at the WWF's 'Attitude' era and how it changed their fortunes

-Articles on Shawn Michaels and WWF Judgement Day



Issue 99(October 2002) - Feature on Matt Hardy after his recent 'Mattitude' Adjustment

-Wrestlers Behaving Badly-miscellaneous stories about wrestlers getting in trouble for various reasons

-Feature on XPW's recent debut show

-Feature on Kane's return to the WWF

-Article on Goldbergs recent Japanese debut

-'Small fish in a Big Pond' - Why some talented wrestlers will never work for the WWF

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