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UFC 49 - I'm converted


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As much as I have seen some MMA stuff in the past, having watched some Pride vids and stuff, I had genuinely never seen the UFC until last night. I purchased UFC 49 on DVD and got home to watch it last night.


Wow. I'll be honest the Pride stuff that I had on video (and maybe I just had bad luck with the shows I chose) was dull and boring for the most part. UFC 49 was anything but.


From the opening bout I was intrigued. Josh Thomson looked to be totally dominating and wrestling Yves Edwards around the ring, only for Edwards to catch him with a really athletic looking kick out of nowhere to end the fight in an instant.


Actually, before I go any further that remind me of something else which I feel made a bit of a difference for me. The Pride I've always had on tape (and I own about five shows) is all in Japanese and stuff and the production quality is pretty weak. The UFC DVD wasn't like that at all and having US buildup and commentary makes such a difference.


Joe Riggs brutalisation of Joe Doerksen was awesome and seeing those elbows crashing into his head was just sickening.


David Terrell's easy and quick knock out of Matt Lindland was incredibly impressive too.


Strangely one of the undercard guys I was most impressed with though, other than Joe "diesel" Riggs who I thought was awesome, was Justin Eilers. I thought his ko win over Mike Kyle showed him to have a huge amount of power.


Then it all got a bit special. Chuck Liddell so I've heard is bloody awesome, and I couldn't argue with that on this performance. God knows how Vernon White stayed in the match for the whole 4 minutes or so that he did because Liddell was hitting him with some real bombs and the finish was just superb.


The one bout which appealed to me most of all though was one that had no one punch knockout, no quick win, but I just found it utterly compelling from start to finish. Watching Randy Couture dominate and completely take apart Vitor Belfort in the way he did was really intriguing and the fight told such a great story.


All in all that was an awesome show and I've already started downloading UFC51 to see what that's like. I'm definitely a converted UFC fan now.


So how does UFC49 compare to other shows past and present? Any other suggestions on shows that were a bit special and would need checking out too?

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Hey Jayden,


UFC 49 is a solid card.


You are right about the Japanese commentary. The North American commentary and build up is way better. I have a load of PRIDE on tape and DVD/VCD. Email me and I can send some on to you if you like.




Also, other UFC DVD's worth checking out.


UFC 47

Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz

Robbie Lawler vs. Nick Diaz


UFC 46

Matt Hughes vs. BJ Penn

Frank Mir vs. Wes Sims

Josh Thomson vs. Hermes Franca (Best fight of 04 in my opinion)


UFC 44

Randy Couture vs. Tito Ortiz

Tim Sylvia vs. Gan McGee

Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Andrei Arlovski


UFC 43

Chuck Liddell vs. Randy Couture

Vitor Belfort vs. Marvin Eastman

Yves Edwards vs. Eddie Ruiz


The list goes on and on, plenty of excellent PRIDE stuff over the last year or two as well, the Grand Prix PPV's particularly stand out

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