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Ok so it's like totally an idea I pinched from elsewhere but some of the best ideas are borrowed, just look at that darling little Vinnie Mac for proof of that.


If you could make your own wrestling DVD what would it be, and what would be the match listing?


No more than 6 matches, but as much else in terms of cutesy little bonus material as you want.


Would you have a best of the Brooklyn Brawler? The World's greatest Midget matches? Bra & Panties - 2003 Compilation?


What would yours be darlings?

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ok, after crapping on the Worst of HHH DVD, I'd get this:


Best of Hulkamania:




1. Hulk vs Warrior - WMVI

2. Hulk vs Andre - WMIII

3. Hulk vs Andre - Cage - WrestleFest 88

4. Hulk vs Hansen - WWF/AJPW Summit

5. Hulk vs Savage - WMV

6. Hulk vs Orndorf - Cage - Main Event

7. Hulk vs Orndorf - Big Event 86 - Canada House Show with over 60,000 people!

8. Hulk vs Big Bossman - Cage

9. Hulk vs The Rock - WMX8

10. Hulk vs Vince - WMXIX


There are many many more I could include, including Hogan vs Muta etc, but I'll stop there...it would also have all the build up angles, promos, etc leading into all those matches and the fallout afterwards.

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1st match. Benoit vs Angle at Royal Rumble 2003

2nd match The Rock Vs Lesnar at Summerslam 2002

3rd match Undertaker vs Yokozuna in a casket match at Royal Rumble 1994 (for some good old fashioned sports entertainment)

4th match Randy Orton vs Benoit at Summerslam 2004

5th match HHH vs Michaels at Armageddon 2002

Before the main event i would show the Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson segment from Armageddon 2002, it will release some tension before the main event.

6th match and main event HBK vs Bret Hart in an iron man match at wrestlmania 12.

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"The Best of the Ultimate Warrior"


Ultimate Warrior Vs Hulk Hogan WMVI

Ultimate Warrior Vs Randy Savage WMVII

Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty & Jim Neidhart Vs Andre the Giant, Arn Anderson, Bobby Heenan & Haku Survivor Series 89

Ultimate Warrior Vs Rick Rude SummerSlam 90

Ultimate Warrior Vs HHH (You just have to put this one on as much as possible, Warrior squashing people rules, especially when it's Trippers)

Ultimate Warrior & the Undertaker Vs Papa Shango & the Berzerker


I'd also fill it with lots of buildup and promos etc to the matches listed there and as a special bonus I'd have a Jim Hellwig shoot interview which would no doubt be highly entertaining

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Best Of Hell In A Cell:

Main features:


1. Mankind v The Undertaker- KOTR 1998


2. Shawn Micheals v The Undertaker- In Your House Badd Blood


3. Triple H v Cactus Jack- No Way Out 2000


4. Triple H v Chris Jericho- Judgement Day 2002


5. Triple H v The Rock v Kurt Angle v Rikishi v Austin v The Undertaker


6. Brock Lesnar v The Undertaker- No Mercy 2002


Bonus Features:


1. Hell in a cell being created


2. Superstars interviewed about the hell in the cell

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- Every single Kurt Angle promo ever

- Every single Christian promo ever

- Every single Mick Foley comissioner promo

- Every single Gene Snitsky promo

- The match where Gene killed Lita's baby, although it wasn't his fault!

- I'd stick on the best of those Kurt Angle/Chris Benoit series of matches.

- The one where Chris Benoit dropped the metal door on Jericho backstage then smashed him in the head with a steel chair while he was lying trapped on the floor (I can't remember whether that was in a match or just a promo.)

- The 2 TLC matches plus a couple of other E&C ones.

- Some of those Jericho/Christian matches from just before and including WMXX

- Shane/Kane ambulance match

- a couple of Rock matches, probably including the one where he brutalised Mankind with all those chair shots.

- Bubba Ray Bubba bombing Mae Young through a table off the ramp.

- I'd also like to film a bonus DVD a la Pammy and Tommy Lee featuring me and Trish

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Wrestling's REAL Funniest Moments


Presenters: Mike Tenay + Bobby Heenan


1) Shockmaster debuts in WCW (alternative commentary by Jesse Ventura)

2) Vince McMahon dances at the Slammys

3) When Heidi met Snitsky - how the poet met the baby-punter (alternative commentary by Billy Gunn + Chuck Palumbo)

4) "I'm A Nugget, Woooo" - DX and Jason Sensation parody The Nation

5) The Blue World Order take over

6) Steve Austin enters ECW - absolutely fantastic impressions of Hogan and Bischoff

7) Rock, This Is Your Life (alternative commentary by Yurple The Clown)

8) Jeff Hardy Blown Spots (2 Disc Set)

9) Edge & Christian Think Sodas Rule

10) Positively Kanyon - The Real Story

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"The Best of Taz in ECW"


Taz Vs Shane Douglas - Guilty as Charged 1999

Dean Malenko & Too Cold Scorpio Vs Eddie Guerrero & the Tazmaniac - Heatwave 1995

Taz Vs Bam Bam Bigelow - Heatwave 1998

Taz Vs Sabu - Barely Legal 1997

Public Enemy Vs Benoit & Malenko Vs Tazmaniac & Rick Steiner - Three Way Dance 1995

Taz Vs Johnny Smith - Ultimate Jeopardy 1996


Special Bonus match in full - Taz Vs Paul Varelans

Special Clipped Highlighst bonus - Taz Vs Rob Van Dam - For the TV title but I can't remember the show

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F2K's Top 5 Matches EVER


1. Rock vs Hulk Hogan-WMx8

2. Team Mexico vs Team NWA-TNA February 2004

3. Non Title Match-Chris Harris vs Jeff Jarrett-Tna Februuary 2004

4. The Rock vs Kurt Angle-No Way Out 2001

5. 6 Sides of Steel-Americas Most Wanted vs Triple X-TNa Turning Point 2004


Bonus Match-

King of the Mountain Match


Then I'd have half an hour long features on each and every match with the buildup to each and every match aswell

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The Best of Bret Hart..( WWF )


1.. WM12 Vs HBK

2.. WM13 Vs Austin

3.. King Of The Ring 93

4.. Summerslam 91 Vs Mr Perfect

5.. Summerslam 92 Vs Bulldog

6.. WM3... Hart Foundation/Danny Davis Vs The British Bulldogs/Tito Santana

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I would fill my DVD with some of my fave matches. :)


1) Ric Flair vs Randy Savage (WWF Wrestlemania 8)

2) Bret Hart vs British Bulldog (WWF Summerslam 1992)

3) Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit (WWF Royal Rumble 2003)

4) RVD vs Jerry Lynn (ECW Hardcore Heaven 1999)

5) James Tighe vs Paul London (FWA/ROH Frontiers Of Honor)

6) Jonny Storm vs Jody Flesich (CZW Best Of The Best 2)

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Wrestlings greatest Cage and gimmick matches-Four disc set


1 DVD-NWA's greatest Cage matches:


Best scenes from All of the War Game matches from the very 1st to the very last.

Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes-Great American Bash

Ric Flair vs.Ronnie Garvin-Starrcade 87

Ric Flair vs. Jimmy Garvin-Great American Bash

Magnum T.A. vs. Tully Blanchard

Dusty Rhodes vs. Lex Luger

Lex Luger vs. Barry Windham

Sting vs. The Black Scorpion

The Rock 'n Roll Express vs. Ole and Arn Anderson



2.WWF/WWE greatest cage matches:


Hogan vs. Bossman

Austin vs. McMahon

Bundy vs. Hogan

Bret vs. Owen

Rock vs. HHH

Angle vs. Benoit

Jericho vs. Christian

Scenes from All the Hell in the Cell matches from the 1st to the last.


3. DVD- Best scenes from the Gimmick matches of ECW/NWA/WCW/WWF/WWE:


Bunkhouse Stampedes

Night of The Sky Walkers-Scaffold match

Spin the Wheel Make the deal matches

Hardcore matches

Ironman matches

Ladder matches

Casket matches

Stairway To Hell

Barbed wire match

submission matches

Three way dances

Strap matches

Texas Bullrope matches

TLC matches



4.Bonus disc-The Elite groups of wrestling

Special bonus features:


classic promos from each group

best gang jumps from each group

full stories on each group with commentary from some of the former members




The Four Horsemen

Degeneration X


The Triple Threat

The Nation of Domination

The Corporate Ministry

The Heenan Family

The Hart Foundation

Raven's flock


Four disc set for about $39.99 I say. :xyx

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The Best of Hogan at Wrestlemania


WM3 v Andre (due to the sheer magnitude of the occasion)

WM5 V Savage

WM6 v Warrior (Hogans best WM match for me)

WM8 v Sid (a supposed 'farwell' match)

WM9 - Mega Maniacs vs Money Inc (Hogan returns and would laso show his 'match with yokozuna)

WM19 v Vince - (I enjoyed it)

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I would have full DVD's (like Benoits, Foleys etc) of:


Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Rock

The Undertaker

Triple H

Kurt Angle

Chris Jericho


and loads more..


I would also like a massive DVD set that shows every Raw and Nitro during the Monday Night War, but there's no chance (no chance in hell :D) of that happening.

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