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Erik Watts attempts suicide...?

Dead Crow

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Taken from a guy named Kap at WZforums.com>>


Mike Johnson from pwinsider.com is reporting on his elite hotline, that Bill Watts is claiming his son, Erik Watts has allegedly tried killing himself last week by overdosing on pain pills and has asked everyone to say a prayer for him. Apparently Erik has a major substance abuse problem and tons of personal issues. Johnson said when he talked to TNA sources, they didn't have any knowledge of Watt's condition.


If this is true, it's probably in TNA's best interest to stop using him ASAP and try to get him some sort of help.


Hopefully everything works out for him.

If it's true, thats a damn shame, and I hope, even though I don't rate him whatsoever as a worker, that he can sort out his personal demons.


If it's not... what the hell is Bill playing at?

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Who says he was trying to kill himself? If he has "major substance abuse problems", that means he's probably taking a lot of pills anyway, so it wouldn't be too difficult (especially if he got drunk) to take a few too many. That doesn't mean it's a suicide attempt.



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That plus Jake"The Snake"Roberts got arrested again for cocaine possession.In addition Lita is going to need surgery,Eugene also may need surgery,and RVD is going in for a MRI to check out his banged up knee. When it rains it pours in the Pro wrestling world.


I mean Erik Watts isnt anything special,but I dont like to hear about anyone trying to take their life.

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