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News: Baby Thrown form Moving Car.


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News: Baby Thrown From Moving Car.


My fellow Americans?


(AP) A newborn baby boy is recovering in a South Florida hospital after he was tossed from a car window with a plastic bag over his head.


The baby, whose umbilical cord was still attached, survived with minor injuries and was hospitalized in serious condition Friday.


"He weighs 8-pounds, 2-ounces, and I have to tell you, I saw him, he looks beautiful, he's a little fighter, full of life," Broward County sheriff's office, told reporters.


Broward County's sheriff said Friday that he hopes that the people who threw the boy out of the car are feeling remorse and will come forward.


Investigators are trying to identify the couple that threw the boy alongside a busy street in North Lauderdale, 13 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale, on Thursday afternoon, Sheriff Ken Jenne said. The car then sped away.


A woman stopped and found the baby, believed to be less than an hour old, inside a small plastic bag. She scooped him up and took him to a nearby sheriff's office, and he was transferred to Broward General Medical Center.


"She stopped her vehicle to rescue what she thought would be a cat or a kitten," said reporters. "She got out of the car opened it up took a plastic bag off the head of the individual and discovered the newborn."


The good Samaritan was "very distraught, very upset,". The woman's name was not released.


Investigators are searching for a white, older-model large sedan that witnesses observed leaving the scene. The baby's rescuer told investigators she observed a man and woman arguing inside the vehicle. But she saw only the back of their heads, and could not provide a good description.


Police say the couple didn't know, or ignored, Florida's safe haven law, which allows mothers to give up their babies at a safe location.


"We need to use this incident to remind people that you can always take the child to a hospital no questions asked if you do it within that three day period," Coleman-Wright said. "There are safe house, there are options out there for you."


America the beautiful huh? I'm ashamed to call myself American!


I'd love to throw the "kids" who had this baby out of the window of a speeding car. Think they will enjoy it?

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I prefer punting them South Park or Snitsky style. You get much more hangtime and a satisyfying thowcking sound.


Anyhoo, you have to wonder what goes through someones head when they do that. It's pretty sick. Im just glad the boy was OK. And I hope the parents get caught and royally screwed with a lifetime sentence

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Damn, that sucks.. those evil people.. I'm glad the baby's safe though!!


I wonder if they will return to the Scene of the Crime..


And Jayden, lol just imagine if those evil people said "It wasn't my fault!"? I know it sounds evil about them saying that, but it's funny, not to throw the baby out of the window though.


Oh my god, they almost killed the baby, you *******S!!

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Sew up her vagina with a matress needle and fishing twine and cut of his penis with a hot iron whilst injecting hydrochloric acid into each individual testicle.




No, I'm lowering myself to their standards.




We don't agree on much, but we'll agree on this.

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The woman who claimed she saw a newborn baby being thrown out of a moving car now admits the child is hers and she made up the story to cover up an unwanted pregnancy.


The woman, 38-year-old Patricia Pokriots, kept her pregnancy a secret and has indicated she does not want to keep the child. Authorities may charge her with filing a false report to police but thus far she has been charged with no crime. She is being sent for psychiatric examination by police.


The baby was born Thursday afternoon and was dropped off by Pokriots at the Broward sheriff's substation in North Lauderdale just outside Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Broward Country Sheriff Ken Jenne seemed relieved by the news. 'It's not as horrible as we first thought.' Jenne said. 'The baby was never thrown out of a moving car. This is the case of a disturbed woman who gave birth and did not want to keep her child.'


The baby boy is doing fine and is at Broward General Medical Center. He suffered only minor injuries. According to authorities, the staff at the hospital has nicknamed the baby Johnny.


Broward County officials have been inundated with calls to help and even adopt the baby. No immediate decision has been made about the baby's future.


'The one good thing that comes out of this is there is a great love for this child,' Jenne said.


Under Florida State law, mothers of new born children have three days to take a baby to any fire station or medical facility without any questions being asked. For that reason, Pokriots may not face any prosecution. And at least her baby will have a chance at a new life.


credit: Brad Kurtzberg


Still, shouldn't this woman at the very least, be beaten about the head and shoulder region just on principal alone?


Its a damn shame that there are people in this world that would give anything for a beautiful baby such as this, and then there are idiots who do such a stupid thing, that woman dosen't deserve the baby! She just wanted the attention.


Gawd I friggin' hate stupid people!

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