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Calgary Hitman

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http://www.ukworkers.net is now up.


its still in its early stages so more wrestlers will be added soon.


If you are interested in having your info on the site email mb004f5013@blueyonder.co.uk and give your bio and any other info you have.its free advertising and it will hopefully get you more bookings and make life easier for promoters who are booking talent.


thanks :)

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UK Workers.net updated


http://www.ukworkers.net has been updated once more with a number of UK wrestlers.


Are you promoting a show and need to book talent then go there now to see some of the UK's best.


the site is growing everyday as more and more UK wrestlers are added all the time.


Are you a uk wrestler/female wrestler/valet/manager or tag team then why not take this chance at free advertising to hopefully get more bookings email now for details! mb004f5013@blueyonder.co.uk :thumbsup

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What a cracking site, props to you for coming up with and maintaining this. Not really something that I'd have any use for, but I've just spent ages having a look through and finding out a little bit more about a lot of the UK workers that I've heard mentioned.


I'm sure this'll be really handy for both promoters and workers alike.

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NEW referee page to be added!


So if you are a referee on the UK scene why not get intouch and have your details added to the site.


email UK workers on mb004f5013@blueyonder.co.uk


Good idea.


Question, will only wrestlers that e-mail you be put on there? Or if you know the info on someone will you put them up?


Once again, very cool idea.



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