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Hogans damn feathers


Hogans feathers do you like them?  

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  1. 1. Hogans feathers do you like them?

    • Yes there lovely
    • No they make me cringe
    • Dont care

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Now am i the only one who finds those stupid feathers that Hogan wears to the ring truly horrible i mean as if the black and white ones werent bad enough then he comes out with those red and yellow ones which frankly make him look like some tired old transvestite. i really do cringe when i see him coming to the ring.


(pointless poll i know but im bored so humour me :) )

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You know what would really freshen up his character don't you?


Keep the feathers, have him become the first wrestling drag queen. He could give a hearfelt speech to a packed arena and TV audience, explaining with a tear in his eye how fake he's been all these years, how Vince made him the Hulkster when all he really wanted was to be himself. Lets be honest he does have a tendency to come over a little camp at the best of times, and I think he could really play that character well. He could then turn up on a PPV with his shocking new look, maybe get Patterson and Briscoe out with him, remember those two in dresses? They could even introduce Brutus Beefcake/Zodiak/Booty Man/Disciple etc etc, as his life long love partner.


Ok maybe not, but it'd shock me enough to make the TV show/PPV it happened on hugely ammusing. Ah well, I guess this just proves why Vince hasn't been knocking on my door to get me to take Steph's job then.

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