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It can not be true


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Has anyone seen this?


Bret Hart is scheduled to appear on "Contact: Talking to the Dead," a one-hour ABC special that is scheduled to go head-to-head with Raw on Apr. 22 at 10 p.m. (EST).


How the hell did Bret fall for this? He is hoping to speak with Owen, and Helen, and of course the medium will make contact with them..... They alway's do. :roll


There are some pretty sick people out there to prey on the emotion's of other's.


That is my opinion of course, if you think such thing's are real; that is your own choice. I mean no offence.

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Oh dear, oh dear Bret, why have you gone insane?


He really has lost his mind over the Vince thing...sure be bitter and hate the scumbag, but really, is it just me or does Bret seem really quite badly mentally damaged since the Montreal incident?


Thank goodness I wont be watching that.

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I saw something similar in the News of the World Sunday Magazine supplement a couple of weeks ago where some old girl named Doris was apparently contacting the dead including Frank Sinatra, Alliyah and Bob Marley.


I've never seen anything actually published or broadcasted in the media like this before in this country and think its in extremely bad taste and Bret must be mad to be taking part in something so wrong.

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Guest Alliance Mark

Crossing over with John Edwards on Living is a laugh.


(looking at a section of the audience)

Mr Psychic: "I'm speaking to a person who's name begins with T, she has blonde hair and she's telling me to talk about a funny incident at a family get together"


Naieve women in audience: "Oh my mom's name was Tina"


Mr Psychic: "Yes... thats it .....Tina, she said she's happy where she is"


Show is edited so you don't see all the ones where he was miles off.


Amazes me that people believe that shite. I'm going to make my own show : They're Dead, Deal With It with Alliance Mark

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