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Anyone going to the IWF Show Friday..


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News release.


From JUDGE MENTAL on behalf of the IWF


The IWF regretfully have to announce the cancellation of our show on Friday 12th April (this Friday) at Stanley Central Club, Stanley, County Durham. This is due to us being let down by our poster crew, the local newspapers and the venue itself.


We do apologise to any fans who may have been attending and we will try to set up another show in the area ASAP.All tickets will be refunded at the club. If there is any problems please contact us via the IWF website.


The show on Saturday the 20th of April in Hexham Northumberland, "Backs to the Wall" is selling well and promises to be another Barn-Burner of an event.


One match already booked is the long awaited match between Superfly Billy Graham and Captain Carnage against their former partners Nero (the artist formerly known as Little Dick Dudley) and CT Renegade (who is returning after a Shoulder injury)


This match promises to be worth the entrance money alone. If you do not believe us, read what Wrestle-zone UK had to say about the show they saw!



Queen Elizabeth High




20th April 2002

Show Starts at 7pm & finishes around 9.30pm

for more info go to http://www.iwfinternational.com

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