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UFC 51 on Bravo

Joe Reilly

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  • 3 weeks later...

Overall i thought UFC 51 was a solid card.


The main thing i have noticed is the fact that Tim Sylvia has been terrible his last two fights, he seems overconifident which IMO has led to him being sloppy in the octagon. His match on UFC 48 sums him up lately, he crouched over Frank Mir like he could wait see what develops. Even when Mir got the armbar on him it looked like he didn't feel he was in any trouble. Same thing happened when he got knocked down in UFC 51, it always looked like he felt like he wasn't in trouble. Arlovski got the leg lock on Sylvia far too easy in my opinion. But maybe im being a little harsh on Sylvia?


The biggest dissapointment on the card had to be be the performance of Phil Baroni. Hes been terrible his last two fights. His first fight with Tanner was the last time Baroni looked like he was the old New York City Badass. He looks to be overtraining as he cant seem to last in recent fights. He's completely out of steam come the 3 round.


Evan Tanner impressed me, but he mostly always does. Made short work of David Terrel and is a deserved champion. A big question now is if David Terrel can bounce back, he looked crushed at the end of the fight. The rumoured Tanner Vs Trigg fight at UFC 52 should be a cracker. I rate Trigg, i think he can give tanner a good fight.


Im pretty annoyed and happy at the same time over Ortiz's win over Vitor Belfort. I don't like him at all so im pretty bummed that he scraped a win, but im happy because he'll now have to fight a fit again Ken Shamrock or Chuck Liddell who i feel will destroy him once again.


Any one got any thoughts on UFC51? No one seems to be talking about the UFC on these boards.

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Ortiz is a loud mouthed punk, it will be alot closer between him and shamrock now that shamrock is 100% healthy. Kens' domination of Kimo shows he's back on track, its not just anyone who can knock Kimo out. Also, I dont know why Ortiz even wants the Iceman again, i thought he would have learned after he got his ass handed to him at UFC 47.
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***An Edit to my first post in the thread, I actually meant Trigg Vs Hughes will be a cracker. I was confused between that and the Tanner Vs Lindland fight which will also be a good fight***


Tajiri san, i'm totally for loud guys and guys that can talk, i mean most fighters in the UFC are outspoken. What i do have a problem with is people who show a complete lack of respect. Shamrock "manned up" and said Tito was the better man on the night, he didn't mention the fact he was in need of an operation. At the post press interviews at UFC 48, Tito chose to be the asshole and call out shamrock after his win. Also, the lack of respect he showed against Belfort when he left the octagon before even shaking Belforts hand is a poor show IMO.


Im not against loud fighters if they show the proper respect. Give me the likes of Chuck Liddell, Ken Shamrock, Don Frye and the likes who are all loudmouths but have respect for other fighters, over people like Ortiz anyday of the week. Anybody who saw the Shamrock/Frye fight from Pride 19 will atest to what mma fights should be about. It had all the pre-fight build up of a total grudge match with scraps, threats and legitimate bad blood between the fighters. Don Fryes post match comments summed up to me what a true proffesional in mma should be like.


Unlike Ortiz, Ali was the greatest of all time. When he said he was the greatest he backed it up. Ortiz talks a good game but the last time i looked he was the same Ortiz that was destoyed by the top 2 in his devision in Liddell and Couture, and scraped past an inconsistent Belfort in a split verdict. As i said, he talks a good game but has rarely backed it up in recent years.

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Pretty good card - impressed a couple of peeps that I speak to who aren't into UFC. Good call by them and Bravo to let it air free.


Ortiz always seems to me like he really does believe his own hype, and he's trying to be bigger than the sport. UFC seem quite happy to let him, quite frankly, why shouldn't they? You get into a HonkyTonk Man style situation where people will buy UFC shows to see Tito get whupped. And he does usually.


Couture is worth three of Tito Ortiz, both as a fighter and as a man.

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There's no doubt about the fact that Ortiz remains the top draw in the UFC, if not in all mma. As you said Inno, he is one of those people you would happily pay to see get knocked out. Fans either love him or hate him, not many are undecided about him.


To be honest i see alot of the arrogance and cockiness of Ortiz in David Terrell. No doubt the guys got talent but i think he'll rub people up the wrong way in future. As i said before we'll see his character now that he picked up his first loss. Is it just me or did he look really shocked and disheartened after Tanner beat him?

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Hey guys, I just got back from Vegas. What an amazing show. I haven't seen the Bravo airing yet, a friend taped it for me. Was the whole card shown? If so, any prelims make it on? I got a very brief word with Tanner after the show. Very classy guy, deserved the win. I'll put up the interview later today. Arlovski looked **** hot. Dana White also mentioned the fights that have been orally agreed to for UFC 52, the PPV, not the reality finale.


Randy Couture v Chuck Liddell 2 (Signed)

Matt Lindland v Travis Lutter (Got this personally from Lindland)

Ivan Salaverry v Trevor Prangley (Nearly signed)

Lee Murray v Patrick Coté (Nearly signed)

Renato 'Babulu' Sobral v Travis Wiuff (Nearly signed)

Georges St. Pierre v Jason Miller (Got this personally from St.Pierre)

Mike Van Arsdale v John Marsh (Rumoured)


Trigg and Hughes is nearly signed for the finale of the reality show too

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Having only seen UFC 49 previously a few days ago I watched UFC 51 last night. Two shows and I think I'm hooked.


I was surprised at the way Buentello beat Eilers. I'd seen Eilers on UFC 49 and he looked powerful, while Buentello just looked like he wasn't in great shape and was there to get knocked out. How wrong first impressions can be.


Phil Baroni looked really weak. It's the first time I'd seen him fight and if I hadn't heard all the good things about him previously I'd just think he was really really awful, but apparently he was a lot better in previous fights.


I'd sort of blindly picked Tanner to upset Terrell before the fight between the two. Just from looking at everythin Tanner had done and the way he was talking in the buildup he sounded like there was no way he wasn't going to win. See, I don't think Terrell looked that bad, and when he got the choke locked in he was looking really good but then it fell apart and Tanner destroyed him. Tanner just looked stronger and more astute all round really. I was really impressed with him. Terrell after the fight looked absolutely heartbroken and I'll be interested to see how he comes back from that loss as it looked like it really shook the cute little kid up.


Sylvia seemed not to have learnt from his previous mistakes. Before the fight with Arlovski he was talkin about the fight with Mir, how he never felt in trouble, how he was over confident, how he let Mir take it to the ground as he always thought he wasn't in trouble. Then what happens against Arlovski? It just looked like he had the same mindset. In all fairness to Arlovski he looked really good and dismantled a bigger guy with relative ease.


Tito Vs Vitor I found totally enthralling like I did the Vitor Vs Randy fight on UFC 49. I was really rooting for Vitor as Tito just comes across as an ass and Vitor is way cuter. I thought Tito gave Vitor a lot more room and opportunity than Randy Couture did but in the end he managed to grind out the win. I guess that's the sign of a great fighter, being able to win when you're not at your best (I'm assuming that was Tito not as his best as if it was then I don't understand the hype). It was a good win, don't get me wrong but it didn't impress me half as much as Couture's dominant win over Belfort.


The aftermatch stuff was interesting. Tito just generally being an asshole. I hope he fights Liddell somewhere down the road so that Liddell can knock him out and hopefully break his jaw hard enough to shut him up. He showed no class whatsoever and calling Shamrock out whingeing about how he's an old man just seemed pathetic and disrespectful.


Great show though and I'm totally loving this fabulous UFC stuff right now.

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Great to hear about new fans getting into the sport.


Welcome to the best sport in the world.


I must admit, I predicted Eilers, but in hindsight it was a bad prediction because although Eilers is tough, Buentello is a much better Kickboxer.


I went with Tanner all the way. Terrell is a dangerous fighter, but not experienced enough for someone as good as Tanner.


Arlovski really shocked me. I knew his ground game was better than sylvia's but I don't sylvia's reach would be too good for arlovski to do anything on the feet, I was wrong.


Ortiz looked good against Belfort, but he would still get beat by either Couture or Liddell in a rematch, but we may not see tito for a while cos he's looking for $300,000 per fight now, which is rediculous.


The Ultimate Fighter reality show looks good in clips I've seen, but I'm getting the first four episodes on DVd any now, so can't wait to watch them.

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Yeah see from seeing a fight from each of them, and admittedly I've only seen each of the three fight once Liddell and Couture impressed me more than Ortiz did. Couture dominated darling Vitor in a way that Tito struggled to, and Liddell just looked plain devastating against Vernon White.


The only concern I'd have with Liddell Vs Ortiz is that Ortiz is getting far too under his skin far too easily. The way Liddell stormed into the octagon at the end of the show at even the slightest mention of his name made me a little bit worried that come fight time he'd be too keen to hurt Ortiz, rather than calmly plotting his destruction but we'll see, when, and if, the fight ever happens. I know who I'll be cheering for if it does but I have a horrid vision of that ugly smug grin of Ortiz's being there at the end of the fight as a beaten Liddell sits on the mat hunched up and defeated. I so like totally hope that doesn't happen.

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