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Backlash on Sky Box Office


Will you be buying Backlash?  

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  1. 1. Will you be buying Backlash?

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This is from the WWFBacklash.com site:


Attention U.K. fans!

Backlash will be available LIVE on Sky Box Office on Sunday, April 21 at 1 a.m.! Viewers can purchase Backlash 48 hours before showtime for 14 British pounds. Sky Digital customer see channel 770 or call 08705 800888. Ntl and Telewest customers contact your operator. Standard Sky Box office terms and conditions apply. You must be over 18 to order the event.


It will be interesting to see how this affects the buyrate for the upcoming UK Insurrextion PPV.


And nope, I wont be buying either PPV.

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I'll just get it from a tape trader the day after the event for a few quid. Saves paying £14 for it, and I'll only get to watch it a couple of days late, which i probably would have anyway as it's far from a card that's inspiring me to stay up all night to watch it live
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Backlash is well known to be a crap PPV, and with possibly HHH v Hogan being the main event it really is worth missing. I'll just get it off tape from someone else later that week.


As for the £5 comment, i think hes referring to the price of a Digital smart card....although I could be wrong. If you have ITV Digitial you MAY find the event being shown on an ITV Select channel, like Royal Rumble was. If youve got a smart card (like me) and they show it there, youll be watching it for free. w00t!


So if ITV Digital desire to give me a free PPV without knowing it, I might just watch it after all :P

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Simon..Royal Rumble was on ITV Digital? Dammit, I paid £5 to a friend as we clubbed together to buy it..I would have watched it live if I knew.


Explain further Simon, as well as the Smart card business, as I think we have one of those.

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Yes I too didnt realise that it was on ITV Select that night until afterwards, and since the Rumble is my fav PPV you can imagine how stupid i felt.


Considering the problems ITV Digital are going through at the moment, they may not put it on an ITV Select channel, who knows...If they do, then it will be shown live on one of the ITV Pay per view movie channels (apparently Royal Rumble was on 5).


Again, if they do put it on one of the ITV digital PPV channels then it will probably cost the same as it would on Sky Box Office. However, if you have one of the illegal cards then you should be able to get it for free, thanks to ITV Digitals 3rd world technology :D


Whether or not they will put it on ITV Select, I can't say really. I hope they do!

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