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Hardcore Highway - EVERYTHING Must Go

Guest Matt M

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Guest Matt M

Today I have decided to sell my ENTIRE collection of pro-wrestling videotapes.

I can no longer find the time to provide a decent service, and coupled with my increasing loss of interest with the wrestling industry I've decided to sell on my collection.

I'm gonna be selling at £5 per tape on a 'lucky dip' basis. You CAN choose what tapes you want but they are on a strict 'first come first served' basis. I will not 'hold back' tapes for anyone.

So if anyone is interested, or knows someone who is interested, just put the word about.

It's close to 500 tapes that I'm wanting to sell. No discounts or anything, it's £5 a tape and thats that.

Alot of the tapes are 1st gen, all of them are very good quality. These include about 40 boxed original WWF videotapes.


I can send a FULL list out via email. My website doesn't include the WWF and WCW tapes which I have.


View some of the tapes at http://www.hhighway.cjb.net

Email me at: mattm@blueyonder.co.uk

if you have anymore questions on this.

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I got my two tapes, great stuff and best of all they were cheap.

I was thinking of buying more, but obviously I won't know which tapes you have sold so far.

So I just wondered, have you been deleting all the tapes you've sold so far from the tape list that I was sent? If so, is there any chance you could send me the new list, Matt?



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