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Profile Thread: Face

Dead Crow

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Ok, since many will learn towards the heel side...



Name: Jordi Warner

Height: 6ft2

Weight: 237lbs

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Hometown: Birmingham, England

Entrance Music: "All Hail Me" by Veruca Salt

Basic Description: The Executive Producer of TWOStars Xtreme TV and pay-per-views, representing on behalf of the TV network at TWO, who got a job at the network because he slept with the executive President's wife, who put in a good word. A stereotypical "goth-rocker", Jordi sports dreadlocked red and black hair and wears a variety of different clothes. However, breaking the stereotype quite defiantly, he is far from depressive and masochistic. A fun loving guy, Jordi is quite vibrant and full of humour. He doesn't usually step into the ring, but has been trained and can fight when the time arises. A very optimistic individual, Jordi's theme song is very appropriate for his attitude on life and TWOStars. He is often found in suits and a bandana, but when in the ring, will resort to baggy jeans and black vests with his favorite band (Dope) on. He is open for any style of music or wrestler though, and is accompanied by his "committee", currently comprising of an overweight middle-aged man in a clown costume, called "Fukko The Klown". More forthcoming.


Alignment: Face

Finishing Moves: Felons And Revolutionaries (jump onto opponents knee, push off, and kick the opponent square in the face - think Jericho's new finisher but to the face)

Trademark Moves: Jenny's Cryin' (springboard centon splash onto standing opponent); Group Therapy (opponent straddled on the ropes, Jordi jumps to the top turnbuckle facing the opponent and leaps off with a spinning heel kick, knocking him off)

Standard Moves: Suplex, Evenflow DDT, Triple Drop Elbow, Brainbuster, German Suplex, Figure Four Leglock, Forward Russian Leg Sweep, Flying Leg Drop, Armbars, Hurricanrana/Flying Leg Scissors


Additional Information: In addition to everything else, Jordi is single, a weak guitar player (decent on the drums though), and enjoys eighties music.

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Name: Acid Christ

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 230lbs

Age: 55

Gender: Male

Hometown: Almost Heaven

Entrance Music: "Helter Skelter" by The Beatles.

Basic Description:


Appearance: Black Judo pants and black boots worn to the ring. Close cropped greying hair adorns sharp but smiling features.


Away fom the ring a black suit and collarless shirt are his usual apparrel.


Ring Entrance: "Helter Skelter" hits and Acid makes his way down the ramp waving at the crowd. He enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, gazing out over the arena.


Alignment: Face.

Finishing Moves: Stairway to Heaven. (similar to Dudley Dog, but going over the opponent's head rather than round the side.)

Trademark Moves: Front facelock, cravatte, rear naked choke.

Standard Moves: Suplexes, forearms, kicks etc. No punches.


Additional Information:



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Name: Chris "The Viper" Vaile

Height: 6"4'

Weight: 240lbs

Age: 27

Gender: male

Hometown: Orlando, FL (originally from Barnsley, UK)

Entrance Music: Saliva - One Night Only (Vaile Edit :lol)

Basic Description: Mean fan favourite, could do a heel turn, wears shiny pant style things (like maven) but says "VIPER" across the back

just casual sports tops, tracky bottoms outside ring


Alignment: Face

Finishing Moves: VDT (sleeper into reverse ddt)

Trademark Moves: Sharpshooter

Snake Bite (like F5, but swing them other way round)

submission moves

Standard Moves: slams, bombs and drops! fancy suplexes too


Aditional Information: Upper mid carder, title push maybe?. Not a traditional posh UK to USA'er! heel turn could set him up for greater things like he deserves! yet still a great face

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Name:The DrillSergeant, Hank Hammerton


Weight:225 lbs



Hometown:Somewhere in the south

Entrance Music:Bad Seed - Metallica

Basic Description:Hardcore Vet of the vietnam war, a man who only respects those who wrestle with everythin they got. LOTS of shouting and comedic lines, Austin style.

Sporting a marine buzzcut and wearin camo cargo pants and black boots with a boot camp tshirt and a cap, wears aviator sunglasses down the ramp and in promos.



Finishing Moves:Pulling Rank (A hardcore Alabama Slam from the top rope turnbuckle)

Trademark Moves:Evasive Manuveres (Basicly running launching from ropes to ropes until coming side on to oppenent and slaming them backward into the mat by grabbing their shoulders and diving full on bulldog style)

Gimmie 20! (VIcous series of kicks and drop knees on flat out opponent)

Air Strike (Missle Drop Kick from top ropes)

Standard Moves:A Multitude of techical takedowns and holds.


Aditional Information:


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Name: Welsh '50/50' Scouser


Height: 5 9

Weight: 140 pounds

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Hometown: Swansea

Entrance Music: Bartender and the thief - Stereophonics


Basic Description: Welshy has no athletic ability to speak off, so, inspired by his favourite shows Jackass and Dirt Sanchez, he makes his mark by utilising manouveres noone else with any sense would do and some most dont even know about. It hurts like a mother to perform them, but it causes enough damage to his opponent to be effective in a match. Most of the time anyway. Although his hero is Mick Foley, the ability to withstand pain seems to have bypassed the poor sod. This sometimes causes problems as instead of capitiling on an advantage he his rolling around the canvas in agony in a feutal position. But hey, the crowd loves it.


Alignment: Face


Finishing Moves: 720 splash (well he aims for 720 anyway), Swanton bomb to outside floor (sometimes over the top rope),


Trademark Moves: jawbreaker, half boston crab, powerslam


Standard Moves: DDT, samoan drop, flying cross body


Aditional Information: Not above the odd cheeky manouvere, such as slamming a steel chair into his own teeth when the refs not looking to get the other person disqualified. He's a crafty one. Also comes to the ring accompanied by various objects that he can suprise opponents with by using the seemingly harmless artifacts as weapons. In the past he has used sheets of glass, power drills and a fork.

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Name: Jimmy 'The Prototype' Redman

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 240 lbs.

Age: 22

Gender: male

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina


Entrance Music: 'Death Of Seasons' by AFI

Entrance: the quiet intro to ‘Death of Seasons’ by AFI starts, and a video starts playing on the TV screen, showing mysterious shots of a darkly dressed man, in various states of running, looking around corners and stillness (similar to Edge’s video). The camera moves backwards slowly to be engulfed in smoke. As the music kicks in, JTPR comes running out of the smoke. He pauses for a second to look out at the crowd, and then sprints down the ramp. he slides into the ring, and turns onto his back and does a nip up to stare straight into the eyes of his opponent, all in one movement. he then climbs the ropes, and poses with both hands pointing up.


Basic Description: tall, long blond hair, moderately well built. front, back, arms, and neck all tattooed. his beard always changes, but is usually in some state of goatee-ness.

IN RING: long, black pants. boots, elbow pads and wrist tape, all black.

BACKSTAGE: same pants and boots. wears sleeveless black tops, usually band shirts, also bandana and dark sunglasses.


Alignment: face


Finishing Moves: Metalhead (spinning DDT), ProtoBomb (powerbomb)

Trademark Moves: Springboard Tornado DDT, Guillotine Choke, 10 punches (on turnbuckle), Lita's DDT, Spiral Bomb, Mad Axeman (polish hammer off top rope), Rock Hard (Rock Bottom, but holding around the neck, not around chest)

Standard Moves: running clothesline, chops, european uppercut, suplexes (all), neckbreakers, full nelson into bomb, dropkick, superkick, headlock takedown, armbar, various chokes.


Aditional Information: a big fan of rock, in particular heavy metal and death metal. frequently wears band tshirts, and is often seen listening to his discman backstage.

he is a quiet character, usually very cool and composed. however, he does pose and acknowledge the crowd when in the ring.

he is a face, but could work as a heel. his mysterious character allows him to be successful as either. for the moment the crowd are on his side though.

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Name: Tiffany




Weight: 140lbs


Age: 19


Gender: Female


Hometown: Doncaster


Entrance Music: Feeder- 'Just A Day.'


Basic Description: Luchador. Bright pink shoulder length hair, blue eyes.


Ring Attire: Tight black sports top, flared pink trousers cut half way and laced back up with black lace, black boots.


Alignment: Baby Face


Finishing Moves: 450 Tiffany Splash (450 slash with a twist half way ); Tiffany Choke (Triangle Choke )


Trademark Moves: Legdrop from the top rope. Dudley dog. Missile Dropkick. Hurricanrana.


Standard Moves: Dropkick. Crucifix slide pin. Bulldog. Cross body.


Additional Information: Tiffany is the assistant to Jodi Warner.

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Name: Dominator

Height: Six Foot Six

Weight: two hundred and ninety five pounds

Age: twenty one

Gender: male

Hometown: Detroit Michigan

Entrance theme: Cannibis second round knockout

Basic discription: A Brock Lesanr type guy with an arsenal of suplexes and ametuer moves with an overpowering strength and can also have a ground and pound side to him> Wears Black trunks<black kneepads>black elbowpads and black boots


same Muscle mass as Cena just a bigger frame than him


Aligment: Face


Finisher: Death drop ( pick them up in a suplex position and turn it into a twist of fate)


Trademarks: Has the best spine buster in the business< German suplexes Belly to Belly suplexes death valley driver, Pain Barrier ( Brock Lock)


Top rope: A Shooting star press and its as good as Paul Londons


Additional Info: Aint afraid of no one if someone steps in his way they are gonna get knocked down

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Name: Slim Jim

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 227lbs

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Hometown: London, England

Entrance Music: Saliva - Make Me A Superstar

Basic Description: Like Jeff Hardy when with the Hardy Boyz. Black jeans; arm thingies; long, coloured hair; striped side burn beard. When not wrestling he wears a black suit and a black baseball cap backwards with his hair tied in ponytail.


Alignment: Face (plays up to the crowd)

Fighting Style: Fast, high-risk/high-flying, and hardcore.

Finishing Moves: Slimmer - Swanton Bomb

Trademark Moves: Slim Pickin's - Tornado DDT, Sharpshooter, SlimJimInator (like the VanDaminator drop kick to chair).

Standard Moves: Hurricarana, Flying clothesline, DDT, Dropkick (standing/off top rope), dragon suplex, schoolboy.


Aditional Information: Also known as the Slimmer. Speaks usually in the third person a bit like the Rock (e.g. When Slim Jim says hes gonna kick your a$$, hes gonna kick your a$$). Previously the WWEMax Champion, 2 time BWF North American Tag Champ, and 3 time BWF Xtreme Champ.

Official Website: Slim Jim

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Name: "The Judge" Sid Commandant


Height: 6'1''


Weight: 275lbs


Age: 35


Gender: Male


Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia


Entrance Music: Cold- "Remedy"


Entrance:A slow saunter to the ring, enters via ring steps always ignoring opponent, keeps his back to them until the bell rings


Basic Description:short black hair, well built, dark blue trunks, elbow pads, UFC gloves, right knee brace, black boots




Finishing Moves: Trial By Fire: (running Razors Edge into the turnbuckle)


Trademark Moves:Goldberg Press Slam, Spinning neck breaker, Underhook suplex,


Standard Moves:Overhead release bellytobelly, Sitout powerbomb pin, Mounted Reverse Stunner, Fishermans Suplex


Aditional Information:Jaded looking veteren, wrestled most of career in small feds, never made it big, nearing end of career due to injuries.Is on the fans side but doesnt seem interested in playing to them anymore, looking instead to make it to the top.

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I thought I'd stick my profile in here, in preparation for after WM.


Name: Retromark

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 210lbs


Gender: Male

Hometown:Manchester, England

Entrance Music: Usually a retro TV theme (He-Man, Bread etc)

Entrance: Depends on Music - for example, for He-Man he would enter with a swrod and a shield - 'I have the power!'

Basic Description: Slighty overweight, Retromark wears retro(of course) T-shirts to cover his slighty flabby exterior. Going bald and with a crap beard, he looks anything but a wrestler.


Alignment: Face

Finishing Moves: Retro DDT (Evenflow DDT)

Trademark Moves: Old School rope walk ('Taker), Sleeper hold, Camel Clutch, Double underhook suplex, Jaw breaker, Superkick, Reverse DDT, Big Splash

Standard Moves: Body Slam, lots of punches and kicks, Elbow drop, Suplex


Aditional Information: Retromark is a comedy babyface.

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Name :''The Mesiah'' Rake Rush

Height : 6'5

Weight :270 lbs

Age :24


Gender :Male


Hometown :New York


Entrance Music : ''Remedy by Cold''


Entrance : Comes through the curtain,has his face with a red and black face paint. He stands in the middle of the stage and raises

both arms and 2 lightings struck the stage.Goes down the ramp taunting the crowd. Slides through the bottom of the ropes (Like Edge), gets up ,stairs at the crowd for 10 seconds. Stands in the middle of the ring and then red blood drops from his mouth.


Basic Description : Awsome Physique(HHH Like).Long black hair to the shoulders with red highlights,brown eyes

toned skin color and a HHH type beard (The old one he had).Long black and red arm sleeves (Jeff Hardy's)

,ripped top with a lean six pack.Has a Dragon bursting fire on his right bicep.Has a black

shiny trouse with a red web spider on the back with a black boot and knee pad combo

(Like Sean O'Haire).


His attitude is a no care for anyone type of way. He will tell you thing just the way he wants.

He's been known for doing everything in his power to achieve his goals.He's a cocky , bad mouthing SOB. You may wanna take you'r kids out of the room

when Rake is speaking ,cause some of the things he say will make ur grandma roll over on her tomb.

The audience seems to love him, because of the ways he makes the heels brake under pressure. With his unique physique and awsome athlethism, heels think twice before trying to do anything sneaky on Rake .



Alignment : Face


Finishing Moves : ''The Rake Power Breaker'' ( Gets you in Suplex position,lifts you up in the air and when

his oponent is ready to be suplexed he converts it in a

diamond cutter)


''Highway to Hell'' (Spine Buster)



Trademark Moves : '' Rake Kick'' (Irish wips his oponent to the ropes, when his oponent comes back he fakes a super kick. Then laughs quickly while the oponent thinks its over

and finally super kicks him)


''Brute Force'' (Allabama Slam)


''Dead Lock'' (Inverted Cloverleaf)



Standard Moves : Suplexes,Back Body Drops,Power Punches ,Reverse DDT,Clotheline,Arm Bar, Full Nelson Slam,Gorrila Press,Tilt-a-whirl,Russian Leg Sweep,Catapult,10 Turnbuckle Punches,Poke in the Eye,Low Blow,Pumphandle Slam,SuperPlex,Hip Toss.





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