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Vince, Steph, Hunter, Dixie and Dusty all in the same room?


Dusty hadn't felt this nervous in years, hell, he was a stand up kind of guy. Nothing phased him. He'd had to deal with some of the most egotistical guys in the business and put them back in their place but this, this was different. What the hell was Vince McMahon calling him up to Titan Towers for anyway. He turned to look towards Dixie Carter who was standing across from him in the lift. Dusty was sure she just didn't have a clue how big this was. As the lift pinged to a halt he stood aside and ushered Dixie out of the door before following her across the hall towards Vince's office. It may have been a hell of a long time since he'd been here but it really didn't seem so different. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Dixie knocked on the door before a voice ushered them in


Vince: Please, come in, sitdown. Dusty, Dixie, this is my daughter Stephanie, and my Son in Law Hunter. They head creative around this place. Now, lets get down to business.


Dixie: To say I'm intrigued as to why you've called us here is an understatement.


Vince: Well, lets cut to it. I've had..... sorry, Steph has had an idea that we think could mean big business for everyone in this room. It's something that we've tried to do before and we're hoping can be a success again. Steph, if you will.....


Steph: I'm sure you all remember the working relationship we had with ECW a few years back and that not only was it a success for us, but it really helped elevate ECW and get them mainstream attention that they would never have attained without us. You'll also remember our hugely successful Invasion angle with WCW after Daddy bought them out.


Dusty: Ya know Steph, ah don't know whether ya realise but the Invasion made your guys look like gold and destroyed dubba ya cee dubba ya. How can we put ourselves in this sit yoo ay shun and not expect the same treatment. Rightowrong? Am I rightowrong?


Hunter: Look, we've seen what you gota going on down therea in Florida. We like your product but ya gotta realise Dusty thata we own the wrestling businessa. We bring more to the table than you do. We're willing to givea you exposure and we're happy to sit and iron out the details but we want to work with youa.


Dixie: I assume you realise we've received an offer from Turner, Vince?


Vince: Why that redneck Turner, I crushed that little....... err, I mean, he failed with his last venture into the business and I'm sure you realise that he can't genuinely go up against us here. Look, we can iron out the contract and the working arragement but in principal do you accept?


Dixie: Well, we're here and we're listening, tell us more..................


Dusty sat there, struggling to get his big ole ugly mug around what was going on. Did he trust the McMahon's? They made him wear polka dots and a headband, hell no he didn't trust them. This one needed to be locked down tight.


Steph: Ok, so here's what we're thinking..............

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NWATNA Xplosion Review by Jay Feltzer

Tuesday 1st February 2005, Florida

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West

Viewing Figures: 89322

Attendance: 1554


Charlie f'in Haas, WTF?

Before the intro music and video even start the camera cuts to the entrance to the arena. WWE Smackdown superstar Charlie Haas is shown walking towards the front entrance. He stops just short of the door, pausing and taking a big breath before preparing himself to go inside

Segment: 29% It seems the TNA fans really didn't get the impact of this, either that or they didn't know who Haas was. Either way it lacked the sort of drama that you'd have expected. I mean, a WWE wrestler turning up in TNA? Well, maybe they've just seen too many ex WWE stars come in already and think it's another one but seriously, as far as I'm aware Haas is 110% still under WWE contract.


"Union Saint" Pat Kenney d. Hernandez

Hernandez was back jobbing and there was no mention of the Elite Guard, which was probably a good thing. Kenney scored the win as you might expect. You have to wonder whether they can ever find something worthwhile for this guy to do. He really has got too much talent to be in opening matches on XPlosion. Kenney won it with the Problem Solver but that was totally overshadowed by Tenay and West on announce who didn't stop talking all the way through about Charlie Haas turning up in the building

Crowd: 45%

Match: 70%

Overall: 51% Has to be said that the in ring action was pretty good but until they start making people care about characters like Kenney it doesn't matter how good their matches are.


Dustin & DDP seem as confused as the rest of us

Dustin Rhodes is shown backstage wearing a bandana and his usual ring attire when DDP walks down the corridor in a simple pair of blue jeans and t shirt. Page stops to talk to him briefly but most of the conversation centres around Haas being there. There's a nice line from Page about how "looks like another guy got bumped by Vince, know what I mean Dust?"

Segment: 76% Did its job, at least they're putting effort into centreing the show around Haas arrival, even if the fans didn't seem to care.


"Primetime" Elix Skipper d. Onyx

Another former Elite Guard member getting jobbed out, well I guess that's good to see really. Skipper looked pretty good in this one but as much as he has the talent I still think they're struggling to really let him run with the ball as a singles star. Like the opening match the in ring action was just fine, but the crowd just didn't seem that interested. Towards the end Christopher Daniels came out from the back and looked on from the runway as Skipper hit the Play of the Day to get a relatively easy win. As the match ended Skipper saw Daniels watching him, who promptly turned his back and left backstage, leaving Skipper with a bemused look on his face.

Crowd: 42%

Match: 75%

Overall: 51% Skipper looked good here but they desperately need longer tv shows to start getting the fans interested in these characters. We probably won't see Skipper wrestle now for another couple of shows. The bit with Daniels could be interesting though, will be good to see where they go with it and at least they are finally getting some mileage out of the XXX split.


More talk about Charlie

It's off to the announce desk where Tenay and West are reviewing video footage of Haas turning up earlier in the show. West really sells how massive this is. That would work really well, but he sells everything like it's this important. Tenay plays the shocked announcer role quite well though, looks pretty thoughtful througout this segment.

Segment: 70% West came across quite well here and again, they heaped importance on Haas turning up here without and made it seem like a pretty shocking arrival.


Kevin Nash d. Shark Boy

The fans seemed a lot more into this match. Nash like him or not does still get the fans interested and they were certainly up for this one. It was a pretty simple big man crushes little man match. Shark Boy tried a couple of high risk moves but both times got caught in mid air, and promptly dumped into the mat by Nash. Nash ended up scoring the win with the JackKnife powerbomb.

Crowd: 67%

Match: 62%

Overall: 66% Decent enough outing that was short enough to hide Nash's weaknesses, and did a good job of making him look dominating which I'm guessing was the intention of the match.


Nash won't stop until he gets the World Title

As Nash made his way backstage after the match he was stopped by Shane Douglas who wanted to get a few words following the match. Douglas asked what Nash had left to achieve in the business and why he was still out here busting his ass for the fans, Nash replied "Ya know Shane, Kevin Nash has always been about two things in this business, and that's money and titles. Now I've been the best wherever I've been but ya know, this is all a little new to me. I've never been a part of the NWA and I've never held that bit of gold that Jarrett carries around. Hey Jeff, if you're watching, it's just the same old story, but a different place. Keep that belt warm, because I'm coming for it"

Segment: 84% No complaints here at all, well other than the possibility of Nash getting a title shot at Jarrett. Douglas is just perfect in the interviewer roll, I really don't think there's anyone who knows the psychology of working a mic like he does.


Sonny Siaki d. Chris Candido

Main event time and this wasn't bad for an XPlosion main event. After the crowd high of Nash being out here they were back to not caring but still, the in ring action was ok and the match was pretty long. Thank God they've done away with those ridiculous time limits. Both of these guys can play important parts if the pushes are right and it looked like they were trying to push Siaki in this one. Candido came close early on to getting the win following a missile dropkick, and then what looked like an awesome piledriver but Siaki kicked out. In fact, Siaki kicked out of just about everything Candido threw at him as most of the offence came from the former ECW star. Siaki got his second wind though and really looked dominating when he caught fire and went after the win, fnially hitting the Siakalypse Now for the three count.

Crowd: 49%

Match: 67%

Overall: 54% Decent enough but again, two guys that the fans could be made to care about, yet who never have the right sort of tv time or push to get over. Solid, if uninspiring main event, but the show wasn't over, no, wait......


This is planet Jarrett, not Smackdown

Following the match and Tenay and West calling the show to an end Charlie Haas came out to the ring, no music playing, as Tenay and West played the shocked onlooker part again. The crowd really weren't into Haas as he made his way out with a smug look on his face. He stepped into the ring and grabbed a mic, before promising to enlighten everyone as to why he was here. "My World" rang out through the studio before Haas could go any further though and Jeff Jarrett came out onto the stage guitar in hand. Jarrett told Haas he could care less why he was here. Jarrett continued to make his way to the ring and stepped through the ropes, completing ignoring Haas as he stepped up to the top turnbuckle and looked out over the crowd with the guitar raised high. Jarrett finally got down and stepped up to Haas, who promptly insisted that Jarrett was a big reason why he was here. Haas proceeded, "ya know Jeff, Vince has been sitting up in Titan Towers and has grown a little sick and tired of all the talk of NWATNA. So I'm here for two reasons. Vince told me to go and prove myself, and that's exactly what I'm going to do, in fact, the perfect way for me to do that is to walk straight in here, take that World title belt from around your waist, and take it right back to Vince". Jarrett paused, looking to the crowd who were beginning to get into the segment a little more before Haas began to speak again, "Look Jeff, you might as well hand it over, every one of these fans remembers what a failure you were in the big leagues, I mean what exactly is the reason you're not in the WWE anymore?". The crowd began to seem much more interested as Jeff took a slight step back, before stepping forward and yanking the microphone from Haas hand and beginning to speak. "Why aren't I in the WWE? You know what Haas, lets talk about that for a second. Ya see, Vince never likes his dirty laundry aired in public but seeing as he thinks you can walk into Planet Jarrett and spout off lets take it back. Vince McMahon is an egotistical son of a bitch who doesn't know talent when it kicks him in those big old grapefruits. You know that big star they had up there, the one whose been in jail a dozen times for beating up on his wife? Yeah you know who I'm talking about, a real good rolemodel for all Vince's fans right? Well he refused to work a match against me, he refused to step into the ring with me for the World Title. Stone Cold Steve Austin was scared, so I walked my ass out of there and I went and won the real World Title over in WCW. That do ya?". Haas stood facing Jarrett with a smirk on his face before brushing Jarrett off and leaving the ring underneath the bottom rope. Haas backed up the runway and out of the arena as the show came to a close

Segment: 54% This could have been such a great segment but the fans just struggled so much to get into it. I guess it just shows the reality of what the WWE has become. Ok, this guy is a former tag team champion with two different partners. Now, if he has that sort of status, and he turns up in TNA and nobody cares who the hell he is then something's going wrong. It has to be said though that this was just about the most interesting XPlosion that I've ever seen, even if it didn't come off exactly how TNA would have liked.


Overall Show: 59%

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TNA promote their first show on the road, and it's not even in the US


credit: WrestlingInthemiddler, Jay Feltzer...


Well this one has been brewing for a while and I'd reported the potential for a TNA show not only outside of Universal Studios but outside of the United States. Well it's finally here. TNA Impact this Friday will be shown from Toronto Canada and for the first time ever Impact will be a live show. There is no question that without the WWE funding and promoting this show to make it viable and gain interest that this is something TNA just could not have done for years on their own.


With there being no Smackdown this week, and the two promotions looking like they're about to launch into this new working relationship following the arrival of Charlie Haas in TNA earlier in the week this promises to be a massive show and will be a good indicator of how likely all of this is to work out.


As yet it is expected that Team Canada will feature heavily as a part of the show, with the main event expected to be Petey Williams getting a shot at NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett. It will be interesting to see just how much of a crowd reaction the Canadians get in their home country, with Scott d'Amore likely to steal the show.

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NWATNA Impact Review by Jay Feltzer

Friday 4th February 2005, Toronto

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West

Viewing Figures: 916831

Attendance: 6915


Ohhhh Canadaaaaa!

In what is a massive show for TNA we're treated to an opening segment of Scott d'Amore firing up the Team Canada troops. He tells Roode & Young that it's time for them to avenge the title loss to AMW and that Williams had better be ready to take the World Title off of Jeff Jarrett. d'Amore ammusingly insists that once they win the titles tonight they'll refuse to go back to the US and defend them and they'll keep them in this country.

Segment: 44% Well the crowd really didn't seem to know who these guys were when it was beemed out over the big screen. The crowd incidentally looks huge tonight, apparently somewhere near the 7000 mark. Now that's unheard of for TNA. There are three theories to that. 1. Team Canada are a much bigger draw in Toronto than we realised. 2. Charlie Haas is a much bigger WWE draw in Canada than we realised. 3. The WWE have funded and promoted this show as one of their own and passed it off as the WWE coming to Canada. Well judging by the opening segment it's not theory 1, and Charlie Haas? Please. So that would make it theory number 3, in which case I have a feeling this huge crowd will be a little big disappointed.


3 Live Kru d. Scott Hall & The Naturals

Not a bad match here but nothing special. It was the typical 3 Live Kru entrance with Killings dancing and James and Konnan doing their respective intros to the crowd. One things for sure, it didn't get the sort of crowd reaction here that it does in Florida. This was a fairly short and generic six man match. James got sucked into the ring and soaked up a lot of punishment before finally tagging in Konnan who unloaded on the Naturals and brawled with them to the outside which left Hall and Killings in the ring. These two had quite a reasonable exchange actually and it was Killings who managed to get the win surprising Hall with a small package. 3LK didn't get much of a chance to celebrate the win though as Hall jumped Killings from behind with a forearm, while Douglas & Stevens launched springboard clotheslines at James and Konnan. The 6 men brawled with most of the attention focused on Hall and Killings who fought all the way up the ramp. It looks like they're trying to build some heat between Killings and Hall, which was further emphasised when Hall hit a low blow on Killings before hitting the Outsider's Edge off the stage near the entrance leaving Killings destroyed on the ground.

Crowd: 55%

Match: 64%

Overall: 57% Not a bad effort and I'll be interested to see what they do with Killings and Hall. It at least gives the most talented member of 3 Live Kru some sort of way back into top line singles competition in TNA.


Hardy with a warm welcome for Haas

Charlie Haas is shown walking around backstage with his usual trunks, and a WWE t shirt on when he comes across Jeff Hardy checking his green face paint in a mirror. Haas chuckles briefly as he approaches Jeff, "Who the hell are you man? Aren't you a little bit small to be playing the Incredible Hulk?". Jeff turns around slowly looking unimpressed as Haas speaks again, "damn, I remember you, you're that Hardy boy that couldn't cut it in the WWE aren't ya? Didn't they used to call you the next Brooklyn Brawler or something?". Hardy then walked off muttering something about Haas needing to watch his back around here because there'd be nobody in TNA willing to do it for him.

Segment: 71% Well it looks like Haas gets a better reception from the Canadian fans than he does the Florida ones. Nice segment which built Haas up in the heel role quite nicely. The Brooklyn Brawler comment was great and really made him come across as seeing himself as bigger than everyone in TNA.


Chris Sabin d. Kazarian, Christopher Daniels and Michael Shane w/Tracy

This one was fought under elimination rules but without any tagging in and out. Tenay & West talked on announce about how the winner would get a shot at AJ Styles at Against All Odds for the X Division title. The in ring action was great here and the crowd got more and more into it as it went on. Kazarian was the first man to go with little under two minutes gone. He held Chris Sabin back as Michal Shane went for a superkick. Sabin managed to wriggle free but Shane stopped himself just in time from kicking Kazarian. They did their little high five type routine thing but as both men turned around Shane walked straight into a Daniels Northern Lights Suplex, and Kazarian walked into the Cradle Shock. The referee didn't seem to know where to count at first but opted for Kazarian who was pinned for three. Kazarian argued briefly but was ushered backstage and as he left he was passed by Elix Skipper who made his way out onto the ramp to watch the match. There was an excellent spot with Shane up on Daniels shoulders, where Sabin hit a springboard off the top rope to hit a spinning heel kick on Michael Shane. Daniels climbed to the top but was caught by Sabin who leapt up and hit a massive German release suplex to send Daniels crashing across the ring. Seeing Daniels was in trouble Skipper made his way down to the side of the ring looking like he was trying to give his former partner encouragement. Skipper bounced up onto the apron and began yelling at Daniels to get back into the match but as Daniels got to his feet he turned around to see Michael Shane coming towards him with a superkick. Daniels ducked it but it landed square on Skipper's jaw knocking him off the apron and out cold. Daniels grabbed Shane around the waist and looked like he was going to go for a German Suplex. Shane hit out at him with an elbow, followed by another which sent him stumbling backwards. Meanwhile Sabin spun him around, kicked him in te mid section and took him down with a superb piledriver for the three count. By the time Daniels left the ring Skipper was getting to his feet. Skipper tried to argue briefly with Daniels, who just brushed him off and walked straight past him. We were down to just Sabin and Shane by this point and the match wouldn't last much longer at all. TNA desperately need more than hour long shows, this should have been a PPV match. Shane got caught going for a cross body block off the top rope as Sabin leapt into the air and hit a dropkick. Sabin immediately got Shane back up to his feet and got him up for the Cradle Shock and the three count.

Crowd: 57%

Match: 79%

Overall: 71% Really good match and I liked the way it was all booked. Built interestingly between Skipper and Daniels. I liked the Kazarian finish with the referee not knowing whether to count out Kazarian or Shane too. With Sabin having been going after this X title for so long now it made a lot of sense for him to get one more title shot too. The match with Styles at Against All Odds should be great.


Dusty wants Jarrett to shut out the WWE

Backstage Jeff Jarrett is shown inside TNA DOA Dusty Rhodes office. Jarrett is going wild, screaming at Dusty about letting Charlie Haas walk around the building like he owns the place when he's employed by the enemy. Dusty eventually stands up face to face with Jarrett, "Jeff, I stand here in counsel, overseein this sityooayshun if ya wheeel. Nah, you an I aint always seen ah to ah if ya know what ah mean but you know and ah know that if somethin aint done to stop this right now then I aint willin to think about what'll happen. Am I rightowrong? Rightowrong Jeff?". Jarrett calms down slightly and tells Dusty that he doesn't need to worry because he'll take care of it himself. Jarrett goes to leave but Dusty calls him back, "Jeff, one more thing. You need anythin, anythin at all to get him outta here you just let me know, but ahm puttin that fate of this company in your hands, puttin a lot of trust in you if ya wheeel".

Segment: 65% Decent enough segment, again they're trying to heap importance onto Charlie Haas being on TNA shows and in their arenas right now which is definitely a good thing. I'm not sure the fans know how to take Jarrett right now though and it's hurting his segments. I mean, he's fighting for TNA which should make him a face, but I'm not sure they're buying him as one yet.


NWA Tag Team Titles: America's Most Wanted d. Team Canada (Roode & Young) w/Scott d/Amore

The crowd popped pretty big for Team Canada's music, and for d'Amore coming out with the Canadian flag on the hockey stick, but most of that heat was gone by the time they match began. I'm really not sure many of this Canadian, largely WWE, fanbase really knew a lot about who Roode and Young were. The match was solid enough without being too special. AMW got the win, hitting the Death Sentence on Eric Young, but by then the crowd seemed to have switched off pretty much.

Crowd: 44%

Match: 71%

Overall: 50% This match made it really apparent that Team Canada didn't attract the sort of heat I think TNA expected. Sure, the entrance got some decent pops but the rest of the match the crowd weren't into at all. Still it was a decent enough, if slightly meaningless, tag title defence for AMW.


Sabin lies in wait for Styles

We're treated to another backstage segment where Scott Hudson is waiting to interview AJ Styles following the number one contenders match for his X title earlier on tonight. Styles talks about how he wants to face the best competition there is in the X division and after seeing the match earlier tonight he's looking forward to facing Chris Sabin at Against All Odds. The camera then cut away to a locker room somewhere where somebody was watching the interview on the monitor. While AJ continued to go on about how he didn't fear anyone and didn't think anyone was capable of taking away his belt the camera panned back to show Chris Sabin sat intensely watching the screen with a towel over his shoulders, snarling and firing himself up.

Segment: 61% Not a bad segment here really. As we could only properly hear about half the Styles interview it meant less time having to listen to him talk and I liked the way it was all done with the camera panning back to see Sabin looking on.


NWA World Title: Jeff Jarrett dq. Petey Williams w/Scott d'Amore

Main event time. Once again the fans reaction to Williams entrance with teh music and the Canadian flag was excellent, but their interest soon dropped after that point. Again though this wasn't a bad match at all, quite good in fact. Williams showed just how far he's come since he joined TNA, going from generic X division guy, to someone capable of putting on excellent matches and telling stories in the ring. Early there was a lot of feeling out and circling each other, brief lockups and trades before backing off again. The first telling shots really came from Jarrett as he took Williams down to the mat and began to work over an arm with a series of arm drag, into arm bar moves. Williams first real offence got a great reaction from the crowd though, and probably the last time the crowd made any noise all night, as he managed to tie Jarrett up in the tree of woe, and then stood on his nuts while singing the Canadian national anthem. The crowd loved it. Shame the heat didn't last. Williams came close on a number of occasions to winning the gold too. He hit a frog splash from the top which got a two count, and later on his a crisp German Suplex which earned another close two. Jarrett mounted a comeback but it was a shot from d'Amore's hockey stick that halted that flurry of offence. With Jarrett seemingly in trouble Charlie Haas made his way out slowly from the back. Williams looked to put Jarrett away with the Canadian Destroyer but Jarrett hooked him and caught him in a small package for a two count. Jarrett caught Williams running towards him again, this time with a drop toe hold which he followed up with an elbowdrop. Haas leapt up onto the apron attracting the attention of the referee but Jarrett was soon over there to meet him, knocking him off with a right hand. Jarrett turned back around to face Williams but walked straight into a boot to the mid section as Williams got set for the Canadian Destroyer once more. Before he could hit it Haas slid under the bottom rope and hit Jarrett with a swift kick between the legs that forced the referee to call for the disqualification. Williams brushed Jarrett off and began berating with the referee as Haas rolled back out of the ring with a huge grin on his face. Scott d'Amore was waiting for him and lookde furious that Haas had just cost Williams the title. d'Amore went to hit him with the hockey stick but Haas grabbed it away from him and shoved him off. Jarrett had recovered on the inside and left the ring to chase Haas off backstage as Williams tended to a furious d'Amore on the outside at the show's conclusion.

Crowd: 49%

Match: 70%

Overall: 53% Really decent main event, which briefly, caught the fans attention. The problem though is when you have a crowd of around 7000 people, not really caring it totally kills the atmosphere. This was by far the biggest crowd TNA had ever played to and I just don't think they coped with it very well. Jarrett wasn't much of a draw as NWA World Champion here, and the Canadians that flooded the show presumably because they thought they'd get reaction from the crowd, other than in places, didn't get much heat at all. Still, in terms of what they've done so far with Haas I quite like it. A lot of improvement to be made but we'll see where it goes.


Overall Show: 50%

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WWE and TNA, one walkout a piece


credit: WrestlingInthemiddler, Jay Feltzer...


To say the new working relationship between the WWE and NWATNA has shocked the wrestling world a bit is an understatement. None moreso than over the course of this past week as both company's have seen a high profile employee jump ship for pastures new.


Dusty Rhodes, the on screen Directory of Authority, and off screen head booker for NWATNA apparently told Dixie Carter that he was concerned about where the company was going and was going to buy out the NWA Wildside promotion and concentrate his efforts there. The deal went through just yesterday and Dusty has officially severed all ties with NWATNA. NWA Wildside is constantly rumoured to be forging closer links with the WWE, however with Dusty now owning the promotion there is every chance any potential developmental territory deals are now dead in the water.


Then just yesterday Jerry Lawler refused to show up for WWE's Raw show. Paul Heyman replaced him at the last minute as colour commentator for the show. Initial rumours suggested that Lawler had simply missed his flight to the show, which would have made perfect sense. Or at least it would have done until earlier this morning Lawler announced at a press conference in Puerto Rico that he had been hired as the new head booker for the IWA promotion. Quite why Lawler would walk out on a decent wage and guaranteed success to take up all the responsibility of booking for the IWA is beyond most people on the inside.


Sources within TNA seem fairly happy with how the Charlie Haas angle is working out right now, however the WWE are not overly impressed at how little fan reaction everything got for the show over in Canada. With no Smackdown last week, and Raw making absolutely no mention of the angle at all it will be interesting to see what happens on next week's Smackdown. It makes sense for Raw not to acknowledge it, as Haas is a Smackdown superstar, but it will be interesting to see whether Smackdown gives the angle proper airtime, or whether it will be solely on TNA programming.

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NWATNA Xplosion Review by Jay Feltzer

Tuesday 8th February 2005, Florida

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West

Viewing Figures: 86001

Attendance: 2071


You're name's not Dan, you're not coming in!

This week's XPlosion starts off with some commotion outside the front of the arena. Charlie Haas has been blocked from entering the building. TNA Head of Security Don Harris is heading up the team of people blocking his way. Harris tells him that Championship Committee member Larry Zbysko decreed that Haas was not allowed to set foot in the building. Haas tried to argue briefly before stepping back with a smug look on his face before telling the TNA security that he'd find his own way in tonight

Segment: 69% The crowd seemed to be popping a lot more than when Haas made his debut. He seems to be getting over as a heel well enough with them right now. It does just make you wonder after he turned up and walked straight in on last week's XPlosion why they didn't have him banned from the building on Impact. That would make far too much sense though I guess.


Petey Williams w/Scott d'Amore d. Jerrelle Clark

Not a bad match at all without ever being particularly special. These two didn't really get the fans interested at all and it didn't look like they had the time to really pull anythign special out of the bag. Fairly nice spot from Clark hitting his variation of a Frankensteiner from the top rope but it was Williams who not surprisingly scored the win with the Canadian Destroyer.

Crowd: 33%

Match: 68%

Overall: 50% Not a bad opener but nothing of note really happening here. I actually did think they were going to give Clark the win at one point and give him the push but it didn't happen. The majority of this match was ignored by Tenay & West anyway who were happier talking about Charlie Haas not getting let into the building.


Raven plans to send a message to Page tonight

Shane Douglas is sitting backstage in a darkened room ready to interview Raven before his match against Mikey Batts. Douglas stirs Raven up by asking why he's being put in yet another meaningless match against a competitor that is way beneath him. Raven responds, "They say a man should be responsible for his actions............. To be a man you have to take control........ Mikey Batts I pity you tonight............. I pity what you'll be put through.............. But this, this isn't my responsibility............. You need look no further Mikey........... No further than Dallas Page............ You see nothing is over................ There has been no resolution.............. My actions tonight are the responsibility of you Page.............. 200 year old words are the life I have lived.................And his eyes have all the seeming of a Demon's that is dreaming...................And the lamp-light over him streaming throws his shadow on the floor...... And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor............. Shall be lifted...........Nevermore!

Segment: 84% This was great, you have two of the best talkers in the business reminding you why they are so good. That promo was the most old school thing I've heard from Raven in a long time and that's definitely for the better. Raven without the shouting is definitely better than Raven with the shouting.


Raven d. Mikey Batts

This was squash o rama from start to finish. Raven jump started the match and brutally took Batts apart. He took him to the outside and sent him crashing into the guardrail, followed by the ringpost, before carting him back into the ring, sending him into the ropes, ducking a clothesline attempt and hitting the Evenflow out of nowhere. Raven made the cover and got the pin. He immediately called for a microphone and told Page that he hoped he was watching. Raven picked Batts up and hit him with a second DDT as referee Andrew Thomas tried to get Raven to stop. Raven tossed Thomas over the top rope to the outside before going to the outside and grabbing a chair. Raven set it up in the ring before dragging Batts up to his feet and sending him into the ropes. As he came back Raven hit a drop toe hold that sent him crashing face first into the chair. As Batts rolled over across the ring it became apparent that he was bust open. The crowd all turned to one side as they saw DDP racing through them and leaping the guardrail to get to Raven. By the time Page hit the ring Raven had rolled to the outside and made his way backstage as Page played to the crowd.

Crowd: 48%

Match: 73%

Overall: 59% Not bad, did its job well. The match wasn't exactly a great equal exchange but it helped build things between Raven and DDP nicely. You have to wonder for Batts though, looks like for the moment he's going to be used as jobber fodder for the bigger stars in TNA.


Dustin tells us why the WWE are so evil

We're treated to another backstage interview from Shane Douglas, this time with Dustin Rhodes. Douglas says that everybody is talking about Charlie Haas right now and the WWE. Shane says that he has his own memories and his own opinions of the WWE and Vince McMahon but that he wants to know what Dustin thinks about Charlie Haas being here right now. Rhodes insists that the WWE was the most selfish self serving promotion he had ever worked for... "when I left WCW as a great young talent with a future in this business they promised me the world. They told me to put on a gold suit and act like I was gay. And this ole fool over here believed em Shane. Ya know looking back now you gotta realise that they were paying me big money and promising me that it's what the fans wanted to see. That if I could go out there and beat who they put in front of me ah'd get me World Title shots, I'd get me main events. They'd make me a star. So I went out there and I busted my ass, I beat everyone they put in front of me, and along the way I played their little games. Where did it get me Shane? Where was my opportunity? The WWE thinks they can send some little nobody in here to take over, well get this, if Jarrett doesn't run that piece o trash outta here, Dustin Rhodes'll do it for ya".

Segment: 84% The crowd seemed really into this again and Dustin came across as if he was emotionally involved too which worked well. You have to laugh at him berating the Goldust gimmick when it was the most over he's ever been in his career, and I think it's a bit too much to expect the casuals to understand why it eventually held him back but it all came off well enough.


Shane & Kazarian w/Tracy d. Shark Boy & D-Ray 3000

As the workers made their entrances for this one Tenay pointed to someone making their way to a ringside seat in the crowd. Tenay looked furious as he noticed it was Charlie Haas. The majority of this match focused the cameras on him sat watching as opposed to the in ring action, and it's all Tenay and West could talk about. There were the typical Shark Boy & D-Ray spots but unsurprisingly it was a Michael Shane superkick that got the win as Haas watched intently from ringside.

Crowd: 49%

Match: 73%

Overall: 61% Haas at ringside made things a bit more interesting. It's a shame because Shane & Kazarian looked really good in this one but that was totally overshadowed and half the match focused on the crowd rather than the ring anyway.


An apology to the fans

Scott Hall came out to the ring after the previous match. He addressed the crowd and insisted he had some sad news for them. As a result of a little Outsider's Edge in Canada "the Truth" was out of action. The crowd began the "Truth" chants but Hall cut them off insisting that he wasn't here and "they couldn't handle the Truth right now anyway". Hall apologised to the fans and promised that he'd never, ever do it again... "ya know, really, honestly, this is the real Scott Hall in front of you right now, and err, I'm giving you the Truth. Well, err, ya know, I aint giving ya that Truth because he's laid up in hospital with his back in pieces after I tossed him off the stage in Canada". The crowd began to chant "3LK" but again Hall cut them off insisting that Konnan was back in Mexico looking after his 27 siblings, and BG James was washing his trailer. Hall said that none of them were here tonight, and he was truly sorry before leaving the ring.

Segment: 77% No complaints here again, this was a pretty decent little skit. While Hall may not be in great shape these days he can still be pretty ammusing on the microphone when he's trying. As far as I know Killings isn't out with a genuine injury and this was all aimed as a playoff from the match in Canada on Impact. Will be interesting to see how they push a Killings Vs Hall match.


Elix Skipper & Chris Sabin d. Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles

The crowd actually seemed quite into this one. All four men came out separately, with unsurprisingly AJ making his entrance last, along with the X division belt. Daniels and Sabin started things off and had a couple of nice exchanges before Sabin tagged in Skipper. As soon Skipper entered the ring Daniels calmly turned his back on him and tagged in Styles. Skipper looked confused as he locked up with Styles. AJ began to get the better of Skipper who soon tagged Sabin back in. With the upcoming X title match at Against All Odds the crowd really picked up once these two squared off. Styles grabbed Sabin in a waistlock, Sabin spun around to reverse it and went for a belly to belly. AJ blocked it and stepped through with a hammerlock, Sabin countered with an elbow to break the hold before running off the ropes. Styles took him down with an armdrag as he came back towards him. AJ once again tagged in Daniels who began to work over Sabin and at one point nearly put him away with a swinging neckbreaker. It was only when Daniels went up to the top to go for the BME and missed that Sabin managed to tag in Skipper. Elix leapt into the ring but seemed unsure as to whether to go for Daniels or not. Daniels backed away holding his shoulder, insisting it was injured and tagged in Styles. The action was really picking up pace with everyone pulling out some great spots. AJ sent Skipper in for the ride but as he got to the ropes Daniels, who had been down off the apron holding his shoulder, pulled the rope down as he yanked himself back up onto the apron and Skipper went crashing over the top to the outside. Once Skipper got up he confronted Daniels who backed away insisting that it was an accident. Primetime apparently bought it and turned his back getting ready to get back into the ring but Daniels charged at him and smashed him with a vicious clothesline to the back of the neck, using the arm that supposedly had the bad shoulder. Daniels tossed him under the bottom rope and back into the ring as Styles made a cover. Sabin came into the ring to make the save. Skipper rolled across the ring to the outside to try and get to Daniels and confront him again as Sabin and Styles traded blows in the ring. Styles blocked a punch and spun around to hit the discus lariat but Sabin used his momentum to hoist him up and drive him down with the Cradle Shock for the three count. On the outside Daniels backed off up the ramp as Primetime stared him down.

Crowd: 60%

Match: 79%

Overall: 71% Really good match all round. It told more of a story than most XPlosion main events and pushed two storylines on a little further. Sabin has now pinned Styles with the Cradle Shock which gives him momentum going into the X title match and Daniels presumably is being pushed as the heel in the programme with him and Skipper.


There's a way both Haas, and Jarrett can get what they want

Once the competitors from the main event had made their way backstage Tenay & West began to wrap up the show. My World began to blare out of the arena and Jeff Jarrett interrupted them by making his way down to ringside. He went straight to the barrier and got into Charlie Haas face with a microphone. Jarrett said he wanted Haas gone from TNA but Haas just stood there grinning back at him. Jarrett asked what he was doing here and what he wanted. Haas just looked towards the NWA title belt over Jarrett's shoulder before looking back to him and telling him he wanted the belt. Jarrett took a step back before responding, "Charlie Haas, you think you can just walk in here and I'll give you a title shot? Boy, you earn things around here, and you aint even a part of this damn company. Now, I aint Larry Zbysko, I aint about to ban you from arenas. I'm just going to drive you right out of TNA like I have done everybody else that's tried to come in here. I got rid of Sting, I got rid of Hulk Hogan, and I sure as hell aint about to let a nobody like you come into My World and take over". Haas replied that if Jarrett wanted him gone he only had to give him a title shot and he'd be on his way, for good, whether he won or lost. Before Jarrett could respond Kevin Nash's music hit and he made his way out onto the runway with a microphone, "I hate to interrupt but I think you two boys need to remember that there's only one person around here that deserves a World title shot right now. Jarrett, I've told you that I'm coming for that belt and I'm not stopping until it's mine". Jarrett stepped back from the guardrail and away from Haas and stepped through the ropes into the ring before saying, "Aight, Alright, you know what. I want you, and the stinking WWE gone from TNA for good so here's what we'll do. If you want a title shot you'd better beat that big man right there on Impact this Friday night. It goes down like this, you beat him, you get a title shot at me at Against All Odds. You lose against him and I want you out of TNA for good. You don't even have to agree to that deal, this is my house and what I say around here goes. Nash, you beat him and drive him out of TNA then I'll give you a shot at my belt at Against All Odds". Haas looked amused at ringside as Nash told him he was a dead man, and that he'd see Jarrett at Against All Odds.

Segment: 73% The crowd again seemed really into this bit. Haas is starting to get some genuine heat and if they give him the win over Nash then I can see a WWE Vs TNA, Haas Vs Jarrett main event being pretty fresh. If Nash wins, well, we know what a Nash Vs Jarrett main event will be like. All in all that was a really good show. The last segment made sense to close the show but it was in some ways a shame that it overshadowed what was a really good main event. That is definitely one of the better XPlosion's that we've seen in a long long while.


Overall Show: 70%

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D-Ray injured, Diva leaves WWE.....


credit: WrestlingInthemiddler, Jay Feltzer...


D Ray 3000 picked up an injury at the XPlosion taping this past week. In the match with Michael Shane and Kazarian he took the full brunt of Michael Shane's superkick and the result, a slightly fractured jaw that will leave him out of action for the next week or so.


Dawn Marie's WWE contract was up this past Wednesday and it has not been renewed. WWE had no real creative plans for her and there was little talk of the contract being renewed at any point. Dawn Marie has not made clear where she expects to end up next.

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NWATNA Impact Review by Jay Feltzer

Friday 11th February 2005, Delaware

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West

Viewing Figures: 852730

Attendance: 8852


You’d better not have screwed up Jeff

The show begins with footage of the Championship Committee’s office. Larry Zbysko is in there talking to Jeff Jarrett. Zbysko tells Jarrett that he should never have given a WWE superstar the chance to win the NWA World Title. Zbysko insists that if this goes wrong it’ll be on Jarrett’s head when the WWE swallows up TNA just like it did WCW. Jarrett replies, “chance to win the title? What chance hahahaa, you really think that second rate WWE workhorse can beat Kevin Nash and then me two matches in a row? You’re more senile than I thought old man”

Segment: 71% Nice enough, I’m enjoying TNA starting the show off before the opening music as they’ve been doing in recent shows.


Johnny B Badd & “Union Saint” Pat Kenney d. Jerrelle Clark & Mikey Batts

The crowd weren’t into this one at all, none of the four guys involved got much crowd reaction, especially as all were faces and the crowd had nobody to boo. It was Badd & Kenney who scored the win as Badd hit the TKO on Mikey Batts

Crowd: 33%

Match: 70%

Overall: 41% What went on in the ring wasn’t bad but it was just too meaningless. Badd & Kenney have the talent to get over but it’s just not happening at the moment and matches like this aren’t helping.


Nash is earning that title shot tonight, and he's doing it all for himself

Scott Hudson is backstage ready to interview Kevin Nash before his match with Charlie Haas tonight. Hudson asks the big man whether he can beat Charlie Haas tonight and go on to get a World Title shot. Nash assures Hudson that there's no doubt that he'll do just that. Hudson asks what his motivation is going into tonight's match to which Nash replies, "Tell ya what Scotty wouldn't it make a great little story if Kevin Nash was standing up for the future of TNA tonight. If Kevin Nash was going out there to drive Charlie Haas, and the WWE out of TNA before they'd even begun. Ya know what, that aint even close to how it is. Am I supposed to have loyalty to TNA? Hahaha, you know anything about Kevin Nash, Hudson you'd know that word doesn't even come close to figuring. It's all about me, it's always been all about me. Charlie Haas, tonight, I'm running you over and at Against All Odds, Jeff you polish that belt up for me real nice. I'm taking control tonight and I'm doing it for Kevin Nash"

Segment: 81% Good interview, and it's always nice to see Kevin Nash putting across a persona that is pretty much what the fans think about him anyway. We all know they never buy talk of anything else really, so to have him run his mouth about how it's just for him was pretty cool.


Styles looking forward to proving who's the best at Against All Odds

After the previous interview we're taken to Shane Douglas who's waiting with AJ Styles to give an interview. Douglas asks Styles his thoughts on Chris Sabin, and on the upcoming match between the two at Against All Odds. Styles says that when you look back at the history of the X Division title two men stand head and shoulders above the rest, Chris Sabin, and AJ Styles. Styles goes on, "Everywhere I go I hear people asking what I think of Chris Sabin, who's the best X division champion ever? Is it AJ Styles, is it Chris Sabin. I have a huge amount of respect for Chris Sabin, he's as good as anyone out there and this could well be the toughest challenge of my career so at Against All Odds, I'm looking forward to finding out just who is the better man. Ya know Shane, I even question myself, am I better than Sabin? Is Sabin better than me? Tune in to Against all Odds and we're all going to find out for sure."

Segment: 74% Pretty good interview from Styles, still a bit bland on the mic but the content was decent enough. Douglas as always shone through and really carried this one.


Chris Sabin d. Andy Douglas w/Chase Stevens

Sabin put in a big performance in this one and managed to get the fans behind him just a little bit. Sabin began on fire nearly finishing it early as he went for the Cradle Shock out of nowhere. Douglas wriggled free and it wasn't long before Stevens came into play on the outside, pushing Sabin from the top rope as he tried to springboard into the ring allowing Douglas to get the advantage. Douglas tried to ground Sabin and worked over an arm but despite constant interference from Stevens it wasn't long before Sabin got back on top hitting a massive German release Suplex off the top rope to gain the win. As the bell rang Stevens jumped into the ring and hit Sabin from behind. Douglas and Stevens began to double team Sabin and beat him down when AJ Styles ran from the back and slid into the ring. Douglas and Stevens went to the outside as Styles stared them down, helping Sabin up. Styles and Sabin stood side by side facing up to the Naturals as Styles spun around and hit the Discuss Lariat without warning smashing Sabin into the mat. The Naturals shocked looks soon turned to smiles as they got back into the ring to help AJ get Sabin up and deliver the Styles Clash to the prone Sabin. Before any more punishment could be delivered TNA security led by Don West hit the ring to chase off Styles and the Naturals who left backstage with their hands help high

Crowd: 50%

Match: 76%

Overall: 63% Really decent match with Sabin carrying the not particularly talented Douglas. Told a good story though and the crowd seemed really into the Styles turn, giving him a huge amount of heat as he left backstage with the Naturals.


Welcome to the Serenghetti Spike, welcome to 3D Monty

Some completely unfamiliar music to TNA fans played over the arena after the match as WWE superstar Spike Dudley made his way out to the ring with a microphone. Tenay & West seemed really shocked on announce as Spike began to tell the crowd that he was here to witness a part of history tonight as Charlie Haas took apart Kevin Nash. Spike said Charlie had told him how much fun it was running around this tiny little promotion like he owned it, and Spike fancied getting himself a piece of that action too. The crowd popped pretty big as Spike was cut off by Monty Brown's music. Monty made his way out from the back in a leopard print fur coat and stepped into the ring and up into Spike's face. The Alpha Male told Spike that he was in Brown's serenghetti and that if he knew what was good for him he'd take his scrawny little carcass back to the WWE before Monty began to feast on it. Spike turned as if to walk away but then tried to land a right hand on Brown. Brown blocked it and retaliated with punches of his own backing Spike up into the corner. Monty sent Spike across the ring hard into the other turnbuckle, and ran off the ropes himself, crushing Spike with the pounce as he bounced out of the corner. Monty went over to the ropes playing to the crowd as Spike lay destroyed on the mat. Behind his back though two men jumped the barrier at ringside and slid into the ring behind him, Bubba Rey & D-Von Dudley. As Brown turned around unawares D-Von caught him up in his grasp and Bubba Ray leapt into the air connecting with the 3D on the Alpha Male. They helped Spike up and began to attack Monty 3 on 1 before noticing TNA security coming out from the back, sliding out of the ring and leaving into the crowd.

Segment: 63% Nice way to debut the Dudleys and it's good to see the WWE threat being a little bit more than just Charlie Haas. Brown standing up to Spike seemed about the most logical guy on the roster and it will be interesting to see him thrown into the mix here.


Hey Yo! I'm sorry

Scott Hall came out to the ring as Tenay & West said he was scheduled for a match against Ron Killings. Hall began to apologise to the crowd that Killings wasn't here, insisting that the "accident" on last week's show meant that he was still resting his back in some Canadian hospital. Hall was about to leave the ring when 3LK's music hit and BG James came out from the back, the crowd gave him a great pop as he charged the ring and kickstarted an inpromptu match in Killings place

Segment: 78% The heat both guys got from the crowd was really good here, although I'm expecting this next match to blow fat ones.


Scott Hall d. BG James

The crowd really made this match much greater than you'd have expected. Hall played the heel role really well, teasing and making fun of BG constantly in the early going, taking him down to the mat and slapping him in the face and on the back of the head repeatedly. The crowd chanted 3LK throughout much of the match as Hall spent most of it beating on BG and looknig like he was going to get the win. James had brief flurries of offence but they were all cut off before they got going. James took a huge amount of punishment as Hall hit him with the fallaway slam before going for the Outsider's Edge. James managed to back body drop Hall over before falling down exhausted. James struggled up to his feet and charged at Hall, who pulled the referee in front of him. James squashed the referee and Hall in the corner leaving the ref down on the mat. James grabbed Hall from behind looking like he was going for a suplex but Hall kicked his leg backwards hitting a low blow on BG before hitting the Outsider's Edge as the referee crawled over to make the three count. After the bell Hall tossed the referee to the outside and picked James up for another Outsider's Edge. The crowd began to chant "Truth" as Hall shook his head signalling that he wasn't here. Hall picked him up once more for another Edge but Konnan charged out from the back and into the ring, backing Hall up with the series of right hands before clotheslining him out over the top. Hall backed away from ringside as Konnan looked on.

Crowd: 72%

Match: 72%

Overall: 75% This really was a great example of how much a red hot crowd adds to a match. The TNA crowd's can often stay way too quiet but in this one they really got on Hall's back and it made all the difference.


Tenay & West do the supersales job on the main event

Before the main event Mike Tenay & Don West talk about the main event coming up between Charlie Haas and Kevin Nash to determine who will face Jeff Jarrett at Against All Odds. They point out that it's WWE Vs Nash, as Nash says he's not doing this for TNA. They highlight the arrival of the Dudleys earlier on and wonder whether they'll be a factor, and what shape Monty Brown is in after the beating he took. Tenay states that a win for Nash will allow him to challenge for the only title that he's never owned, but a win for Haas could lead to something absolutely gut wrenching for TNA. It's time for out main event

Segment: 70% As usual they did a pretty good job of pushing the big main event. They always seem to do a good job of adding importance to TNA's big matches and this was no exception.


Charlie Haas d. Kevin Nash

The crowd still seemed red hot as Haas and Nash made their entrances. They made it clear they were firmly behind Big Sexy as the two men stared each other down. Nash used his size advantage to outmuscle Haas in the early going and backed him up into the corner, choking him out with his boot. Nash continued to dominate early on hitting a big side slam and hooking both legs as he got a two count. It was only when Haas telegraphed an elbowdrop that he really got in some offence of his own. He chop blocked Nash from behind taking him down to the mat and beginning to work over his right knee. Haas used his mat skills to take apart Nash's leg out. Haas hooked in a single leg boston crab in the centre of the ring as Nash screamed out in pain. Nash struggled desperately to get to the ropes, inching his big frame closer and closer until he was almost within touching distance. He made one last gasp attempt to get there but Haas dragged him back to the centre of the ring and sat back once more putting more pressure onto the knee. Nash writhed in pain as Haas dug in to try and force the submission but again Nash muscled his way closer and closer to the ropes, before making one last desperate stretch to get his hand on the bottom rope. The referee called for the break but Haas went straight to work on the leg again, kicking it out from underneath Nash as he held onto the top rope to keep himself standing. Haas backed him up into the corner before charging in with a big splash. As he leapt through the air Nash caught him by the throat and clotheslined him out over the top. Nash fell straight down to his knees in the corner as Haas picked himself up on the outside. The crowd turned around as the three Dudleys were beginning to make their way through the crowd. They were cut off though as America's Most Wanted charged out from the back adn began to brawl with them in the crowd, followed by the Alpha Male Monty Brown who started to batter Spike on the outside. Back in the ring Haas grabbed Nash from behind and tried to take him over with a German Suplex but Nash blocked it, hitting Haas with a series of elbows to break his grip. Nash turned around and thrust Haas head between his legs giving the sign for the Jack Knife. He tried to get Haas up but his knee buckled and he dropped Haas before he'd barely got him up off the ground. On the outside AMW and the Dudleys continued to brawl through the crowd as Monty Brown pressed Spike above his head and tossed him over the barrier at ringside into the fans. In the ring Nash swung a right hand which Haas ducked before hitting the Haas of Pain on the big man and making a cover as the referee counted 1....2......3!!!. Haas scored the massive win but wasn't left much time to celebrate it as Jeff Jarrett came out from the back with his guitar in hand staring Haas down as the show went off the air

Crowd: 75%

Match: 62%

Overall: 73% Another really solid show from TNA. The addition of the Dudleys into the mix made things a lot more interesting and that main event certainly had that special main event feel that has so often been lacking from TNA in the past. Haas getting the win would have seemed obvious beforehand but when Brown & AMW cut off the Dudleys and stopped their interference it really seemed as if Nash was going to pick up the win, kudos to TNA for making that believable. Jarrett Vs Haas should be really interesting and all in all Against All Odds is lining up to be a decent card.


Overall Show: 69%

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NWATNA Against All Odds Preview


NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Jeff Jarrett Vs Charlie Haas


Jeff Jarrett is fighting for his title, and fighting for the future of TNA. Could a WWE superstar really win the NWA World Title, and what would be the ramifications if he did?


NWA X Division Championship

AJ Styles Vs Chris Sabin


Who really is the greatest X Division Champion in history? After AJ's brutal attack on Impact this one's about more than the belt


NWA World Tag Team Championship

America's Most Wanted Vs Shane & Kazarian Vs Team Canada


The greatest tag team in the world today have fought and beaten everyone that TNA has to offer but can they overcome defending the belts against two teams in one match?


Revenge for the Truth

Scott Hall Vs Konnan


On Impact in Canada Scott Hall gave Ron Killings a sickening Outsiders Edge off the stage, but that wasn't enough, he's made fun of Killings injury ever since sparking Konnan to go looking for revenge.


Raven's Rules

Raven Vs Diamond Dallas Page


In a bitter rivalry that spans back over the past decade two of the biggest stars in TNA fight it out with no rules, just one man getting the win in what promises to be a hardcore fight to the finish


X Division Number One Contenders Challenge

Petey Williams Vs Christopher Daniels Vs Elix Skipper Vs Shark Boy Vs Hector Garza Vs Amazing Red


6 of the best X Division stars from around the world will compete in this single elimination match to earn the right to face the winner of Styles and Sabin on Impact next Friday night


.... and don't forget the 30 minute pre-show including Dustin Rhodes Vs Chris Candido


be sure to join Mike Tenay & Don West this Sunday 13th February, contact your local cable operator for purchasing information

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Nice Jay, Ive already read all these anyway. Like i said on that other site :P the card seems very rushed and thrown together but you elayed me fears about that.


I hope you can make the PPV as great as I made my Against All Odds PPV write up :P Except without the pics :P

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NWATNA Against All Odds Review by Jay Feltzer

Sunday 13th February 2005, Tennessee

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West

Buy Rate: 0.72

Attendance: 7911


Pre-Show Match: Dustin Rhodes d. Chris Candido

The pre-show in general was fairly entertaining building up the various matches on the card, mostly focusing on how important the Haas Jarrett match was going to be. This one was pretty meaningless but then on the pre show you'd expect that really. It was a decent brawl between the two men and their styles seemed to compliment each other well enough. It was Dustin who got the win here after Candido missed a diving headbutt off the top rope. Dustin sent him crashing into the corner and as he bounced back out Rhodes came off the ropes with a bulldog for the win

Crowd: 64%

Match: 71%

Overall: 69% A really solid match up which in all honesty I expect may end up being better than a couple of the ones that made the proper card later on. Tenay & West ignored it largely and just talked about the potential impact of a WWE superstar winning the NWA World Title and heading back to the WWE with it.


Charlie Haas is here and he has a second, ya feel me playa?

The Pay Per View is underway and we're shown Charlie Haas arriving at the building before the intro video. He steps out of a limo wearing a tracksuit before stopping and turning round waiting for someone else to get out of the limo. After a brief pause WWE Smackdown's General Manager Theodore Long steps out wearing a suit before following Haas into the building

Segment: 67% Long arriving with Haas made sense but again you have to feel that the impact was lost on this Tennessee crowd. They should have been making a lot more noise than this when the WWE Smackdown General Manager is arriving at the building.


Up next, World Tag Team Titles

After the opening show video Mike Tenay & Don West give us a run down of the show. They focus on the title matches, and most of all Haas Vs Jarrett. West insists that Haas winning the belt tonight could mean the end of TNA. Tenay is a little calmer about it and gets his point across better stating that Haas winning and taking that belt away from TNA is the worst possible outcome for this company tonight. They then talk about the opening match of the night, the Tag Team Title match. Tenay gives us the Championship rundown. He highlights that as a team AMW are 5 time NWA Tag Team Champions and that championship experience will be big factor. Tenay also points out that AMW will not have that champions advantage, in this match they don't even have to be beaten to lose the belts. Tenay then focuses on the newest of the challengers, Shane & Kazarian, suggesting that this is their first major opportunity to win the tag team gold and that their hunger may be enough to get them through

Segment: 69% Nothing out of the ordinary here but it played its part well. I like the way that TNA hypes its title matches slightly differently, it gives them a more important feel, even when they are the opening match on a card.


NWA Tag Team Championship: America's Most Wanted d. Shane & Kazarian w/Tracy and Team Canada (Roode & Young) w/Scott d'Amore

The crowd were completely dead from start to finish in this one with hardly anything getting much of a reaction from them. The match rules stated that one member of each team would be in the ring at any one time and that they could only tag in and out their own partners. Tracy and d'Amore had already been arguing on the outside before the match began as the three teams faced up to each other and were shown the tag team title belts.


Chris Harris, Eric Young and Michael Shane started the match off and immediately all three men locked up collar and elbow. Young and Shane looked like they were backing Harris up but with an excellent show of strength the bigger man paused for a moment and then shoved both men off, tumbling backwards towards their own corners. Young and Shane looked at each other as they picked themselves up and began to circle Harris again. After a brief pause they both charged at him but Harris caught both men with a double clothesline. Shane rolled out of the ring where he was comforted by Kazarian and Tracy as Harris went to work on Young in the ring. Harris backed Young up into the one neutral corner and then began to beat him with rights and lefts before sending him in for the ride and hitting a massive left arm lariat. Harris made the cover but only got a two count. As he got up to his feet Michael Shane leapt up onto the apron and springboarded himself off the top rope with a missile dropkick that sent Harris crashing across the ring. Young scrambled over to make the cover but was pulled off by Michael Shane who went for a cover of his own. Young pulled him off and the two men squared up to each other. Shane and Young looked set to come to blows and didn't notice Harris tagging in James Storm who came into the ring and hit a cross body block on both men. He covered them both but only got a two count.


The action continued at a fast pace and to give the workers their credit they were doing everything they could to pull out a decent match but the crowd remained uninterested. Chris Harris nearly pinned Bobby Roode after hitting the spear but Scott d'Amore was on hand to pull Harris off of his Team Canada protege. Michael Shane shortly afterwards made a cover on Roode but again d'Amore was on hand to break up the count. After Kazarian sprung off the middle rope back into the middle of the ring to hit a leg drop on Eric Young, d'Amore once again stopped the pinfall by jumping up onto the apron and distracting the referee. On the outside Tracy had, had enough and charged around the ring to chase d'Amore off. Tracy slapped him across the face as the Team Canada leader backed up the ramp and didn't stop until he was backstage with Tracy still in toe. Young and Roode watched in shock as he was chased off, before Harris quickly rolled up Young from behind but could only get a two count.


With the outside distractions of d'Amore's hockey stick and Tracy's muffins now gone the match looked like it was building to a conclusion. All six men were beginning to look tired. In the ring Chris Harris grabbed Bobby Roode from behind in a Full Nelson. Michael Shane spotted this and went for the superkick but as he did Roode broke the hold and ducked out of the way as Shane connected with Harris instead. Shane made a gesture to the crowd like, "oh well, that'll do" before making the cover. Roode landed an elbowdrop onto the back of Shane's head to break the cover at 2. Harris managed to make a tag out to James Storm who went after Michael Shane. Storm went for a right hand which Shane blocked, Storm followed it up with a low kick which Shane managed to jump to avoid. Storm lunged with a clothesline but Shane ducked underneath it and as Storm turned around he walked straight into Bobby Roode's lariat. Young leapt into the ring to hold Michael Shane off as Roode made the cover but Storm managed to roll his shoulder out at 2 and a half. Michael Shane went to the outside and grabbed a chair, telling Kazarian to do the same. Chris Harris tried to get into the ring as they slid back in but the referee went straight over to usher him back out. This gave Shane & Kazarian the chance toss the chairs to James Storm, and Bobby Roode. Storm caught it but was immediately hit with a superkick from Michael Shane which crashed the chair into his head. Roode caught the other chair as Kazarian leapt up with a leg lariat that had the same effect. Shane made the cover on Roode as the referee came around to make the count. He got to two and a half when Eric Young came off the top with an elbowdrop to make the save.


With Storm and Roode in big trouble Shane & Kazarian looked in control. Kazarian fought Eric Young off and drove him to the outside where the two men began to brawl as Michael Shane went up to the top rope and hit a big splash on Roode. He made the cover as Storm crawled across the ring to push him off at 2. Shane looked furious as he picked Roode up and sent him in for the ride. As Roode came back towards him Michael Shane hit a back body drop that sent Roode up and over his head. As Roode went up and over Storm was back on his feet and cracked an enziguri into the skull of Shane which sent him staggering across the ring and through the ropes. Storm managed to tag in Harris leaving Bobby Roode alone with the World Tag Team Champions. Harris hoisted Roode up onto his shoulders as Storm went up to the top. Storm hit a cross body as Harris fell back sending Roode crashing into the mat. The referee made the count, 1.....2.......3. AMW scored the win and retained the titles. As the bell rang Scott d'Amore came running out of the back, with Tracy following him. Tracy was hitting him in the back with what looked like some sort of cane, and d'Amore had his top torn off and his belly exposed. Tracy chased d'Amore into the ring where he ran straight into America's Most Wanted. Harris and Storm stood face to face with him before grabbing him and holding him there in front of Tracy. She walked over and undid d'Amore's belt, dropping his trousers to the ground as he screamed out. Harris and Storm held him, and bent him over as Tracy crashed the cane into his butt, not once, not twice, but three times. d'Amore scrambled across the ring and underneath the bottom rope holding his butt tenderly as Tracy gave Storm & Harris a wicked smile before leaving the ring as AMW went back to celebrating their title defence.

Crowd: 48%

Match: 72%

Overall: 58% Really decent opening match here. The guys involved gave it all they had and it's a shame the crowd didn't seem capable of getting into it. Was it a good idea to come back to Tennessee when the crowds were always so dead here in the past? We'll see, but you can't fault what the guys in the ring did. I'm not so sure I really wanted to see Scott d'Amore in his underwear but it's the one time the crowd seemed to make a little bit of noise so I guess it worked.


DDP's career end draws near, quote the Raven, nevermore

Shane Douglas is backstage ready to conduct an interview with Raven before his match with DDP. Almost immediately before Shane can begin to ask his question Raven shoves him off, telling him that he doesn't need him out here with him. Raven grabs the mic and tells Douglas to get out of there before he tastes the Evenflow. The Franchise doesn't hang around as Raven sits back with his hands of his knees and talks into the microphone. "Diamond Dallas Page........ 10 years...........10 years of torment............10 years of undiscovered potential................10 years of having opportunity driven away...............Well Page tonight you'll feel 10 years worth of my pain..............When I knock you out cold in that ring..................Raven's Rules Page, Raven Rules...............Your eyes struggling to stay open.................Like the Sandman throwing sand into your eyes........... So they bleed out of your head.............I'll carry them to the crescent moon Page................The windows to your soul will be gone forever..............Quote the Raven.....Nevermore!

Segment: 84% It's great to see Raven getting back to what he does best. Wrestlers need to reinvent themselves in almost all cases, but I just don't think he's capable of it. He's been awful in TNA for ages and I guess it's a situation where even though we've seen what he's doing right now before, it's better than seeing what he's not showed us.


Raven's Rules: Raven d. Diamond Dallas Page

Raven made his entrance for this one first. He grabbed a microphone and began to call Page out, telling him to get to the ring and take his beating. Page's music hit but ht was nowhere to be seen. Raven peered out over the ropes as Page's music hit once more but again DDP was nowhere to be seen. Raven began spouting off about how Page was a coward and had always been a coward. Raven insisted that Page was showing his true colours tonight and that Raven was going to give him one more chance to get to the ring and take his beating before Raven walked out of this building the winner by default. The music started again but still, no Page at first. The crowd turned their heads as Page came out of nowhere and slid into the ring under the bottom rope, having leapt the barrier at ringside behind Raven's back. Page spun Raven around and clotheslined him over the top rope as the crowd went wild.


The opening moments of the match were all fought on the outside as Page really took it to Raven. DDP blocked a Raven right hand before ramming him into the ringpost. Page hit him with clubbing forearm shots to the back and mid section before sending Raven running straight into the barrier at ringside. Page charged at Raven with a clothesline that sent both men over the barrier into the crowd. The fans stood back as Page and Raven began to exchange punches. DDP slowed Raven down and reached back to a fan behind him and grabbed his drink. Page took a swig as the crowd popped big but as he turned around Raven crashed a steel chair over his head. Raven continued the assault as the two men fought their way back over the barrier and into the ringside area. Raven hit a side Russian Legsweep into the barrier before making his way up to the ring apron with a chair. Raven ran along the apron and leapt off crashing the chair into the skull of DDP. Page looked wobbly and blood had begun to trickly slowly from his forehead as Raven rolled him back into the ring.


Raven looked underneath the ring before he stepped back in himself and the crowd went absolutely crazy when he popped up with a table. Raven slid it into the ring and rolled in himself before setting it up in the middle of the ring. Raven pushed DDP back into the corner and crashed in a couple of knees to the mid section before lifting Paeg up onto the top rope. Raven climbed up to the top and got set for a superplex through the table but Page fought him off, shoving Raven away from him and down from the top rope. Raven came straight back in though and got up to the second rope but once again Page met him with a right hand and shoved him off. Page leapt down from the top turnbuckle with a double axe handle blow that grounded Raven. Page got Raven up and sent him in for the ride. As Raven came back towards him Page kicked him in the mid section to double him over before getting Raven up, spinning him around, and hitting a beautiful sitout powerbomb. The referee made the count but Raven was out at two.


Page sensing victory might not be far away put Raven up onto the table before climbing up to the top rope. Raven was up to meet him through and climbed up onto the top turnbuckle to exchange punches with him. Both men looked dangerously unstable up there together and both men toppled off the top and through the table in the middle of the ring. Both wrestlers lay in the middle, a broken mess surrounded by bits of table as Raven rolled over and placed an arm across Page's chest. The referee made the count but Raven only got 2. Raven took Page to the outside once more and they continued to brawl their way around the ringside area, the most notable piece of action being Page going crashing into the ringsteps shoulder first.


Raven rolled Page back into the ring, this time tossing chair after chair into the ring. The bloodied Page lay there almost motionless at first as Raven tossed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 chairs into the ring one after the other. Raven turned around to reach for another but Page was up on his feet. DDP came over and reached over the top rope to the outside. He grabbed Raven by the hair but as Raven lifted himself up he grabbed Page by the neck and clotheslined him over the top rope. Raven stepped into the ring, pilling up the chairs in the middle before signalling that it was over. Raven went for the Evenflow but Page slipped out and spun Raven around reaching out desperately for the Diamond Cutter but this time Raven shoved Page away, before pulling him back in and hitting the Evenflow DDT out of nowhere on top of the pile of chairs. Raven made the cover and the referee counted, 1......2.......somehow Page rolled his shoulder out. Raven looked furious, berating the referee before picking up a chair. He crashed it down onto Page twice before standing back and waiting for DDP to get back to his feet.


Page fought and struggled desperately to get up to his knees, falling back down teh first time as his bloodied face looked empty and on the verge of being unconscious. Page finally struggled up onto his feet and Raven smashed the chair into Page's head once more, dropping him to the mat. Raven made the cover and finally got the three count to end a brutal and bloody match.

Crowd: 75%

Match: 70%

Overall: 79% Excellent stuff here that really reminded me of their late 90's work together. Page has been a revelation since making his return to wrestling in TNA and Raven looked on top of his game in this one. The crowd were so into it and the story it told worked really well for me.


Who is he talking to back there?

After the Raven DDP match the camera cuts backstage briefly where Scott Hall is shown standing warming up for his match with Konnan. Hall appears to be talking to someone who is out of shot, "Listen, you ready to teach the 3 Live Kru a lesson tonight? Everything goes to plan, I can't wait to see the look on their faces

Segment: 81% Pretty intriguing little slot, I hope the end result isn't a let down but basically I'm assuming Hall has someone ready to do a surprise run in, in the match with Konnan


Scott Hall w/Kevin Nash d. Konnan w/BG James

Konnan was out first for this one, accompanied by 3LK teammate BG James. As usual they did their respective little bits for the crowd, who were still really pumped and seemed ready for this match. Scott Hall was next out, grabbing a mic before he entered the ring. He said he had a bit surprise to sit in his corner tonight. Hall did his old school nWo style point to the back where Kevin Nash stepped out with a big grin on his face. Hall, thankfull wasn't wearing the Elvis jumpsuit in this one, he had his black and red trunks and matching waistcoat on which was definitely a good thing.


As the match got underway Hall tried to match up with Konnan hold for hold early on as they hooked up. Hall stepped in behind Konnan with a waistlock and took him down to the mat before slapping him repeatedly across the back of the head. Hall gestured to Konnan as he backed away laughing. They locked up again but this time Konnan stepped through with a hammerlock before tripping Hall and locking a single leg in a Boston Crab, before reaching back and hooking Hall's arm up as well in an interesting submission variation. Hall was quick to reach out and grab the ropes as Konnan locked it in hard. Konnan sent Hall into the corner and followed him in with a clothesline. Konnan stayed on the offensive in the early going until Kevin Nash tripped him from the outside. BG James ran straight around the ring to try and get in Nash's face but simply ran straight into a big boot that sent him tumbling backwards, crashing his head on the ringsteps and knocking himself out cold. EMT's and officials raced out from the back to cart James backstage as Nash looked on with a big grin on his face.


Back in the ring Hall was taking control catching Konnan running at him and hitting the Fallaway Suplex before giving the sign for the Outsider's Edge. Hall tried to get Konnan up but the Mexican superstar grabbed a hold of Hall's leg, muscling him to the mat and trying to lock in the Tequila Sunrise. Hall once again made it to the ropes and the referee called for the break. As the two men broke Hall insisted that he'd just injured his leg. As the referee paused to look over and tell Konnan to back off a moment Nash got up onto the apron with clocked Konnan with a clubbing forearm shot that sent him staggering across the ring adn into the clutches of Hall who miraculously was back on his feet. Hall hit the Outsider's Edge and laid Konnan out for the three count and the win.


After the bell Nash got into the ring to celebrate with Hall. They laid boots into Konnan before rolling him to the outside. The crowd went ballistic as The Truth came running out from the back to make the save. Killings leapt over the top rope and into the ring. Nash charged at him but he did the splits to duck the clothesline before spinning up and around and hitting a leg lariat on Nash that sent him out over the top rope to the outside. Killings ran at Hall who also swung a punch but Killings ducked underneath and came back off the ropes with a flying forearm that knocked Hall across the ring and through the ropes. Hall and Nash backed away up the ramp as they stared Killings down.

Crowd: 72%

Match: 73%

Overall: 76% The crowd were really into this match as well which always adds something to it. Hall and Konnan were able to hide their shortcomings well enough with the inclusion of Nash, BG James, Killings, and the fact that the match itself was short enough to stop either guy blowing up. Nice job


Kid Kash turns Shark Hunter in search of an X division title shot

Backstage Kid Kash is shown storming around the arena. He goes into the bathroom where he sees Shark Boywashing his hands. Kash pauses for a moment before rushing forward and slamming Shark Boy's head into the sink, dumping him unconscious on the floor. Kash leaves muttering something about taking his spot in the next match

Segment: 57% When the crowd saw this over the big screen there was virtually no reaction at all and lets be honest, it's something we've seen used loads recently, in the WWE, TNA, and elsewhere, someone wants into a match so beats up one of the competitors to steal his spot.


X Division Number One Contenders Challenge: Elix Skipper d. Petey Williams w/Scott d/Amore, Christopher Daniels, Kid Kash, Hector Garza & Amazing Red

The wrestlers all made their entrances and there wasn't much of a response for any of them. The other five competitors looked surprised when Kash came out instead of Shark Boy but the fans didn't seem to care one way or the other. The match was fought under elimination rules with just two men in the ring at any one time. Competitors could tag in and out whoever they wanted and each pinfall, submission, count out or disqualification would result in somebody being eliminated. The winner would get a shot at the X Division title on Impact.


The match began with Red and Garza in the ring. As they tentatively felt each other out Garza took Red down with a series of arm drags before hitting a dropkick that staggered Red back towards one of the corners. As he got there Kid Kash slapped him on the back to tag himself into the match. Kash went straight for Garza and looked incredibly agressive as the two men began to trade slaps and chops that looked incredibly stiff. Kash managed to back Garza up a little and this time Amazing Red tagged him on the back to get himself into the match. Kash again went straight after Red giving him no time to breathe as he waded in with forearm shots before sending Red in for the ride. Red ducked a clothesline and then came back with a hurracanrana. Kash bounced straight up out of it though and levelled Red with a vicious clothesline. Kash got Red up for the Money Maker and got the three count to eliminate him with the match barely three minutes old.


Christopher Daniels was next into the ring to square off with Kash but after a brief scuffle Elix Skipper was tagging himself in to try to get to Daniels. Daniels was having none of it and calmly tagged out to Petey Williams. The two men had a great little exchange which resulted in Williams being dumped over the top rope to the outside. Skipper charged across the ring and launched himself in corkscrew fashion over the top rope onto him. Hector Garza went up to the top rope and hit the twisting tope off the top onto both men before Christopher Daniels got in on the action hitting an Asai Moonsault. Kid Kash took his place in the ring and calmly waited for somebody to get back in. Hector Garza was the first man to make his way back into the ring and he walked straight into a Kid Kash small package. The referee counted the 2 but Garza kicked out. Garza backed Kash up with a series of open handed slaps across the chest before dragging him out of the corner into a sitout powerbomb. The referee only gave Garza a two count though with Kash looking in trouble. Garza sent Kash in for the ride, dropped down low as Kash ran over him before leapfrogging as Kash came back. Kash caught Garza in mid air with a brutal spinebuster that allowed Kash to go up to the top rope. Kash came off with a big splash as the referee made the three count and eliminated Hector Garza.


Kash was looking red hot as Petey Williams climbed through the ropes. d'Amore on the outside began to sing "Oh Canada" and start waving the flag around which prompted chants from the crowd of "you got spanked, you got spanked". Williams and Kash' pace in the ring was frantic as both men exchanged moves to try and outdo the other. Kash hit a tilt a while backbreaker but could only get a two count, before Williams fought back with a Death Valley Driver which again could only get a two count. The pace in the match continued at an incredible rate as all four of the remaining contestants took shots at each other. With Elix Skipper and Kid Kash in the ring Skipper sent Kash in towards the ropes but as he ran off them he collided with Daniels on the apron. Kash stopped himself and began shouting at Daniels on the outside as Skipper connected with a roundhouse kick to the back of the head before rolling Kash up for the three count to eliminate him. Kash was furious and went to the outside as the match continued. Kash grabbed a chair from ringside and slid back into the ring. First he laid out the referee, before cracking Skipper in the skull with it. He then turned around and smashed it over the head of Petey Williams who was now in the ring before laying Christopher Daniels out as he tried to get into the ring. Kash got a lot of heat as he made his way backstage with all three competitors laying on the mat.


All three men struggled to their feet and with the referee still down and out they began to exchange forearms and chops between each other. Williams and Daniels seemed set to work together as they backed Elix Skipper up in the corner. Daniels sat him up on the top rope and both men climbed up onto the second rope looking ready to deliver a double superplex. Skipper somehow managed to block it and flipped out of the corner, over both of their heads delivering a double neckbreaker to both men that drew chants of "holy ****" from the crowd. Skipped backed up to the ropes and looked to be setting himself to finish one of them off when Scott d'Amore grabbed his ankle from ringside. Skipper turned and kicked d'Amore away before hitting a plancha over the top to take out the tubby Canadian.


Back in the ring Williams and Daniels had squared up to each other. A Williams left hand staggered Daniels who stumbled backwards, straight towards Primetime who was back up on the apron. Skipper kicked Daniels in the head from the apron which spun him around back into the path of Williams. Petey shoved Daniels head between his legs before hitting the Canadian Destroyer. The referee crawled over and made a very slow three count as Daniels got eliminated from the match.


Skipper stepped into the ring as he and Williams both looked exhausted, circling each other cautiously. They hooked up and Skipper went straight for a waistlock from behind. Williams reversed it spinning around to the back of Skipper but as he did Primetime connected with a couple of elbows to shake Williams off. Skipper ran off the ropes but Williams followed him in and hit a dropkick that sent Skipper over the top rope. Primetime held onto the ropes and landed on the apron and as Williams turned back around to face him thinking he was out on the floor Skipper flipped over the top rope and connected with a clothesilne. He made he cover as the ref counted, 1......2.......Williams kicked out. As Skipper went to follow up Williams threw in a kick, which Skipper caught, but as he did Williams connected with a sick sounding enziguri that laid Skipper out on the mat. Williams backed off giving the sign for the Canadian Destroyer. He waited for Skipper to get to his feet slowly before leaping forward to set Skipper up for his finisher. Williams went to leap up and over but as he did Skipper blocked him and drove him back down to the mat with a Spinebuster. Williams bounced straight back up, but look dazed and confused as he walked straight into the grasp of Skipper who connected with the Play of the Day before making the cover. The referee counted 1.......2.........3. Skipper had won the right to a title shot at the X Division Champion. Christopher Daniels who was still making his way backstage holding his head turned to face the ring as he heard the bell, seeing Skipper holding his hands aloft and playing to the crowd.

Crowd: 57%

Match: 79%

Overall: 69% The match itself was good and I liked the way it built Kash, before having him eliminated, as well as building more heat between Daniels and Skipper. I was actually surprised they gave Skipper the win, which was nice as it's a fairly fresh way to go. Still will be really interesting to see where they go with Kash after this match and what they do with Daniels and Skipper. Unfortnuately in this one it looked like it was back to the dead crowds again.


I'm going to be in your corner whether you like it or not

The camera cuts backstage to Larry Zbysko's office. Jeff Jarrett is in there screaming at Zbysko about Teddy Long being in the building. Zbysko tries to calm him down, "Look Jeff, you wanted Haas having free reign around here, you wanted the guy allowed into our arenas, you wanted to deal with this yourself. I can't do anything if he brings the General Manager of his company with him. Jeff, this needs to be dealt with tonight. You need to stop this thing before it gets going. If Long's going to be out there tonight representing WWE Smackdown then I'm going to be out there in your corner". Jarrett pauses briefly before countering, "Whoah whoah whoah old man, you're going to be in my corner? I don't think so, I've got this situation all under control. This is Planet Jarret, this is My World, they can't just walk in here and take what they want. I'm doing this alone, I don't need you out there Zbysko". Jarrett turns to walk out of the office but is called back by Zbysko. "Jeff, JEFF, look, whether you like it or not I will be out there for tonight's match and I will take care of Teddy Long. Now you get back there and prepare and get ready for Haas. You CANNOT lose this match tonight". Jarrett didn't say a word as he left the office leaving Zbysko cursing Jarrett's hot head.

Segment: 70% Nothing special but it did what it was supposed to and added some more heat onto the main event tonight. Which incidentally at this point we're only one match away from with the X Division title up next, something I can't wait for.


Monty Brown wants his breakfast, so Spike will do for starters

Before the show can go any further the sounds of "ooohwahahaha" blare out of the arena sound system and Monty Brown makes his way out to the ring with a microphone. He begins to prowl back and forth from one side of the ring to the other before calling out the Dudley Boyz. He says that on Impact they made the huge mistake of walking into his Serenghetti and that now it's time for them to come and pay the price. After a moments pause all three Dudleys make their way out onto the ramp. Spike has a microphone and is flanked no either side by Bubba Rey and D-Von. Spike says that he's more than welcome to get a piece of the Dudleys tonight, but if he wants one he has to take them all. The Alpha Male says that he'll be happy to run the Dudleys gauntlet tonight and that he is just three pouuuuunnnnnnces away from running them off of his Serenghetti. Spike charges to the ring as the other Dudleys stand watching and the first match is on

Segment: 63% Interesting that they would add a match onto the PPV as a surprise bonus. This should be quite good too and will hopefully add to the WWE threat posed to TNA in the current storyline.


Monty Brown d. Spike Dudley

Spike slid under the bottom rope and went right after Monty, backing him off into the corner and firing in forearm after forearm shot. Spike went for the Acid Drop almost straight away but Monty simply shoved him off sending him crashing across the ring. Brown began to dominate the runt of the Dudley litter battering him with stiff forearm shots before getting him up with a scoop slam, then landing an elbowdrop. Brown made the cover but could only get a two count. The action was fairly slow paced in this one and most of the offence came from Monty for the first few minutes. Brown strangely went up to the top rope but as he came down looking for a double axe handle he was caught by a Spike dropkick to the chest. Spike tried to follow up, looking to send the Alpha Male in for the ride, but Monty reversed it sending Spike into the ropes. Spike came back and ducked a clothesline, then ducked another before trying to hit a cross body block on Monty. Brown caught him in mid air before getting him up for the Alpha Bomb. The referee made the three count as Brown leapt up ushering for the next Dudley to come to the ring. Spike rolled out as Bubba Ray made his way to the ring.

Crowd: 62%

Match: 70%

Overall: 60% Not bad, made Monty look pretty dominating and in reality he had to win this first match otherwise this whole last minute gauntlet idea was pointless.


Monty Brown nc Bubba Ray Dudley

Bubba Ray charged into the ring and began trading blows with Monty. Monty was winning the battle initially until Bubba Ray kicked him between the legs, dropping him to the mat in pain. The referee berated Bubba but it didn't seem to do much good. Bubba Ray began to beat Monty down on the mat before hitting an elbowdrop to the back of the head. Bubba picked him up and hit a devastating Bubba Bomb before making the cover. Brown just lifted his shoulder out at two. Bubba continued to control the pace of the match and keep Monty in trouble, despite small flurries of offence from the Alpha Male.


After a good few minutes of solid punishment Bubba looked ready to try and finish things off. Bubba dragged Monty over to the corner before sitting himself up on the top rope. He reached down to try and grab Monty up for a powerbomb but as Monty was lifted up he began to thump rights and lefts into the head of Bubba Ray. Bubba staggered on the top and Monty was able to climb down slightly, setting Bubba Ray up for a superplex. Brown got him over and appeared to be getting his second wind. Bubba Ray climbed slowly to his feet but Monty was already charging across the ring off the ropes. He connected with the Pounce sending Bubba Ray across the ring to the mat. Spike and D-Von charged to the ring and up onto the apron. Brown knocked Spike off with a right hand, but D-Von caught him and clotheslined him across the top rope.


Without warning Chris Harris and James Storm came charging out from the back, brawling with D-Von and Spike, and as all six men spilled into the ring the referee threw the match out. AMW and Monty managed to fight off the WWE threat and drove the Dudleys out of the ring as the six men stared down at the match's conclusion

Crowd: 61%

Match: 73%

Overall: 61% Ever so slightly better than the previous match as it wasn't so much of a squash. The crowd gave AMW a pretty reasonable pop when they made the save and hopefully this is the last non finish we'll see tonight.


Sabin wants the belt, and he wants his revenge

Shane Douglas is waiting backstage with Chris Sabin to conduct an interview before the upcoming X Division title match. Douglas asks him what his mindset is going into this massive match, after having a considered friend attack him on Impact. Sabin seemed angry, "Shane, I had so much respect for AJ Styles. The Phenomenal one has done it all in TNA, Tag Team Champion, World Champion, and X Division Champion. When I earned the right to face you for that X Division belt AJ I expected you to be happy for me, I expected us to go out into that ring tonight full of respect and admiration for each other and prove once and for all who was the greatest X Division champion of all time. Instead you chose to jump me from behind and beat me down in that ring. AJ, did you really think that you'd achieve anything? Did you really think that beating you gave me would play any part in your success tonight? All you did was make Chris Sabin more focused, more fired up, and more intense. Tonight AJ that belt is coming back around my waist whether you like it or not, when I hit you with my Cradle Shock it's all over AJ, it's all over".

Segment: 73% Not a bad interview here as Sabin has come a long way on the mic, and Douglas as always is the perfect guy for them to have conducting interviews. Just his facial expressions when other people are talking is enough to make the promo work.


X Division Title Rundown

Before the X Division title match Mike Tenay and Don West run through the key factors going into the match. Tenay highlights that these two are considered the two best in the history of TNA's X Division. AJ Styles 4 time X Division Champion, but Chris Sabin's two runs as the Champion totalled around 5 months, having spent as much time as X Division Champion as anyone in the title's history. Then Tenay points out the finisher's, the Styles Clash Vs the Cradle Shock, both moves that can be hit out of nowhere, will it come down to those? Finally Tenay talks about the anger that Sabin must been feeling right now, will he be able to show enough composure to keep himself focused and win the title?

Segment: 69% As with the tag team title one earlier, without being anything mind bogglingly special these simple hype jobs before the match highlighting the key points I think work really well for the title matches.


NWATNA X Division Championship: AJ Styles d. Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin made his entrance first for this one and got some nice pops from the crowd. AJ's entrance had a really mixed reaction with a few boos thrown in. When they got to the ring the introductions were done and they stepped right up into each other's faces as the belt was held up. They appeared to be saying something to each other when AJ slapped Sabin across the face. Sabin stepped back gingerly rubbing his cheek but refusing to be drawn into anything by Styles. The bell rang and this one was underway.


The early going was slow paced with both men tentatively feeling each other out. They locked up and Sabin forced Styles back onto the ropes. The referee called for the break and surprisingly Styles gave him a clean one. They locked up again, this time Styles backing Sabin back up onto the ropes and grabbing a side headlock. Sabin shoved him off sending him running into the ropes and as Styles came back towards him Sabin hit an inverted atomic drop before dropping Styles with a clothesline. AJ quickly rolled out of the ring to the outside where the fans really got on his back. Styles waited out the full ten count before sliding back underneath the bottom rope to the inside.


Sabin and Styles locked up again with Styles hitting a knee into Sabin's mid section to double him over before taking Sabin over with a vertical suplex. Sabin tried to sweep Styles legs from under him as he lay on the mat but AJ jumped. As he landed again Sabin rolled over, catching Styles legs and taking him to the mat with a drop toe hold before leaping across his body and locking in a headlock. Styles looked really frustrated as Sabin continued to dominate the early exchanges and it wasn't long before that frustration boiled over. Sabin grabbed Styles with a waistlock from the front and went for a Northern Lights Suplex. Styles lifted a knee up into Sabin's face that knocked him backwards and AJ exploded leaping forward with a vicious barrage of rights and lefts.


Styles quickly took control of the match and began to take Sabin apart. Styles hit a German Suplex before going up to the top rope. As Sabin got to his feet AJ hit a missile dropkick and made the cover. The referee had only got to a two count when Sabin kicked out. AJ picked Sabin up and tossed him over the top rope to the outside. Sabin held on and landed on the apron but as he tried to connect with a right hand AJ blocked it and countered with the pelee, knocking Sabin off the apron to the floor. AJ ran across the ring and off the ropes before diving out over the top rope onto the prone Sabin. Styles really went to work on the outside ramming Sabin's shoulder into ringpost three times. Sabin managed to fight back and charged at Styles but Styles moved out of the way and this time Sabin crashed straight into the ring post by himself, with the same shoulder that Styles had been trying to take apart with the previous shots.


Styles rolled Sabin back into the ring and catapulted himself back into the ring with the top rope to hit a splash but Sabin managed to get out at 2. Styles went to work on Sabin's shoulder, putting his arm around the top rope and kicking his exposed shoulder. Sabin fell to the mat clutching at it and writhing in pain as AJ hit a legdrop on the arm. Styles picked Sabin up and wrenched the arm, yanking it towards him. AJ gave the sign that he was going for the Styles Clash and pulled Sabin towards him, pushing his head between his legs. Styles tried to get Sabin up but couldn't as Sabin hoisted him up over his head. Styles held onto Sabin's arm though and managed to lock in a cross arm breaker on the injured arm, dragging him to the mat. Sabin screamed out in pain as he flung his body back and forth trying desperately to get to the ropes. Sabin was laid out dead centre of the ring and it seemed there was no escape as he rolled back and forth trying to break the hold. AJ had it locked in tight and as Sabin gave it one last lunge to try and get to the ropes he was forced to tap out as AJ applied more pressure. Styles retained the X Division title but he wasn't finished yet. He refused to release the hold as the referee tried to pull him off. Styles eventually released it but only shoved the referee away before pounding Sabin's shoulder with boot after boot until the TNA security hit the ring to chase Styles off. Sabin was helped backstage by Don Harris at the match's conclusion.

Crowd: 66%

Match: 87%

Overall: 48% If this was designed to further the feud it worked well enough. The action in the ring was really good but it just somehow lacked something, it's hard to put your finger on what. The ending was different than we would have expected but somehow this just wasn't what we have come to expect from the X division and while it showed what else they are capable of these two really never took the chance to fly and wow the crowd.


Almost Main Event Time

Before the last match of the night Mike Tenay and Don West build up with their three key factors. West seems genuinely tense and nervous going into this match as Tenay starts by pointing out the outside factors, Larry Zbysko an Theodore Long. Jarrett has said he doesn't even want Zbysko in his corner, but that Long's mere presence at ringside has Zbysko worried. Then Tenay goes on to talk about the unkown surprise factor. Jarrett has only seen Haas work one match in TNA and has had barely any time to prepare for his challenge tonight. Tenay finally talks about the championship experience that Jarrett has. Charlie Haas has never held a singles title in the WWE but Jeff Jarrett has been to the very top and remained there with numerous high profile Title defences.

Segment: 70% As always a nice job done here, and West was really playing his part well coming across as concerned and nervous about the outcome of the upcoming main event.


NWA World Championship: Jeff Jarrett w/Larry Zbysko d. Charlie Haas w/Theodore Long

Chalie Haas made his way out to the ring first, accompanied by Theodore Long. Long has a microphone with him and as soon as he got into the ring he addressed the crowd, "I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you Charlie of the importance of the task in hand tonight playa. Ya see everybody back on Smackdown wants to see you walk back there next week with the NWA World Title belt. Ya feel me playa? That's why I'm out here, shizzle playa! It's time....". Before he could get any further he was interrupted by Jeff Jarrett's music as the NWA World Champion made his way out onto the ramp his guitar in one hand, and a microphone in the other. "Theodore Long you can shut your mouth right now. After I beat your flunkie in the ring tonight you can pack your bags and get the hell out of the NWATNA. Charlie Haas, this is my World and I'll prove that to you tonight". Jarrett dropped the microphone and charged to the ring sliding under the bottom rope and kickstarting it early as Larry Zbysko came out behind him to make his way to ringside.


Jarrett was a house of fire early on backing Haas up with rights and lefts before sending him in for the ride. As Haas came back towards him Jarrett hit a dropkick that sent Haas rolling across the mat to the outside where he was comforted by Theodore Long. As the two men deliberated on the outside Jarrett went for a baseball slide to attack Haas but Long saw him coming and shoved Charlie out of the way. As Jarrett slid underneath teh bottom rope Haas met him and sent him crashing into the barrier at ringside. Haas rolled Jarrett back into the ring before sliding in himself. Haas began to take control of the match with a series of suplexes that had Jarrett in big trouble. Zbysko was constantly screaming from the outside to Jeff to get back into the match.


Haas sent Jarrett into the corner but as he charged in to follow him Jarrett found the energy to lift himself up and over Haas before rolling him up from behind. The referee counted 1.....2.....but Haas kicked out. Jarrett ran off the ropes but was tripped from the outside by Long. Zbysko went straight around the ring to try and get to Long but the referee slipped out of the ring and got between the two men, holding Zbysko back. Inside the ring Haas took advantage and hit a belly to belly suplex on Jarrett. Haas then sent Jarrett in to the corner once more, this time folllowing him in and hitting a bulldog. With Zbysko calmed down on the outside the referee was back in the ring to make the count, 1.....2.....Jarrett rolled a shoulder.


Haas was beginning to really take over control of the match to the point where Jarrett looked like he needed some offence, and he needed it quickly. Haas took Jarrett down to the mat with a reverse chinlock as Zbysko tried to get the fans behind Jarrett. Jeff fought up to one knee, then up onto his feet as he thundered elbow shots into Haas mid section. Again Jarrett ran off the ropes to try and gain momentum and took Haas down with a shoulder block. He ran off the ropes once more and this time knocked Haas back down with a clothesline. As Haas struggled to his feet again Jarrett went to run off the rope once more but this time Theodore Long pulled them down from the outside as Jarrett went straight out over the top and crashed to the floor. Haas followed Jarrett out and began to fire punches into his head as the incensed Zbysko tried to get to Long. Haas rolled Jarrett back into the ring as Zbysko was held back from getting to Long by the referee once again.


Haas locked Jarrett in an STF as things calmed down on the outside once more. Jarrett struggled and tried to shift his body weight to get to the ropes. Haas looked to have it locked in securely as the referee constantly asked Jeff whether he wanted to quit. Jarrett managed to roll to one side and slip a foot onto the bottom rope forcing the hold to be broken. As Jarrett got to his feet and turned around he was caught by Haas in a Northern Lights Suplex which he could only just kick out of at 2. Theodore Long was up on the apron to protest at a slow count but Zbysko had seen enough, he ran around the ring and pulled Long down from the apron knocking him to the ground with a right hand. The referee left the ring once more, to usher Zbysko away and check it Long was ok.


As Zbysko was pushed off he went around the ring and grabbed Jarrett's guitar which he managed to slip into the ring. Jarrett reached for it but as he did so was grabbed from behind by Haas who hit a German Release Suplex taking him across the ring. Haas saw the guitar and reached for it. He stood in wait for Jarrett to get back up but the referee turned around to get back into the ring. Seeing Haas with the guitar and Jarrett on the mat he immediately called for the bell disqualifying Haas. Charlie was furious, pushing the referee back and trying to argue his case but the referee refused to reverse the decision.


Zbysko stepped into the ring and grabbed Haas on the shoulder but Haas immediately spun around and laid Zbysko out as the guitar smashed over his head. The referee tried to calm Haas down but was simply tossed over the top rope. Haas began to lay boot after boot into Jarrett as Theodore Long came into the ring and pleaded with Haas to stop. Haas shoved him off and continued to pummel Jarrett until Long managed to get him to see sense and stop the beating. Long raised Haas hands as if he'd won the match as Jarrett rolled over looking completely out of it with his face busted open at the show's conclusion.

Crowd: 69%

Match: 74%

Overall: 71% The match itself was actually pretty good but I jsut can't be happy with the ending. I'd heard some rumblings from TNA staff that somethnig like this might happen as Jeff almost flatly refused to have a clean ending to the match. They can recover this by booking well from here but this was far from the ideal ending to a show which had some real high points, and some really average stuff too. I can't knock the PPV but in some ways it really did disappoint. I expected more from Sabin and Styles, and naievely perhaps thought that they were going to have the balls to get the belt off Jarrett and give it to Haas.


Overall Show: 58%

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Basically, leading on from the first segment in the diary the idea is that the WWE have approached TNA about working together. Much like WWF and ECW back in the day. The WWE have an idea how an angle will play out, hence some WWE guys being on TNA shows at the moment, and it will sort of run from there (without wanting to give too much away)


I simply merged the companies in the game editor and have it like a roster split, later on in the diary you'll start seeing Smackdown, Raw and the WWE PPV's too once they become relevant.

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Massive NWATNA timeslot news, but XPlosion is no more


Credit: Wrestlinginthemiddler, Jay Feltzer....


It is common knowledge that the NWATNA have been pushing with FSN to get an improved timeslot. Well they've finally been given it but it has come at a price. With TNA desperate for a more mainstream primetime slot, and their recent association with the WWE boosting their mainsteram appeal a deal has been struck with FSN.


As of this Friday Impact will air at 8pm and has been extended to a 90 minute show. This is about the best possible deal that TNA could have hoped for at this stage. However the Fox network weren't keen to increase the amount of TNA they were showing at this stage so with immediate effect XPlosion has been taken off the air.


All in all this sounds like a decent enough deal for TNA as Impact is their flagship show and the one they have to use to get people tuning into the monthly PPV's.

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The Invasion angle gets mentioned on Smackdown


Credit: Wrestlinginthemiddler, Jay Feltzer....


For the first time since it began the WWE gave airtime to the angle they are working with TNA right now, on Smackdown. Early in the show Charlie Haas was shown talking to Theodore Long about what happened at Against All Odds and they even showed a brief video clip from the main event.


Later on in the show General Manager Long also called Paul London into his office and said that he had something for him to do "this Friday night" which would apparently suggest another reference to the angle.


Elsewhere on the show the Dudley Boys team of D-Von and Bubba Ray won the WWE Tag Team Titles overcoming Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam. Whether this was also done to enhance the TNA, WWE storyline further is as yet unclear but it certainly looks a possibility at this point.

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Jarrett could defend the NWA World Title on Impact


Credit: Wrestlinginthemiddler, Jay Feltzer....


The card for this Friday's NWATNA Impact looks to be quite an interesting one. Since the involvement with the WWE TNA has switched to doing Impact live, while XPlosion remained pre taped and aired from Universal Studios. With XPlosion now gone and Impact having a longer and better timeslot it's expected that TNA will be looking to really push the show hard, especially as this week's show is in New York, a very pro WWE audience.


As it stand they are expected to go with Petey Williams Vs Jerrelle Clark, and AJ Styles Vs Elix Skipper for the X Division title. In addition Jeff Hardy and Kid Kash are both expected to be wrestling, however not against each other. The TNA creative team still seem unsure who they will be wrestling. The big news from the show though will be some sort of NWA World Title defence for Jeff Jarrett. Again the opponent appears to be as yet undecided.


Following the rumours running around that TNA actually wanted to put the belt on Charlie Haas at Against All Odds, a move blocked by Jarrett who flat out refused to do the job, it will be interesting to see what happens there.

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NWATNA Impact Review by Jay Feltzer

Friday 18th February 2005, New York

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West

Viewing Figures: 856447

Attendance: 9377


The NWA World Title belt remains TNA

Before the show begins a still frame video package is shown. It shows highlighted pictures from the main event at Against All Odds, playing snippets of Tenay & West's commentary from the match. It shows Haas being disqualified from the match before showing him brutalising Jeff Jarrett at the show's conclusion

Segment: 76% No complaints from this opening, although to be honest if I'd ended a bit Pay Per View main event in that fashion I'm not sure I'd want to be reminding people about it


Petey Williams w/Scott d'Amore d. Jerrelle Clark

Pretty good opener from these two. The crowd weren't much into it but the in ring stuff was really watchable. What you'd expect from these two really. Williams had a good showing at Against All Odds and he looked impressive again here as he hit the Canadian Destroyer to get the win.

Crowd: 39%

Match: 71%

Overall: 55% Nice opening match from two talented X division stars


The Living Legend has something for Jarrett tonight

After the match the camera goes backstage to Larry Zbysko's office. Jeff Jarrett is standing face to face with Zbysko. Larry begins to tell Jeff that while he got the job done at Against All Odds he just didn't trust him enough to carry the belt and the future of this organisation anymore. Zbysko told him that a TNA superstar impressed him a lot more at Against All Odds, and that superstar was the Alpha Male Monty Brown. Zbysko went on to insist that Jarrett could not be 100% after the beating he took at the hands of Charlie Haas and having Jeff carrying the belt right now was too risky. Jarrett was furious at first before laughing Zbysko off, insisting that after he beat Monty Brown for the third time tonight he'd be taking the next 30 days off before he defended it again.

Segment: 70% Well we get to see Jarrett Vs Brown a third time in the space of not very long. The first match between the two they got just right, and the second they should have given Brown the belt. I'm not sure what jobbing a third time will do to his push either really.


An angry Kash wants a fight

Kid Kash makes his way out to the ring, as Tenay & West insist that this is unscheduled and they don't know why he's coming out. Kash steps into the ring with an angry look on his face as he stomps back and forth with a microphone in the ring. He begins to rant about how he was destroying everyone at Against All Odds before he got taken out of the match by a fluke. Even then he managed to destroy everyone left in the match. Kash is insistent that nobody in the back can touch him so tonight he's issuing an open challenge to the crowd. Numerous fans in the audience are jokingly muscling up and gesturing to Kash but he seems serious and picks out someone near the front row. He points to a young guy in the front row and tells him to climb the barrier and get into the ring. After pausing the fan pulls himself up over the barrier and cautiously steps through the ropes into the ring. Kash begins, "what's your name punk?", the kid responds, "err, Chris, it's Chris" as he stands face to face with Kash, his skinny body and boy band face looking worried. Kash goes on, "well tonight's your lucky night buddy because the K-I-D is about to make you famous. Now somebody get me a referee and I'm going to kick this punk's ass"

Segment: 59% Ok, somebody please explain to me what the point of all this is? The crowd didn't seem that interested and it has to be said that this guy facing Kash doesn't look like much of a wrestler to me.


Chris d. Kid Kash

As you would expect Kash dominated this one from the start. He backed Chris up into the corner and began to rain rights and lefts into him before ripping off his Girls Aloud t shirt (who?) and putting in some thundering chops to Chris' chest. Kash just contined to beat this kid around the ring brutally, even hitting a big splash off the top. Kash made a cover but as the referee got to 2 Kash pulled Chris' head up to break the count. Kash tossed Chris to the outside before following him out. Kash sent him crashing into the ringpost before ramming him repeatedly into the ring apron. Kash rolled him back in before jawing with some fans on the outside. Chris looked to be in serious trouble and as Kid Kash climbed to the top rope the referee knelt over Chris checking whether he was still conscious. Kash paused on the top rope, again badmouthing the fans nearby before Sonny Siaki came charging out from the back. Kash didn't see him and neither did the referee as he was still tending to Chris in the ring. Siaki climbed up onto the apron and spun Kash around, dropping his head onto the steel ringpost and knocking him out back into the ring. The referee tried to help Chris up to his feet but he was dead weight and his limp body fell down to the mat, but his arm fell across Kash's chest. The referee paused for a moment, unsure of what to do before making the count as Chris beat Kid Kash. Chris rolled stunned out of the ring where he was greeted by Siaki. Kash managed to get up to one knee, still dazed, but pointing furiously at Siaki who by now had Chris hoisted up onto his shoulders like he was the king of the world/

Crowd: 50%

Match: 67%

Overall: 56% Not too bad considering but nothing that great. It told its story well enough I guess, lets just hope this Chris character isn't getting some sort of a push and it was a one off. I'd much rather see Sonny Siaki getting some tv time than this Nick Carter lookalike anyday.


The Alpha Male thinks it's third time lucky tonight

After the match the camera goes backstage where Shane Douglas is ready to interview the Alpha Male Monty Brown. Douglas asks him how he can possibly hope to beat Jeff Jarrett tonight when he failed on his previous two attempts. Brown answers, "You know what Shane, Jeff Jarrett has hit me with guitars. Jeff Jarrett has hit me with chairs. Jeff Jarrett has had people come to the ring and beat up the Alpha Male. Well tonight whatever odds are thrown at the Alpha Male he will come out on top. That out there Shane, that is my serenghetti. YOU HEAR THAT JARRETT! My serenghetti, and you've been walking around out there for far too long. Tonight I am the hunter and you can be sure of this Jeff Jarrett, you WILL remember the name Monty Brown. So Jeff, bring your chairs, bring your guitar, bring whatever you've got because in the Serenghetti there is only one thing that rules the land, POOOUUUNNNNNNNCEEEE! Period!!!"

Segment: 82% Brown has so much natural charisma it's untrue, the sooner he learns to wrestle as well they might just have the next big thing. In the meantime he can continue sounding and looking good and wrestling badly. Still I don't see him winning the title tonight.


Masked Wonder d. Jeff Hardy

This one turned out to be a really good match with an excellent finish. The crowd seemed fairly into Hardy, but he's certainly nowhere near as over as he was back in his WWE days. This looked like it was meant to be a fairly standard squash match as Hardy squared off against "Masked Wonder". Hardy took control early on with some fast paced offence. Jeff's actual moves are fine, it's his lack of knowing how to link them together that's the problem. Slowly but surely though this unknown jobber managed to get into the match. Jeff did however manage to hit him with the Twist of Fate before going up to the top rope and setting up for the Swanton. Hardy came off the top but Masked Wonder had rolled out of the way. Hardy bounced back up and spun around straight into a spinebuster. Masked Wonder took a step back before hitting an awesome looking variation of a Standing Shooting Star Press as the referee made the count and gave Masked Wonder the win. As the bell rang Wonder put a few boots into Hardy and rolled him out underneath the bottom rope before stepping up to the top rope and peering out over the crowd. As he did he ripped off his mask to show the world that he was in fact Paul London.

Crowd: 65%

Match: 69%

Overall: 75 Pretty decent match although you could see London had been asked to tame his usual offence so as not to give it away that it was him until after the match. They didn't really explain why he was there either, although Tenay & West on commentary did say that Theodore Long must have sent him. Paul London being on a TNA show is never a bad thing though.


America's Most Wanted want the Dudleys

Scott Hudson is waiting backstage with James Storm and Chris Harris to conduct an interview. Hudson asks them what prompted them to come out at Against All Odds and make the save for Monty Brown as the Dudleys attacked him. Storm answers, "Like you even have ta ask Scott Hudson, wooo it's all about TNA baby and if the Dudley Boys think they can just walk in here and start taking out TNA talent they're wrong". Harris continues, "3 years, 5 World Tag Team Title Reigns. To say TNA is our house is understating the fact. Dudley Boys, we saw what you did this week on Smackdown, so why don't you step back here with those new belts of yours and we'll show you what real tag team champions are made of. Bubba, D-Von, we're sorry about your damn luck!". As they leave Hudson calls them back briefly, "hey Chris, James, you two sure seemed to be having fun with Traci at Against All Odds". Harris turns slightly as they leave, "oh yeah, she's a real fun girl Scott".

Segment: 67% Hudson does his job really well, it's a shame really they have two interviewers as excellent as they do as they could both do with more airtime. Storm as always just sounded a bit, well, wrong, while Harris lacked the emotion that is usually missing from his interviews. Still it made the point it was supposed to I guess.


Nash & Hall want in to the 3 Live Kru

The camera then follows Kevin Nash and Scott Hall who are walking down a corridor. They knock on a door and BG James opens it. All 3 Kru members are inside the room and James steps back as Hall and Nash stand before them. Nash calms them down insisting they don't want any trouble, "look, this is why we're here guys. We wanted to, well, Scott you tell them". Hall proceeds, "yeah see me and Big Kev we, well, we like what you guys got. We thought you might let us in your little pop group, look Kev show em the t shirts". Kevin Nash pulls out three t shirts, each one has a charicature picture of the 3 Live Kru all posing doing the Wolfpac finger handsigns. The t shirts also have 5 Live Kru on the front. Nash continues, "yeah see we thought ya know, maybe we could just change the name there, call you guys the 5 Live Kru and you might let us in your little gang". Nash and Hall cough to stop themselves laughing as Ron Killings steps up to the door, "y'all better get outta here before I feed em to ya. And Scottie don't you think I forgots about you boy, I owe you". Nash and Hall back away taunting that they are scared as Killings shuts the dressing room door.

Segment: 77% Nash and Hall are always at their best in stuff like this, ie not in the ring, backstage just making fun of someone. Nice to see Killings stepping up as the mouthpiece and getting in their faces. He's easily the talent in the group at this point in his career.


NWATNA X DIvision Championship: AJ Styles d. Elix Skipper

Having won the 6 man match at Against All Odds Elix Skipper had earnt his shot at the X Division title. While the crowd might not have been that interested the match itself was really good in this one. Styles and Skipper did their best to give it a championship feel starting out slowly exchanging holds. Skipper was the first one to get in any real offence. Styles decided to slide out of the ring and start arguing with a fan at ringside which gave Elix the opportunity to launch himself corkscrewing over the top rope to take him out. Skipper tossed Styles back into the ring and flipped himself over the top rope before following through with a clothesline. He could only get a two count though. Styles mounted some offence of his own blocking an attempt at a powerbomb from the top rope before hitting a dropkick on Skipper as both men stood up on the top turnbuckle. AJ fell back into the ring but Elix crashed sickeningly backwards to the floor. AJ really took control of the match from there havnig a couple of near falls, most notably after hitting the pelee as Skipper ran at him in the ring. AJ went up to the top rope looking to finish things off shortly afterwards and looked set to go for the Spiral Tap. The fans actually began to pop for it, but he turned around shaking his head, and climbing down showing them he wouldn't give them what they wanted. As he turned around though he walked straight into a roundhouse kick from Skipper who picked him straight back up and hit the Overdrive. The referee made the cover, 1.....2......Styles kicked out. Elix got Styles up and this time took him down with a running Lygerbomb but as the referee made the count Christopher Daniels jumped up onto the apron having run out from the back as Elix hit the powerbomb. The referee pulled away to usher him away. Skipper got up, pushed the referee aside and went for another roundhouse kick but Daniels sidestepped it, grabbing Skipper's leg and dropping it over the top rope from the outside sending Skipper bouncing backwards across the ring straight into the path of AJ who grabbed his legs and got him up for the Styles Clash. The referee made the three count and declared Styles the winner. Daniels stepped back into the ring to taunt Skipper with AJ but Chris Sabin charged out from the back in jeans and a shirt to fight them both off. He forced both men back before Skipper got back to his feet charging at Daniels and hitting a clothesline that sent both men over the top rope to the outside. Inside the ring Sabin grabbed AJ and tried to get him up for the Cradle Shock but AJ floated over and down Sabin's back keeping hold of the arm that he had injured at Against All Odds. Styles drove Sabin down to the mat yanking the arm down hard before putting boot after boot into it. TNA Security headed up by Don West made the save as EMT's and officials helped Sabin backstage with his shoulder and arm in bits

Crowd: 51%

Match: 78%

Overall: 67% The crowd weren't too interested in this one but all in all it was a really solid match that helped further storylines between all four men involved. With the addition of Paul London on this show as well the X Division is looking in fine shape right now.


Every bird needs their flock, quote the Raven, Nevermore!

Raven came out to the ring after the previous match, he stomped straight into the ring with a microphone and slumped down in the corner. He began to go on about how he was sick and tired of not getting any respect in TNA, and that even after destroying Diamond Dallas Page at Against All Odds he had to sit back and watch Monty Brown get a title shot before him, he had to watch people walk in from the WWE and get title shots. Well not anymore, Raven said that he had to start taking matters into his own hands. He paused as the lights went off. Some eerie music played and two men made their way to the ring, the light lifted slightly, enough for two hooded figure to become visible, stepping through the ropes as Raven told the world that in time of need, a Raven turns to his Flock. As the lights lifted completely the two men pulled down their hoods and the crowd saw that it was Andy Douglas, and Chase Stevens, the Naturals, but their faces were painted with black and purple gothic looking makeup as Raven named them his new Disciples

Segment: 62% Interesting enough I supposed. The crowd weren't too into it, well they enjoyed Raven it seemed but didn't exactly go crazy when they saw it was the Naturals. And why exactly have the Naturals just become Raven's Disciples? Where was the buildup?


Jeff Jarrett Vs Monty Brown III, is it Monty's time?

Before the main event it was back to Mike Tenay & Don West to hype the World Title showdown. Tenay highlighted the three key points going into the match. They talked about Jarrett's two previous wins saying that he must have the mental edge over Brown at this point. They then talked about how Brown was seemingly the Championship Committee's choice for World Champion right now ahead of Jarrett. Then they talked about the Against All Odds factor, both men took sever beatings at that Pay Per View, most notably Jarrett's at the hands of Charlie Haas. Had either man recovered sufficiently to step into a match of this magnitude?

Segment: 63% It seemed difficult for them to hype this match when we've seen it twice so recently and the second time left us with Brown not looking like a particularly credible challenger.


NWA World Championship: Monty Brown d. Jeff Jarrett

The crowd gave both Jarrett and Brown really loud receptions in this one. Apparently not everyone is so disappointed at seeing Brown Vs Jarrett III. The action was slow paced to begin with as expected as both men exchanged shoulder blocks, Brown getting the upperhand. Monty continued to use his power game as he took Jarrett to the outside and dominated him with forearms and punches before sending him charging into the barrier at ringside. Brown looked to be intensely going about his business as he rolled Jarrett back into the ring. Jarrett caught Brown coming in with shoulders to his mid section before suplexing him from the apron back inside. Jarrett made his first cover of the match but Brown kicked out easily. Jarrett began to sneak in some offence working over the Alpha Male with numerous rest holds, trying to wear him down. Brown fought back briefly hitting the overhead fallaway suplex but after Brown missed an elbowdrop Jarrett went straight for the figure four leglock and locked it on. Brown fought desperately writhing back and forth in pain before eventually managing to turn it over and applying pressure to Jarrett's legs. Jeff reached for the ropes to make the break. As both men got to their feet Brown charged at Jarrett in the corner but he pulled the referee in front of him as Brown crashed into him squashing the referee who went through the ropes to the outside. Brown sent Jarrett across the ring and caught him in a big press slam but as he lifted Jarrett above his head the Champion thumbed him in the eye forcing Brown to drop him down. Jarrett slid out of the ring and grabbed the guitar as Brown staggered blindly backwards holding his eyes. As Jarrett got back into the ring the Alpha Male charged across the ring and off the ropes looking for the Pounce but he ran straight into a Jarrett guitar shot. Jarrett made the cover as the referee was crawling back into the ring, 1.....2.......Brown kicked out at the last possible moment. Jarrett seemed furious putting boots into Brown and pounding on him but the Alpha Male was getting to his feet. Jarret continued to pound on him but Brown shoved him off, sending Jarrett across the ring. As Jarrett came back towards him Brown kicked him in the mid section doubling him over before picking him up and driving him down with the Alphabomb. Monty made the cover, 1......2......Jarrett rolled a shoulder out at the last minute. Brown went over to the corner and waited for Jarrett to get to his feet. Jarrett staggered slowly to his feet looking almost out as he got up. Brown charged across the ring ferociously exploding off the ropes and hitting the Pounce as Jarrett was sent crashing into the corner. Monty Brown dragged him back towards the centre of the ring and made the cover as the referee counted, 1......2........3. Brown was the winner. The crowd went wild as the referee went to raised the Alpha Male's hand. Brown shook him off and climbed to the top rope peering out into the crowd and thumping his chest. The referee handed him the World title belt as he held it in his hands staring down at it, unable to take his eyes off of it. Jarrett had been ushered backstage as Brown's attention was turned back to the ramp. Charlie Haas, the three Dudley Boys and Paul London made their way out from backstage. Brown stepped back into the centre of the ring ushering them onto him. Haas told Brown that he could have a piece of him, if he put that belt on the line. Tenay & West on announce were pleading for Brown not to accept the challenge but hthe heroic Alpha Male told Haas to get into the ring and feel the Pouuuunnnncceeeee, Period!




NWA World Championship: Charlie Haas d. Monty Brown

Haas stepped into the ring and immediately took over on Brown forcing him back with punches and kicks. As London and the Dudleys stood on one side of the ring up on the ramp, America's Most Wanted and all the Team Canada members including Scott d'Amore made their way out onto the ramp at the other side ready to fight them off if need be. Haas threw everything at Brown hitting him with blow after blow until Brown began no selling the punches in the corner. Brown threw his head back, thumping his chest as Haas backed away. Brown charged out of the corner and levelled him with a clothesline. Brown charged at him again but this time Haas caught him with an overhead belly to belly as he charged in. Haas then took a page out of Jeff Jarrett's playbook and locked on the figure four leglock. Brown again began to roll around in pain, desperately trying to find the ropes. Haas leaned back applying as much pressure as he could. Brown's shoulders were down, 1.....2.....he rolled it out. Brown inched closer and closer and finally got to the bottom rope. Haas backed Brown up into the corner again this time sitting him up on the top rope before climbing up to the second rope. Haas went for a superplex but Brown blocked it shoving Haas off and down to the mat. Brown looked tired and running out of gas as he stepped down waiting for Haas to get back to his feet. Brown charged off the ropes before running back at Haas but Charlie sidestepped and wrapped his hands around Brown's waist to avoid the Pounce, taking him over with a bridge German Suplex as the referee counted, 1......2........3. Charlie Haas had won the NWA World Title. Haas grabbed the belt and made his way running up the ramp towards London and the Dudleys as AMW tended to Brown, and Team Canada went backstage in disgust at what they'd just seen at the show's conclusion.

Crowd: 79%

Match: 66%

Overall: 81% The crowd was red hot throughout these two matches. I'll bet my house that they did this to get the belt off Jarrett. Apparently he refused to drop it to Haas at Against All Odds so I'm sure they've had him drop it to Brown tonight, who in turn dropped it to Haas because of it. I'm not sure where this leaves Jarrett, although I don't see as it's done Brown any harm. While the crowd were really into what went on I still think they perhaps lacked the knowledge of the impact that a WWE superstar winning the NWA World Title will have but it's got to be great for the storyline.


Overall Show: 69%

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