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Any one free next saturday night? in the north of England?


I would recomend the IWF Hexham show to any newcomers to the IWF.


We have booked what promises to be a cracking match between CT RENEGADE and NERO ( the artist formerly known as Little Dick Dudley) and their former respective tag partners CAPTAIN CARNAGE & "SUPERFLY" BILLY GRAHAM. for info on the last time these teams met check out our review on Wrestle-zone uk!!!!


This along with the main event of "The man with 1000 gimmicks" MARK Van ALPEN Vs The IWF Independent Champ ASSASSIN promises to be a great card with something for everyone.


Hope to see you there!


DA 'everlovin' JUDGE

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I will be there....


Well I have managed to swing it, and me, stan the cam man and jez the driver will be attending. I know how good its gonna be, shame hexham is a bit of the beaten track but hey, its gonna be good and worth the extra mileage.


Those in the Whitley Bay area...


Marden Bridge

Whitley Bay


11th May 2002

Show Starts at 7pm & finishes around 9.30pm


More info on the IWF and wrestle-zone.co.uk websites




Gary Graham

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