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Improvements at TWO?


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More competitions.


Less of the international forum. A few people I've spoke to have stated that it's like only used about once a month.


More things like this...asking what people want. Gives more interactiveity between the owner and the visitors.


I've got loads more ideas...but im tryin to get into WWF Trivia so i won't bore you all with the rest.

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Guest Pete Richards

For the Wrestling forums to spread out like nY'ar........


American Wrestling (Where we can talk about WWF, WCW, ECW) {With the UK Scene Forum still as a sub forum thingybob}


Independent Wrestling (Where we can talk about WWA, CZW, etc, etc)


Puroresu/Lucha Libre (You all know)


I don't think there is much international stuff anyways, not that anyones gonna be speaking of and the forum may aswell not have been made seeing how many posts it's had.


Easily cut down from 5 to 3 :D

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