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wwf RARE Heels comps from 1990-93 era

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have comps of Nailz, Ludvig Borga, Skinner, Repo Man, The Mountie, Papa Shango, and Berzerker, mr perfect, adam bomb ... As for match listing, I don't have it directly in front of myself but I can tell you the majority of it... UNDER $10 a piece with shipping included ----THey will be on DVD-R format


EMAIl jahimiak33@yahoo.com


Nailz COMP, the entire debut w/ beating of big bossman, versus variuos jobbers, vs. jobber at summer slam showdown, inteviews, vs. virgil @ summerslam 92, A VERY RARE match in his only match in WCW at Starcade 93 vs. Sting, interview + night stick match @ survior series 92 --hi, vs. Sgt. Slaughter, clip from a rare wwf handheld vs. boss man, 1st nailz promo (voice after boss man match).... Runs about 1 hour and 27 minutes--he wasn't in the wwf all that long--


Ludvig BORGA Comp- vs. Jobbers, beating undeafeated Tatanka, a VERY rare match were he BRiefly won the IC title vs. Razor Ramon, highlights from survior series 93, vs. MArty Jannetty in summer slam 93, + his entrance music on title screens, vs. jobbers, interviews run runs 90 mintues


Skinner COMP, clips from 1992 & 93 royal rumble, vs. jim powers, vs. jim neidhardt, vs. Bret HArt for IC title at Tuesday night in Texas, vs. Owen Hart, vs. undertaker, vs. Jobbers + entrance music runs 120 minutes


Repo Man COMP- I actually gave this comp to Barry Darsow (who played Repo and he LOVED IT) I start of the video w/ a couple clips of him as Smash from Demolition, highlighting the feud vs. Virgil, match w/ Ted DiBiase vs Virgil & Tito Santana, clips from 92-93 royal Rumble, highlight from 8 man tag at WM8, vs. Virgil on 2 occasions, a VERY rare amtch w/ him in his short lived new outfit, vs. jobbers, highlights from 1992 summerslam vs. crush + great interview, vs Man Man for world title, Repo + Beverly Bros vs. Jim Duggan+bushwackers, Repo Man segment from 1993 (he steals stuff), The Gimmick Battle Royal from 2001, a look at him playing DiBiase's mystery man in 1991 (one match gimmick!), + a rare WCW match from 1998, vs. Papa Shango, + entrance music!!---------> 2 hours long (one of my favs)


The Mountie-- one last match as Rougeau Bros, his debut in early 1991 vs Reno Riggins, an EXTREMELY RARE DARK MATCH vs. KOKO @ Royal Rumble 91, vs Tito Santana @ WM 7, vs. Santana @ SNME in 91, interviews before jail house match @ SS 91, clip from jailhouse match, clips in jail, shocking Bret Hart w/ water, clip of suv. series 91 match, Clips of IC title vicotry vs. Bret Hart, vs. jobbers, vs. virgil, inteview @ WM 8 + clip from match, feud w/ new shock stick vs Sgt. Slaughter + interview, Greta interview of amtch that new happened vs. Brit. Bulldog, Quebecers w/ their 1st tag title vs. stiener bros. ---2 hours long + both his entrance music as the mountie


Papa Shango Comp--- great highlights of feud w/ bret hart, feud w/ warrior,the Ultiamte Warrior vomiting and the oil going down the warrior face in an interview, Shango at Royal Rumble 93, His interference at WM 8 w/ Hulk Hogan, vs. tito santana in germany, vs. marty jannetty, vs. big boss man, his first match as Kama vs. a young matt hardy, vs. jim duggan in a King of the Ring Qualifying match, vs. Crush, + very RARE USWF footage from Memphis TN ---rare interview + him winning the world title vs. Jerry Lawler, + him losing the title to owen Hart (quality is fair on the USWF footage), vs Jobbers, entrance music, vs. bob backlund, vs. Ultiamte warrior (very rare), last tv appearnce as shango vs. bret hart, + his last wwf raw appearance ---about 2 hours long


Berzerker- winning a 40 man battle royal, 92-93 royal rumble appearances, vs jobbers, vs randy savage, vs barbarian, his last Raw appearance,


I believe I also have a MR. Perfect from is 1990-1992 matches (winning 2 IC titles) + vs bulldog, bossman, interviews, vs ronny garvin, vs. blue blazer, vd. ric flair, vs berzerker, vs. doink, winning a battle royal --2 hours


Adam Bomb-- vs. virgil clip from survivor series, vs. mabel, vs bret hart, vs. tito santana, vs. timothy well (from well done) vs jobbers, battle royal action about 1 hour 45 minutes


I am also working on comps of IRS and and Crush

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