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Youth of the Nation : My Interview with...Iceman

Dead Crow

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For my weekly column found on all formerly respectable sites before they hired me, I decided to interview a wrestler. I wanted to interview a wrestler with style, class and excellence....


....But I couldn't find one so I asked Iceman for an interview lol. (Only joking, dude. Thanks again for agreeing to do this with a 14 year old!!!)



Iceman, just to give everyone an idea of who you are, you are the UK’s own “Insane Hardcore Icon,” standing at 5’11 and weighing in at 280lbs. You have been a pro for 2 years now, and in that time, you have worked for GBH, EEW and SCW, and won the GBH Tag Team and Heavyweight titles.


First things first, how did you break into the wrestling business?


I got my start when I attended the GBH Camp of Pain based in Stoke On Trent, I trained there and that’s where I had my first pro match at a GBH event it was a Hardcore match against my brother Juvenile I remember we half killed ourselves but we had a great time doing it I lost the match by the way.


Was wrestling tougher than you thought it would be?


I knew it was going to be tough but not as much as it turned out to be, back then GBH used to train you hard I remember waking up the morning after my first time at the gym and not being able to move I was acing all over but if you want to make it in the business you cant let that stop you, after so long you get used to the bumps.


How many injuries have you had in your career and which was the worst?


Considering the kind of stuff I do in the ring I've gotten off lightly with injuries but I have to say the worst injury I've had was when I took a bump off the apron to the floor I landed on my right shoulder, I didn’t feel it at first but after I cooled down it started hurting like hell! But it was what happened after that which shook me up one morning I woke up and I had no feeling in my right arm (it scared the shit out of me). I couldn’t move it for about 20 minutes but being the idiot that I am I didn’t go and get it checked out by a doctor. Then during my next match I was dropped on top of my head and shoulder when a suplex went wrong, I didn’t know where I was at for a few seconds (now that’s scary) When I got up the pain in my shoulder and arm was unreal so the next day I went and seen a doctor he told me that I had torn the muscles in my neck and shoulder, that’s the worst injury so far LOL.


Now you have had spells in GBH and EEW. Tell us more about your experiences in these promotions.


When I first started at GBH I was like "Wow I've made it into professional wrestling” It was like a dream come true. GBH boasted that they were the #1 Hardcore fed in the UK but the truth is known that before we got there (myself and Juvenile) the most Hardcore thing they had done was baking trays oh and a gingerbread man.

Our first match we used chairs, took nasty bumps, bled the people couldn’t believe it then in our second match it was a 3 way with Arnold Strange we took it to another level again the people loved every second of it all they were seeing something different from what they were used to, every match we risked so much to entertain the people, all over the net people were talking about this great new promotion we were really going places then it all turned sour we had a match where I sawed Juveniles head open with a tenant saw the promoter said that we turned the people away from GBH but that was bull shit they stopped coming because the promotion had turned into a joke. A year after I had made my debut we were still in the same building and people were sick of it just so happens that we were made to take the blame for the loss in attendance, my brother left after that but I stayed until the following September then I decided that I had enough GBH wasn’t the same anymore so I left.


EEW on the other hand was a great experience again I wrestled Juvenile on the show and we had a great match it was a Barbed wire staple gun thumbtack match I loved every second of it, the only thing was the attendance wasn’t that great about 60 people I think but the show was great.

EEW never promoted another show after that because of politics but non the less I had a good time, one of the bookers of EEW is now CO owner of BXW Aaron Spencer.



Recently, you were part of the first ever show for Scottish Championship Wrestling, run by first time promoter Kenny Morrison. Did you enjoy working with SCW?


Yeah I had a blast on the SCW show I wrestled a guy called Justice in a Street fight

we tore the house down before the match we was like "what weapons can we use" All we had was some plastic dustbins the were around ring side trust me we used them to the best of our abilities in fact after I had hit Justice over the head with one it shattered and put a deep cut in his forehead.

Also during the rumble I took a silly bump off the apron and gave myself a concussion. SCW has a bright future and I look forward to working for them again.


Well we have mentioned GBH, EEW and SCW, but now we move on to your own promotion, Beyond Xtreme Wrestling. Please tell us more about BXW.


BXW is a promotion set up by Aaron Spencer and myself. We hope to bring wrestling with a difference to the UK. I am not talking about Garbage I mean that we will run BXW kind of like ECW was run with a great mixture of angles and styles of matches also we will cater for all tastes we know that not every one is into Hardcore so we will have Technical wrestling and Lucha Libra but trust me there will be some of the nastiest Hardcore wrestling that the UK has ever seen if the boys at GBH think that what I did with the tenant saw was bad then they ain’t seen nothing yet.

Look out for BXW


You’ve had a short career so far, but what has been your favourite moment of it so far?


My favourite moment so far was when I welcomed everyone to the first ever BXW show I've never had a feeling like that it was unbelievable I was shaking, promoting is something that I've always wanted to do so when I got out there and seen all those people it finally hit me that I had done it this was my promotion.

I don’t think that anything I will do in this business will top that feeling.


Do you have any plans for the future?


Yeah I would like to go to America and Japan and wrestle in all those crazy matches you read about on the Internet. I've been talking to people from IWA Midsouth in the US so hopefully I will go there and wrestle for those guys; I would also like to promote the UKs first ever King of the Deathmatch tournament so watch this space.


Now lets play a little game of Word Association:




A pity




Great show






Kenny Morrison:


Nice lad








A step in the right direction


UK Wrestling Scene:


Picking up




The future LOL


Any last words:


Thanks for this interview and come along and check out BXW. For all info visit



Well thank you for your time, Iceman. If you guys want to see more of Iceman, go to http://www.iceman.2ya.com and if you want more info on BXW, go to http://www.bxw.2ya.com.



I hope to have more interviews coming soon.

:D :D

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