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Wishy Washy???


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I think Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and Terry Funk should never step foot in a ring to wrestle ever again.


I wanna remember them at their best. I don't want to see Flair prancing around making an ass of himself. I don't want Piper to do anything that takes away from his last great run in the early 90's. And I just want Terry Funk to retire and enjoy it, he's earned it.



Oh, and answer to your question: Jeff Hardy, X-Pac, Shane Douglas and Savage.

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There's no wrestlers that I think should never step inside of a ring EVER again, but as far as the WWE is concerned:


Scott Steiner

Hardcore Holly

Daniel Puder

Jeff Hardy


I think Terry Funk should retire sometimes soon, but once again it's up to him, if he enjoys it that much...

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I agree wholeheartedly with the fact that Ric Flair should never again step into the squared circle to wrestle...On the other hand, I think he's a great manager. He's charismatic and damn funny.


Ric Flair + No more matches = :)


Ric Flair + Retire + :(


Strive for Righteousness!

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Jake Roberts, have you seen the clip of the guy, he's a REAL has-been, people say Hogan is useless, back-off the Hulkster, Jake was one of my fave gimmicks and IMO could have went all the way and become one of the all time greats, a respected guy who ppl still enjoy to see from time to time in the ring (kinda like The King, who is the best announcer EVER!), but after watching Beyond The Mat i lost all respect for this guy.
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Jake Roberts' date=' after watching Beyond The Mat i lost all respect for this guy.[/quote']


Having met the guy, working shows with him, he still is a great talent, with the best brain for the business ever. The BTM was, according to him, edited to portray him as worse than he is/was, and he has an outstanding lawsuit against Barry Blaustien. I know he is no angel, but that was not a completely accurate assesment of the man. Hell, New Jack came across as a nice guy who wouldn't hurt a fly.*








*Unless said fly was sh***ing on his bagels obviously.

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Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Done the whole nWo thing tooooo many times now...


I couldnt agree with you more on that Brett. If we get another NWO segment on another wrestling show Hall and Nash will be being wheeled to the ring in wheelchairs. Scott Hall hooked up to an oxygen tank talking about:"Hey yo!"


While Nash lubed up with Ben Gay uses a kane to stand up and say:"We're taking over!" :lol No Mas!!! The NWO/Kings Of Wrestling whatever. Its been done too many times now.

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And the story of the rise and fall of the wrestler formally known as "Chyna" continues:


From ProWrestling.Com:


Joanie "Chyna" Laurer Gets Nude & Causes Major Scene At Strip Club

Date Added: January 19, 2005

Story By: Matt Baker

From the New York Post online:


January 18, 2005 -- MUSCLE-BOUND lady wrestler Chyna Doll is making a meal out of supermodel Marcus "The Swedish Meatball" Schenkenberg. The B-list duo, who met while filming VH1's "The Surreal Life," were seen locking lips at Scores West in the wee hours of Saturday morning. "They were kissing and caressing each other," shudders our spy. Even more unsettling was when hulking Chyna jumped onstage and performed a nude striptease. "She asked to go onstage and the manager said, 'No thank you,' " relates our spy. "But eventually he let her, in the spirit of good fun. She was no, but after she went bottomless, they told her she had to stop." Schenkenberg, who has romanced several of the no temple's lovely dancers, left with his new squeeze shortly after 4 a.m. "It's like 'Beauty and the Beast,' " sniffed one of Schenkenberg's stripper conquests, who was aghast at the hookup. Earlier that night, Chyna got buck-naked and jumped into the fish tank at Coral Room as Schenkenberg filmed her with a video phone. Let's hope the male supermodel doesn't upset his bulging-biceped belle — Chyna was arrested recently for beating up her ex-boyfriend, Sean Waltman.


Definately in need of a real good therapist dont you think? :thumbsup

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