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Profile Thread: Heels

The Doctor

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Name:"The Brutal" Brett Banner

Height:6 foot 2 inches

Weight:225 Ibs

Age:Too damn old (dangerously near the big 3-0)


Hometown: Dystopia (currently residing in Birmingham, England)

Entrance Music:"Sad But True" by Metallica

Basic Description:An excessively hairy individual (bound to get chants of "shave your back"), with a large phoenix tattoo on his back, dragon tattoo on his upper right arm and a shark tattoo on his upper left arm. Has a shaven head and goatee and those white contact lenses as sported by Viscera and Rey Mysterio.

Wears a black leather jacket with a Banner logo (on a banner, natch) and a radiation symbol on the way to the ring. Wrestles barechested with black, Taker style trousers.


His attitude is one of being bitter and disillusioned with the world. Sees the world as a cruel place, where lovers and friends will eventually betray you, relationships will fail, or even if they last will actually stop you achieving your potential and hold you back. (Ever been heartbroken and think the world is really, really sh*tty? That's his outlook.)

Rather than simply telling an opponent they are worthless he will really try to get under their skin and convince them of it and try to corrupt them and make them lose hope.


Finishing Moves:Gammalock (double leg lock and armbar submission hold)

JLT (Just Like That - a quickly executed Twist of Fate, without the hand symbol and shouting)

Trademark Moves:Backlash (holds opponent as in a Rock Bottom, but with his right knee behind opponents back. Executes a modified backbreaker across his thigh, quickly brings opponent back up to a standing position again then ends with a Side Effect style slam)


Gamma Slam (scoops opponent onto right shoulder so they are face down. Reaches across their chest with left arm, swings their legs down with right hand and move ends in a left-handed Rock Bottom)


Gamma Bomb (Canadian Rack DDT - jackknifes opponent onto right shoulder then swings them down, like an F5 into a DDT)

Standard Moves:1/2 Nelson Slam, Powerslam Pin, Snap Suplex, DDT, HHH jumping knee, running DDT, Spear, Death Lock, Rear Tazzmission (Katahajamie choke/ sleeper hold - not the one with a leg scissors as well).


Additional Information: Brett has quite the father complex going on and will often refer to what his daddy used to say when supporting his dark and distorted views.

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Name: "Violent" Vinnie Vengeance


Height: 6ft 8"


Weight: 295lbs


Age: 32


Gender: Male


Hometown: Detroit


Entrance Music: Disturbed - Violence Fetish

Entrance: The arena blacks out and a bright blue light shines down from above the TWOtron which covers the entrance ramp all the way into the ring.


2 security guards appear and stand facing each other about 2 metres apart at the top of the ramp.


(Disturbed -Violence Fetish begins playing) Vinnie slowly rises from the centre of the top of the ramp (ala Brood) sitting chained to a sturdy iron chair and wearng handcuffs. Security guards release the chains.


At the beginning of the hefty music beat, Vinnie rises out of the chair and slowly walks to the ring, the 2 security guards following him.


"VVV" is spelt out by a bright red light onto the ring mat (over the blue). Vinnie walks up the steps and stands in the middle of the ring facing the camera.


The security remove the cuffs and Vinnie poses a wide chest spread, (ala Triple H) representing a feeling of release. As he does this, red flames burst from all 4 turnbuckles (ala Kane)

Basic Description: "Violent" Vinnie Vengeance was held on Alcatraz for holding the city of Detroit hostage for a period of 3 days. Vengeance is known for playing mind games with those who appose him, sucking them into his false trust, then to destroy them with his powerful arsenal of grappling moves.


Alignment: Heel


Finishing Moves: Circle of Trust (airplane spin {running} into an F-5


Trademark Moves: Trust Breaker (razor's edge into sitdown powerbomb)

False sense of security - single legged boston crab


Standard Moves: Brainbuster, Powerbomb, Spike Piledriver, Chokslam, tilt-the-world backbreaker


Aditional Information: Vengeance was released from Alcatraz amdist some confusion. However, 4 months after his release, he fought for the UFC in the Heavyweight division. His introduction into pro-wrestling came after some bad mouth talk from certain wrestlers concerning Vinnie's "bad attitude" during his stint in the UFC, saying that his mid games wouldnt rub off in pro-wrestling.


Vengeance has dark, jet black hair in a crew cut, wide eyes and a very broad frame. He appears in the ring bare footed with his old Alcatraz pale blue inmate trousers. He walks to the ring with his hands in cuffs.

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Name: Y2James

Height: 6'5

Weight: 307lb

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Hometown: London

Entrance Music: Drowning Pool Tear Away

Basic Description: Obsessed with breaking peoples necks. A bit of a psycho cause he thinks God has sent him to punish in the wrestling business because wrestling is bad. He punishes his oponents by trying to break there necks. Likes to use weapons for mor punishment. He wears red boots, red trousers, red shirt with no sleeves with a black cross on it. Short brown hair (spikey).


Alignment: Heel

Finishing Moves: Piledriver from top rope

Trademark Moves: Powerbomb, knee to the face, samoan drop, stunner.

Standard Moves: anything that hurts the neck.


Aditional Information: Qiute big and he likes to destroy. (especially necks)

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Name: The Chav

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 200lbs

Age: 20

Gender: Male (just)

Hometown: The streets

Entrance Music: Some jungle crap

Basic Description:


Kappa tracksuit, bling, Burberry, bumfluff moustache, in yer face attitude and a tab stuck in the corner of his mouth.


Alignment: If yo haven't worked that out Beeyatch then yo momma dropped yo on yo head.

Finishing Moves: Burberry bomb (Frogsplash except before he flies he turns the Burberry cap slightly to the side).

Trademark Moves: Powerslam, Leg drop

Standard Moves:

Mat wrestler with high flying moves.


Aditional Information:


The Chav is the most disgusting, reprehensible scab of a human being if you can even call him that.

He has his bird, he looks dead smart in his burberry, his white Vauxhall Nova and his can of tenants extra and he's gonna get in ya face before he kicks ya back to the inner city Beeyatch!

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