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Is it just me...


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Guest Dean Douglas
No, I can't either. The login page gives me a little line of text at the bottom saying "applet not found" or words to that effect and my applet gives me a little error window.
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Erkk. Bugger. Why does no one tell me these things. Ok I am looking into it now and as soon as I have ne information will post it here or in the annoucements forum for people.


Untill then, go outside and have fun


and NO we HAVE NOT been HACKED, just before that one starts up.



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Update for you


The man who does the hosting for us is having issues with the people supplying him with his service.


Basically they have moved his box from one location to another and housed it differently (think of a cupboard with shelves and you put a box on each shelf.)


This new housing is self managed so they havent installed Java on it yet, or the working version of Java which allows our glorious chat room to run.


So basically the man whos company gets hosting for us via a different company (and we share the server with him) had a free upgrade from them and its being "sorted"


Dont worry if you didnt follow that, for the most of it nor did I :D


Will let Kameron know when its sorted and he will post in the announcements cause I cant..... git..


Please folks that remember unless you hear from Myself, Inno, Kam or indeed any other mods then please don't pay attention to rumors....



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Dont have a fix time at the mo because me man on the box whos doing all the work (cheers bloke at rusnet.info) has to do his normal job as well.


Hell this might even be a god send. No chat room so people can just chill out a little and we can all get some time out from it.. and that's a good thing..

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Originally posted by Nicole

another cheap pop tsu, well done in a serious topic


From Dictionary.com




Something said or done to evoke laughter or amusement, especially an amusing story with a punch line.

A mischievous trick; a prank.

An amusing or ludicrous incident or situation.



Something not to be taken seriously; a triviality"


Food for thought, eh Nicole?


Just calm down, think aboutthings before you fire in with "waaaaa why me everyone hates me" every single time someone makes a joke in your general direction.


Heaven help you when you enter "the real world" if this is how you react to people taking the mickey slightly online. Wait until you get the death threats, that's when you know people really don't like you.

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Originally posted by Nicole

well its confirmed, im the most hated member of two


If easily offended, ignore the rest of this post.


For christ's sake Nicole we can all you see you, you don't need to keep putting on these pathetic little one line posts so that we respond to it.


If you can't take a little humour then by all means sod off to "Nicole Is Great" land and live as a queen there. What exactly do you want from us all? Would you like an email from every member of the forums telling you how great you are? Would you like the entrance to the chat room to be a big box that says "Welcome to TalkNicoleIsGreatOnline"???


Stop moaning, stop whinging, stop taking every little comment directed remotely near you as a life-defining moment. You don't get half of the crap that I get, so be thankful for it.


IF you can manage to stop feeling sorry for yourself cause you can't get your phone cover on, or cause you need to text someone, then maybe you wouldn't be as easy to crack jokes at.



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Guest Perfection

Tony :worship


I've been wanting to say something like that for a while now but can't get the words together without offending anyone or something like that. Well done ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well ok so the chat rooms are back REAL SOON but PLEASE bear in mind that this is on a new server and it being tested so expect some ups and downs ok.


It wont be perfect for a little while yet but its better than nothing for the while untill I get the other host sorted.


I will startup a forum post just about the room so that you can let me know whats going on with it and such.




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