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Raw and Smackdown


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I read in a column somewhere : "


why don't the tag teams on Raw split and go for the singles belts like the IC, European and Hardcore? They have no chance of getting the tag belts for a while now... by the same, why don't the mid card guys on Smackdown form a tag team seeing as there is only the Cruiserweight belt below the World title for them?


Bad booking by the WWF, I would say...

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It never really crossed my mind...Instead what did was "I hope Perfect doesnt wrestle another crap match". He made even the Boss Man look good after it...Whats going on with Perfect at the moment?


Anyway, I think that the WWF has given fans so many pointless tag team matches in the past that the fans just accept them by instinct now, and not realise the pointlessness of some of them.

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