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Showstapes Closing Down. Big Sale, Over 600 Tapes

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Hey all

Its my regret to announce the end of Showstapes. Due to new work commitments Ill no longer be able to run Showstapes as I used to leaving me with the decision to stop trading. To be frank theres not enough hours in the day for me to carry on trading.

I started trading nearly four years and have had lots of fun on the whole, Id personally like to thank every single person who has ordered off me and I hope I provided a decent enough service. Ill still be getting ROH, TNA & Shoots and WWE PPVS in and will sell them to anyone who wants them But I can no Longer run Showstapes on a day to day service like I Used to leaving me with the decision of packing it in.


Im clearing hundreds of tapes off, Over 600, They are my Masters, there is only 1 of each so when there gone there gone, Prices for the tapes are £3.50 each or 3 for a tenner.

Listings for most tapes are on my site, if there listings you want for a certain tape let us know

Lets get started, Happy shopping



OVW Christmas Chaos (case cover)

OVW January 2002

OVW February 2002

OVW May 2002 (Case & Cover)

OVW June 2002 (Case & Cover)

OVW April 2003

OVW May 2003

OVW June 2003

OVW July 2003

OVW August 2003

OVW September 2003

OVW October 2003

OVW November 2003

OVW January 2004

OVW February 2004

OVW March 2004

OVW April 2004



ECWA Super 8 2001 (Case & Cover)

ECWA Super 8 2002

ECWA Into The Fire (Case & Cover)

ECWA Super 8 2003

ECWA Super 8 2004



3PW One Year Anniversary Show

3PW Babes, Belts & Blood

3PW A Funkin Classic

3PW Ravens Rules

3PW Su Su Superfly

3PW That’s Incredible

3PW Return Of The Dream

3PW Got Head

3PW 2nd Year Anniversary Show

3PW A War Renewed

3PW Debut Show



AJPW Super Power Series 2002 Opening Night

AJPW 24/2/02

AJPW 17/7/02

AJPW 30/8/02

AJPW 6.7.03, 13.7.03, 22.7.03

AJPW Grand Champion PPV

AJPW 10.6.03

AJPW Triple Crown 2003

AJPW October Giants 99

AJPW 19/7/03

AJPW 1/3/03

AJPW 6/12/02

AJPW 18.7.04


Japan TV

Best Of Japan TV August- October 2002

Best Of Japan TV August - October 2001

Best Of Japan TV November- December 1997

Best Of Japan TV December 96- February 1997

Best Of Japan TV August- September 1996

Best Of Japan TV February-March 2003

Best Of Japan TV May-July 1999

Best Of Japan TV September- October 1994



Noah 12/9/03

Noah 1/3/03 (Misawa/Kobashi)

Noah 16.8.03

Noah 1.11.03

Noah Di Colosseo 9.5.03

Noah 6.6.03

Noah 16.7.03/Toryumon

Noah 24.8.03


Zero 1

Zero 1 USA PPV 2003

Zero 1 Fire Festival 2003 Compilation

Zero 1 Hustle 1

Zero 1 Truth Creation- Kojima/Otani,

Zero 1 Fire Festival Day 3 2002



PWG Debut Show

PWG Are You Adequately Prepared To Rock

PWG The Musical



New Century Battle (Case & Cover)

NJPW G1 Climax Day 5 2001

NJPW Ultimate Crush 2

NJPW 10.4.99 Tokyo Dome Show

NJPW Strong Energy

NJPW G1 Finals 2002

NJPW The Spiral Part 1

NJPW The Spiral Part 2

NJPW Best Of Super Juniors 1994

NJPW G1 Climax Finals 2001



XPW Go Funk Yourself

XPW Fallout

XPW Freefall

XPW Damage Inc

XPW Liberty Or Death

XPW Hostile Takeover

XPW Baptised In Blood 3



MLW Hybrid Hell

MLW TV Volume 1

MLW TV Volume 2

MLW TV Volume 3

MLW TV Volume 4

MLW The Last Tangle

MLW Reload


Other Japan

BJPW Deathmatch Tournament 2001 (Case & Cover)

MPW Reg Army vs FEC 5 On 5 Series (Case & Cover)

Kaienti Dojo Debut Show

MPW TV March 2003

IWA King Of The Deathmatch 1995/ECW The Night The Line Was Crossed

FMW Crash & Burn Uncensored

George Mayfield Japan Tour May 2001

MPW UK Tour 1996

MPW Lucha TV December 2001

FMW Hardcore Mayhem


Best Of's/Compilations

Low Ki Rare & Unleashed From ECWA (Case & Cover)

ECWA Greatest Matches (Case & Cover)

Best Of Barbed Wire Volume 2

Best Of Homicide

Best Of SAT

Indymania 1

Indymania 2

Indymania 3

Chris Jericho World Tour 1998

Best of WWE TV 2002 Part 1

Best of WWE TV 2002 Part 2

Rarest Matches Of The Decade Part 1

Best Of Rock & Sock Collection Volume 1

Best Of Rock & Sock Collection Volume 2

Best Of Rock & Sock Collection Volume 3

Mankind vs The Rock Feud Series

HHH VS Mick Foley Feud Series Volume 1

Best Of Curryman

Rarities Volume 3

Best Of Backyard Wrestling 1 & 2

Best Of MPW Volume 2

Satoshi Kojima Performer Of The Year 2002


Shoot Interviews


Road Warriors (Case & Cover)

Terry Gordy (Case & Cover)

Wifebeater (Case & Cover)

Indy Shoot Interview Series 1 Red, SAT & Matt Stryker

Roddy Piper Part 1

Roddy Piper Part 2

Abdullah The Butcher

Roaddog Jesse James


Vince Russo

Terry Funk 2003

Vampiro Uncut

AJ Styles

Jim Cornette 2003

Jerry Lynn

Crash Holly (DVD)


Ron Killings

Kevin Von Erich

ROH Fanslam Q & A 2003


D'Lo Brown

One Man Gang

Balls Mahoney 2003

Frontiers Of Honor Fanslam

Rick Steiner

Al Snow

JJ Dillon

On The Road With The SAT

One The Road With Tajiri & Super Crazy

Chris Chetti

Abdullah The Butcher

Vader Part 1

Vader Part 2

Ole Anderson

Paul Orndoff

Sean Waltmen X Pac


Norman Smiley

Sandman 2001

Rocky Johnson/MR Fuji/Legends Q & A

Lanny Poffo

Steve Corino Volume 1

Steve Corino Volume 3 (DVD)


Dennis Carluezzo

Ian Rotten

BackSeat Boyz Part 1

Backseat Boyz Part 2

Ted Dibiase

RF Video

Ring Of Honor Series 1

Eddie Guerrero


Jimmy Hart

Brian Christopher

Bret Hart Part 2

Rob Van Dam

Taz Part 1 x 2

Taz Part 2

Tod Gordan

American Dragon Brian Danielson

Mike Awesome

Juventud Guerrera

Gary Michael Capetta


Jim Duggan

Disco Inferno


Rey Mysterio

Steve Williams

Shawn Michaels

Jimmy Garvin

Bam Bam Bigelow 2004

Teddy Hart

Jim Cornette Q & A 2004

Nick Bockwinkle

Kevin Sullivan

Brutus The Barber Beefcake

Great Muta/Kaz Hayashi

Rob Feinstein

Jeff Hardy (DVD)

Straight Shootin With Kamala



Extreme AAA Volume 1

AAA When Worlds Collide

Proms Azteca Lucha TV January-March 1998



John Cena World Life DVD Conversion

WWE Best Of Confidential 7 Hour Special/Eddy Guerrero Cheating Death Stealing Life Story

Best Of Confidential 3 & 4

WWE European Rampage

WWE Taboo Tuesday & The Raw Before HBK/Edge/Benoit Triple Threat

Rise & Fall Of ECW DVD Conversion Part 1

Rise & Fall Of ECW DVD Conversion Part 1

Chris Benoit Hardknocks DVD Conversion Part 1

Chris Benoit Hardknocks DVD Conversion Part 1

Eddie Guerrero Cheating Death Stealing Life DVD Conversion Part 1

Eddie Guerrero Cheating Death Stealing Life DVD Conversion Part 2

Wrestlemania 10 (DVD)

Armageddon 2004

Xmas Smackdown In Bagdhad 2003

Brock Lesnar Here Comes The Pain DVD Conversion

Before They Were Superstars 2 DVD Conversion

Armageddon 2003 (Case & Cover)

Royal Rumble 2004 (Case & Cover)

Year In Review 2002/ HHH MSG Return



Pride 28

UFC New Years Eve Marathon Best of UFC 1-40

UFC 40

UFC 41

UFC 42

UFC 43

UFC 44

UFC 47

UFC 48

UFC 49

UFC 50



CZW Tournament Of Death 1 (Case & Cover)

CZW Possesion 2004

Czw 5TH Year Anniversary Show

CZW Trifeca Elimination 2004

CZW Best Of The Best 4

CZW Tournament Of Death 2 (Double DVD)

CZW Tournament Of Death 3



Tap Summer Nexus (Case & Cover )

FWA Uprising 2 (Case & Cover )

Revival 2002


FWA Uprising 1 DVD Part 1

FWA Best Of TWC Volume 1



PWF Lockdown In Pottsdown (Case & Cover Signed By Jonny Storm )

PWF Iron Man Challenge

PWF Halloween Mayhem



JAPW The Stiff Dance

JAPW Revolution

JAPW Royal Consequences



Best Bloodiest Brawls (Case & Cover ) DVD Conversion

NWA TNA Show 1

NWA TNA Show 2

NWA TNA Shows 3 & 4

NWA TNA Shows 7 & 8

NWA TNA Shows 9 & 10

NWA TNA Shows 11 & 12

NWA TNA Shows 13 & 14

NWA TNA Shows 15 & 16

NWA TNA Shows 17 & 18

NWA TNA Shows 19 & 20

NWA TNA Shows 21 & 22

NWA TNA Shows 23 & 24

NWA TNA Shows 25 & 26

NWA TNA Shows 27 & 28

NWA TNA Shows 29 & 30

NWA TNA Shows 33 & 34

NWA TNA Shows 35 & 36

NWA TNA Shows 37 & 38

NWA TNA Shows 39 & 40

NWA TNA Genesis

NWA TNA Shows 41 & 42

NWA TNA Shows 43 & 44

NWA TNA Shows 45 & 46

NWA TNA Shows 47 & 48

NWA TNA Shows 49 & 50

NWA TNA Shows 51 & 52

NWA TNA Shows 53 & 54

NWA TNA Shows 55 & 56

NWA TNA Shows 57 & 58

NWA TNA Shows 63 & 64

NWA TNA Shows 65 & 66

NWA TNA Shows 67 & 68

NWA TNA Shows 101 & 102

NWA TNA Shows 103 & 104

NWA TNA Shows 109 & 110

NWA TNA 113 & 114

Best Damn Wrestling Events Ever






The Reckoning



Toryumon 40

Toryumon Cimania

Toryumon Great Fight 2001

Toryumon/T2P Debut Show

T2P Desimerlamiento 2

Toryumon 43 Ultimos Comeback Tour

Toryumon Absolutementa


Other Indys

Russ Haas Memorial Cup 2002 (Case & Cover)

Rev Pro Destiny 2001

IWA Jnr Tournament

King Of Indies Tournament Part 1

King Of Indies Tournament Part 2

UCW Last Dance At Elks Lodge

HWA TV October 2001

UPW Shockwave

UPW Vs The World

Maw Hardcore Cup 2002

Mikey Whipreck Retirment Show

Epic TV Shows 5-8

Chikira Pro Renaissance Dawns

IWC 28/9/02- Daniels/Punk

IWC 27/12/02

IWC 23/3/02

PCW 12/2/02- Guerrero/Nova

NWA Wildside TV 125-128


XWF In Your Face PPV



George Mayfields September To Remember Part 1

George Mayfields September To Remember Part 2

TSN Off The Record- Austin, Bret, Vince, Bischoff

Walking Tall/The Rundown

The Backyard DVD Conversion

Smashing Machine/Horsmen Confidential

Backyard Dogs

The Office Xmas Specials (DVD)

ECW Gulity As Charged 1999


All The Best




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