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*** Official Raw Thread - 17th January 2005 ***


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Royal Rumblings

Jan. 17, 2005


With New Year’s Revolution behind them and the 2005 Royal Rumble on the immediate horizon, it looks like all hell is about to break loose for the Superstars of RAW. Can Triple H hold Evolution together, or has the animal Batista had all he can take? Will RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff reveal exactly when and where Randy Orton will get his long-awaited title shot against "The Game?"


In the spirit of competition, Chris Benoit will battle Chris Jericho in a blockbuster match. Both Superstars are ailing from the damage done in the Elimination Chamber, and both are submission specialists. Will it be the Crippler Crossface or the Walls of Jericho ruling RAW this coming Monday night?


On the heels of last week’s brutal beating at the hands of the maniacal Gene Snitsky, Kane will get another shot at payback on RAW. But what is Kane's condition? It's impossible to predict what will happen when these two 300-plus pound monsters go head-to-head again.


Rumble qualifying matchups are sure to continue, as the 30-man field starts to take shape. Which Superstars will find themselves with a golden opportunity to go the distance on Jan. 30 live on pay-per-view, and emerge with a Heavyweight title shot at WrestleMania 21?


After the unholy conflagration between Edge and Shawn Michaels that ripped through the arena last week, it will be interesting, to say the least, to see what Edge has to say for himself this week — as well as how HBK plans to deal with a man who has absolutely no respect for anything he has accomplished in his glorious 16-year WWE career.


Muhammad Hassan is certainly not afraid to express his controversial opinions regarding America and its citizens, and it’s a safe bet we will once again be subjected to his inflammatory rhetoric. The question is: Can anyone shut his mouth for him?

YAY! WWE is back in Canada...lets hope Shawn gets a better "You screwed Bret" chant this week! :P
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Lets hope HBK's responce will be better than his responce last week, though, i doubt he will top what he said last week, as he didnt expect the chant to start, and what he said just came from the top of his head!


Also lets hope Michaels' interferes in the Benoit-Jericho match, and superkicks them both to get the crowd more fired up with those stupid chants :xyx


And what's the bet Edge gets massive pops this time around, unlike the time he was a face at Summerslam.

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I thought this was a decent show but nothing really special.


Was it just me or did Mohammad Hassan come out to a huge pop? Then i released where the show was taking place! The Hassan character is great, and im loving everything this guy does, and he's got that little manager along side him, who you feel like giving a nice slap (like a Paul Heyman)


Also does HHH seems to get big pops in Canada every time he's there, it's either they like him or they are doing there best to screw up the show!


I totally marked when Austin's music hit, shame it's just a crappy press conference! :(


I liked the HBK segment backstage - ''Yes, they still remember'', and when Bischoff just said ''The time you won the Royal Rumble and then went on to defeat Bret Hart at WM'' got huge heat, but i was loving it! Also it's funny how Christian gets booed every other time he's in Canada but not this time, and what a surprise after booing the hell out of Edge at Summerslam, he turns heel and gets a huge pop, great :roll


I think they should have had Batista completly sqaush Big Vis, rather than Viscera get in lots of shots, would have made him look more like a monster/ unstopable, also im surprised the crowd didnt cheer for Viscera!


The Jericho-Benoit match was decent but wasnt the best, and the ending had me a bit dissapointed, hopefully one of them turns heel (preferably Benoit) which will lead to a match at WM!

Chant of the night: ''Lets go Chris''


Ah, the mexican wave is back! :evil, How great was Kane's chokeslam on Trish? Classic! But the chokeslam to Snitsky off the stage wasnt the best, and you could cleary see Snitsky and Kane having a 10 minute conversation with each other! I think Snitsky was asking Kane if he was ok! And what did Snitsky find so funny? lol, he was laughing for at least 5 minutes!


Also the Rumble is shaping up to be GREAT! All of the matches are Main Event level match-ups, and i guess all the superstars (apart from the World champs) will be doing double duety! Cant wait :xyx

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RAW Report:


WWE Monday Night Raw TV report


by Todd Martin


WWE Raw Report


By: Todd Martin

Email: MartinT2007@lawnet.ucla.edu


Date: 01/17/04 from Toronto, ON.


The Big News: None.


Title Changes/Turns: None.


Match Results: La Resistance & Maven b Hurricane Helms, Rosey & Shelton

Benjamin; Shawn Michaels b Christian; Dave Batista b Viscera; Chris Jericho

b Chris Benoit; Gene Snitsky NC Kane.


Show Analysis:


The show began by recounting Batista’s consecutive pinfall losses last week.

Chris Jericho was then on with the Highlight Reel. He noted he qualified for

the Rumble, but didn’t explain how. Muhammad Hassan interrupted, and Jericho

said it is customary for the host to introduce the guest. Hassan responded

it is customary for the host not to ramble on about himself. Jericho asked

why Hassan he was so angry, when he wasn’t in the United States. Hassan said

he has a connection to Canadians, who are also considered second-class

citizens in the United States. He said the difference is Canadians deserve

to be treated like that. He said the discrimination against him is Canada’s

fault, since the terrorists enter the US through Canada. He called Canadians

hypocrites who are just better than Americans at hiding their racist

feelings. Jericho told him to shut up, and Daivari went off. Jericho

translated that he wanted an autographed copy of a Fozzy CD. Hassan said

Jericho is obnoxious like Americans and cowardly like Canadians. Jericho

attacked Hassan, and put him in the Walls. Daivari broke that up and Hassan

used the downward spiral and camel clutch. Chris Benoit made the save. This

segment was entertaining.


Ric Flair and HHH arrived. Batista wasn’t there, but Flair was confident

everything was cool with him. La Resistance and Maven beat Hurricane, Rosey

and Shelton Benjamin. They showed still pictures of Resistance winning the

tag titles in Winnipeg, but didn’t really use it as a chance to put over the

house shows. They also mentioned Eugene’s injury. There were “Maven sucks”

chants, and then it got more vulgar. It’s a shame they didn’t put him in a

position to succeed with his heel turn. Resistance won the match after

hitting Au Revoir on Rosey. Lawler congratulated Resistance on a winning

streak of two matches, which was unintentionally hilarious. Stacy

congratulated Randy Orton backstage, and gave him a kiss. Guess that means

she is turning heel at some point in the next six months. They announced a

press conference with Steve Austin in Hollywood this Wednesday.


Randy Orton came out to a strong mixed reaction. He talked about winning the

world title in Toronto, and bleeding the next night. He said he wants back

his pride, his blood and his title. Good luck on all three, Randy. HHH came

out, and noted Orton is saying the same thing he has been saying ever since

Unforgiven. He used to think Orton had it, but now he doesn’t. HHH called

himself the greatest wrestler alive and said he beat Austin, Rock, Foley,

Kane, Michaels, Jericho, Nash and Goldberg. Orton said that is the same

speech from the past six years, and people are sick of it. HHH says people

keep thinking they can shut his mouth, so he has to keep proving himself. He

said he will prove Orton is a loser at the Rumble. Orton challenged him, but

HHH said Orton isn’t in his league, and that he won’t come to Orton. Orton

came after him, and they brawled all over with Orton getting the best of HHH

at the end. This is nothing new, but this would work so much better with the

roles reversed. Plus, both said things that are way too true to be telling

the audience.


An interviewer asked HHH backstage if he minded giving an interview. He said

no, but then never followed through. He was stomping around until Batista

arrived and he calmed down. Batista said accidents happen, and what happened

last week was cool. Batista said he had to go speak with Bischoff alone,

about the Royal Rumble. Shawn Michaels was interviewed backstage, and

received boos. Michaels said he has begged for forgiveness seven years,

which is news to me. He said he has nothing against Canada, but is moving

on. He wants to be in the Rumble so he can make sure Edge won’t be world

champion. Bischoff said Michaels won the Rumble twice, so he qualifies

automatically. He then made a match with Michaels against Toronto’s

Christian. Michaels said he won’t be Canadian and talk his way out of the

fight, which must be his way of moving on. He’s unintentionally hilarious

with this routine.


Shawn Michaels beat Christian. Christian got a nice reaction, and Michaels

had some cheers mixed it with the overwhelming boos. Edge came out to watch.

Christian used the distraction to send Michaels into the post, and into a

Tomko clothesline. He followed with a back breaker and inverted DDT, but

Michaels came back with a Thesz press and back slide for a near fall.

Michaels used the flying forearm and inverted atomic drop. Edge tried to

interfere when Tomko had the referee distracted, but he missed Michaels.

Michaels body slammed Christian and came off the top with the elbow. Tomko

went to attack Michaels but missed. Without Pat Patterson, it feels like

every match ends the same now, and this was the WWE finish. Michaels went

for his One and Only Finisher. Christian reversed into an attempt for his

One and Only Finisher, but Michaels countered that and hit his One and Only

Finisher for the pin. I’m terribly bored of this sequence. I don’t get why

they still feel the need to “punish” Canadian crowds, but it certainly isn’t

good for business.


Batista, called all man and a yard wide by Jim Ross, beat Viscera. Viscera

used a Samoan drop and elbow drop, and managed to botch a splash into the

corner. Batista came back with the spine buster for the pin. Backstage, HHH

and Flair put him over. Batista said he can have a qualifying match for the

Rumble next week if he wants it. HHH said that would be a selfish thing to

do, and Batista said no one likes a self-serving egomaniac. Chris Jericho

beat Chris Benoit. The crowd didn’t know how to react to the match, and was

pretty much quiet. They did chain wrestling early, and the crowd chanted

“Let’s go Chris.” Jericho went for the Walls, but Benoit reversed into an

arm bar. Jericho hit a double armed superplex. Benoit suplexed Jericho to

the outside, but went over himself. Benoit hit a clothesline, the rolling

Germans and went for the crossface, but Jericho escaped into the Walls.

Benoit got out of that, but Jericho used an inside cradle for the pin. They

shook hands afterwards. This was a disappointment. It was decent but nothing

special, and the lack of any reason for the match hurt.


Trish Stratus came out, and acted as a pseudo-face. She called Americans US

A-holes. She bragged about winning the women’s title and knocking Lita out

of action, and suggested Lita use her time off to have a child, in a rather

crass manner. Kane came out and choke slammed her. Gene Snitsky and Kane

then went to a no contest in a no holds barred match. This was as bad as one

would expect. Snitsky used a ring bell, belt, and chair. Kane ended up

hitting Snitsky with the chair, and then choke slammed him off the stage.

This led to a classic Snitsky moment, where you could audibly hear one of

them ask the other if he was okay, and the other replied, “Yeah.” With that,

they went off the air, and my hopes of the last of Snitsky appear to be a

pipe dream.


Final Thoughts:


This was a mediocre show. It wasn’t awful, but not much happened and the

whole thing was kind of boring

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I just wanted to add something on the whole Shawn/Bret thing. Surely if the crowd were so aggrieved at Michaels it would be better to give him the eerily air of silence over booing. Booing is giving him the reaction he was aiming for, ditto cheering. But to completely blank Michaels would have achieved their desired effect.
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For anyone who cares...

--Some notes from last night in Toronto. In the opening video' date=' the only person booed was Michaels, but there was a mixed reaction to Hogan. Jericho, Austin, Benoit, Andre and Bret Hart got the loudest reactions. The guy who lost to Tajiri was former OVW wrestler Wavell Starr, who usually does jobs when TV comes to Canada. Muhammad Hassan got many cheers and many boos, but there were people vocally cheering him early. La Resistance got a mixed response but the fans hated Maven. Orton was cheered loudly when he came out. They only turned on him because he said something really stupid and when I was watching it, I knew he blew it and couldn't believe they made that mistake. It was when he brought up winning the title in Toronto to get a face pop, but got booed because it was Benoit that he beat. Lots of "You Screwed Bret" chants of course, aimed at Michaels. Kane got booed because he choke slammed Stratus, but the crowd crapped on Kane vs. Snitsky, doing a wave and a "Let's Go Leafs" chant, but they did pop for the final spot, then booed because there was no main event finish. Kane had a huge cut on the right side of his head hardway from going through the table and was bleeding a lot. But the dark match saved it as a live event (thanks to Adam Lebow)[/quote']
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Pretty good show I thought. Nice opening segment with Jericho and Hassan.


I loved the guy in the front row all night with his signs. "Steph fears Heyman", "HHH fears Divorce" then near the very end "Security took my Sign". :lol


The boos for Orton weren't that surprising as he sucks as a face. I thought it was stupid with King complaining about the Canadian fans booing the faces and cheering for some of the heels when he does it himself.


One thing I noticed in the Orton-HHH promo in the arena is that HHH is miles more entertaining backstage than he is when he is out cutting a promo. His segments with Flair and Batista were really good but the thing with Orton was kind of boring.


Benoit v Jericho was pretty good if a little short. The "Lets Go Chris" chant was pretty funny. Disappointed they shook hands. I'm still hoping for a Benoit heel turn.


Oh and fair play to Trish for taking that Chokeslam bump.


Pretty mediocre match to go out on but overall a pretty enjoyable show.

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I thought the backstage segment with Evolution 'nobody likes a selfish' date=' self centred egomaniac' was absolutely awesome. The tension between HHH and Batista just gets better and better each and every week.[/quote']


Yes but when will it come to a boiling point.


I mean we all, at one pint, have complained about WWE rusghing storylines but this is rediculous. I wanna see batista leave and join orton. We all know it will happen!

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I loved the guy in the front row all night with his signs. "Steph fears Heyman", "HHH fears Divorce" then near the very end "Security took my Sign". :lol


Class stuff


Does anyone know the name of the royal rumble song by alter bridge they said the name i forgot.

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also im surprised the crowd didnt cheer for Viscera!



Is that sarcasm? The only people to cheer for that waste of space would be the local cake sellers.


Pleased to see Christian getting the reaction he deserves, they should have had him winning though, that would have been much better.


That report above about Lawler congratulating La Res on 2 wins in a row was unintentionally hilarious, but as not as hilarious as when Y2J and Jericho were coming down and J.R says "I've been waiting for this match for...7 days!"

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Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but I have to ask.


When Kane chokeslammed Snitsky to the floor. Did anyone notice that when the cameras were on the two laying there, you heard something along the lines of: "are you ok?" "Yeah" with a laugh at the end. And Snitsky was half smiling.





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