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Another one arrested.


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Courtesy of WrestlingNewsWorld.com:


Aurelian Smith, Jr., 49, of Pompano Beach, Fla., also know as “Jake The Snake” Roberts, was arrested by the Banks County Sheriff’s Office and charged with possession of cocaine.


The arrest came after a woman, who said she was his girlfriend, was stopped by the Commerce Police Department and allegedly had drugs in her possession. Sheriff Charles Chapman said she told officers that her boyfriend, “Jake the Snake,” was at a Banks Crossing motel and he “probably” had drugs there.


Sheriff Chapman said an undercover agent went to Roberts’ motel room and the former wrestler gave him consent to search the room. The sheriff said a crack pipe with residue in it was found in the room. He added that no drugs were found in the motel room.


Smith was a professional wrestler for the World Wrestling Federation during the 1980s and 1990s. He is known for his elaborate promotions, use of psychology in his matches and for inventing the DDT.

:roll who next.
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Or even worse my mates grandad shouted at Typhoon (Of Natural Disasters) that he had a belly nearly as big as his. That got everyone there laughing' date=' xcept Typhoon[/quote']


At a house show years ago, my mate had a sign, hanging over the guard rail that read 'Ric Flair sleeps with Mr Perfect' Ric was mortified, but Perfect, seemed impressed with the low-budget humour of it.

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