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GPW Last Orders Results 16/01/05


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1. WKD beat Dirk Feelgood & Jiggy Walker pinning Jiggy Walker [can't remember which member of WKD sorry]


2. 6 man tag


Dave Rayne, Declan O'Connor & Simon Valour beat Darren Burridge, Carbon & Dom Travis.

Declan pinned Dom Travis.


3. Sabotage came out to speak to the crowdabout his injury. He called out Greg Lambert, who came out with Damage Control. As they tarted on Sabotage, Ruffneck appeared. Lambert reminded them that they had signed a contract for Damage Control to face Pain Inc. Cue Sabotage announcing an honorary member of Pain Inc - Paul Travell much to Mr Lamberts disgust. Winners PainInc Ruffneck pinned Flood.


4. James Tighe v Camerron Knite [or is it Knight?] Tighe pinned Knite.


5. Heresy came out with Minx to have a little chat, out came TJ Cain, Heresy handed him a gift [last show Heresy stole TJ's International Champion belt]. Inside was a lovely floppy replica kids belt.


6. Fatal 4 way match Danny Hope v Jack Hazard v Joey Hayes v Spud. Winner Joey Hayes pinned Spud.




7. Minx v Roxi. Winner Minx pinned Roxi but with her feet firmly on the ropes.


8. Out came TJ Cain closely followed by Heresy. A fight ensuing with Minx & Roxi eventually leaving. But Minx returned with a bible for Heresy to hit TJ with [alway a Gideon one hey?]. Fight continues till Joey Hayes comes out to rescue TJ, or so everyone thought as Hayes clotheslined TJ - massive hel turn from Mr Hayes, very surprising as he was a big face in GPW.


9. JC Thunder v El Ligero Grudge type match thingie. El Ligero a lot more serious in-ring han normal. Thunder got DQ for using a chair on El Ligero. WInner El Ligero. Thunder hit Ligero again after the matcch. Ligero evetually helped out of the hall by Cameron Knite.


10. Well can mere words descrive the main event? Suffice it to say you needed to be there. DDL v Alex Shane [accompanied by Skye and I presume an FWA girl sorry don't know her name]. To say that DDL is popular in GPW is a gross understatement, he is clearly very, very popular. If Alex won he got the GPW title. If he lost, he lost control of FSW. DDL challenged Shane to make it a No DQ, falls count anywhere matcv. Eventually Shane accepted. So, of course, the match did go everywhere in the place. Cue broken tables, cue kids running round, cue th poor 3CW stall getting battered with DVD's flying everywhere. After fighting their ay round the Legion, both men eventually got back in-ring. During the match various members of FSW were moving around, bags packed ready to go, stiood around the place. It looked close - that was until FWA referee Mike Bishop decided that DDL had tapped out [when he clearly hadn't] Out runs Alex with both belts, closely followed by his entourage Mike Bishop and FSW crew, out of the Legion front door. Utter mayhem with DDL trying to run after him looking shocked, but with the FSW guys strategically placed to prevent him, and by then plenty of the GPW roster [heel and face alike] trying to get to the now departed Shane entourage. A well planned steal of the GPW title. An embarrassed and flumexed [if thats a word] DDL came onto the mic to apologise. A very angry and wound up crowd looked ready to lynch anyone connected with FSW and Alex SHane.

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