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WWF after the roster split


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The Roster split was supposed to change WWF for the better, we all looked forward to it with excitement. It's now been 2 weeks since the split and WWF television is becoming boring! On Raw we just get nWo feuding with Kane, Bradshaw and Austin and Triple H and Undertaker bickering over the title.

On Smackdown we get treated to Vince showing off, Hogan strutting around with the crowd at his feet and Angle insulting the crowd.

All that is getting boring now, its time for something new. If i was a WWF booker, here is what i would do:

-Face turns for Jericho and Booker T

-Heel turn for HHH

-Bring Shane back on TV


Any other idea's on how to improve WWF television?

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I think there are a lot of guys in or around the main event that we've seen feud all the top stars already.


For instance any combination of Rock/HHH/Undertaker/Austin we've seen time after time. Kane has battled most of them too, as has Angle.


There needs to be some fresh main event talent, but when you have all the big stars they do have how can you put a Booker/Edge/Test/RVD/Storm/Rhyno/Benoit etc etc etc into the main event. Nobody at the top would want to job to any of those guys.


Maybe a no win situation, if you drop guys like HHH/Rock/Austin from the WWF then the buy-rates surely would go down, but if you don't there's no room for anyone else to really force their way up there and freshen things up.

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