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any probs with mgs 2? ask here.

Guest heavenstorm

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I guess I can post this again. ;)


There are four known Easter Island statues in the game:


1. In the computer room, under a desk.


2. In the gun camera room near where the President is held, there’s a vent with a grate. Take out the grate with a grenade launcher (shoot twice), and stand on top of the box and send in a Nikita. At the first intersection, there’s a grate on the left and right. Take out the one on the right and send another Nikita through, and there will be a statue.


3. In the Sediment room, on the thing in the middle.


4. In the upper right closet in the room where you find Emma. Watch out for the Claymore. (This one is only available in Extreme mode, it seems.)

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Guest solidus



5) Strut E Small room behind a load of boxes

6) Strut L left corner .Look up

7) Shell 2 core underwater room where you see Stillman's body:groov :P :groov

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