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Im Sowwy


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ok, im sorry for whining and being a moany person in the chat, i shouldnt make arguements, and should accept jokes as jokes.


sorry to tsu for calling him a fogey


sorry to the mods, specially tony, jess and grapp for being a moody cow and causing arguements


sorry to everyone else i peeved


im soooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwyyyyyyyy :(

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Firstly Nic don't ever apologise for calling Tsu a fogey ;)


I haven't got a problem with you at all and you're not the only person ever to moan (i do it 24/7) I think sometimes its better to bite your tongue and not say anything when someones having a go at you or bans you etc, cause most of the time you can cut the atmosphere with a knife on two and if you bring up those sorta issues up someones bound to start something. So just ignore them people who are annoying you cause they're only looking for a reaction ( god i sound like my mum ) or just dont mention it for a while and wait for it to cool down.


And dont take it so seriously, remember this place is only here for fun :xyx


p.s if anyone else posts please keep it civil we dont need another post bringing up old grudges

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