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Does anyone else have a Technical issue with TWC


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Whenever i try to put on TWC1 or 2 my Sky crashes and i have to do the restart thing ,havent noticed it on any other channels been like this for about 2-3 months.


Anyone else suffer with this or know of a fix?



**Mods i know this is a little OT but its safe to assume that people who read this forum have Sky and would have tried TWC,so pretty please don't move for a day or two**

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The only problem I've seen with TWC was at my g/f's parent's house, where the picture was blocky, stuttering and the sound was off. It was like that for the two days I was there, and when I was about to leave I checked it again and it was ok! :(


That's a signal problem though, I don't know what your problem is. If it's only on those channels, it might be a problem with the box, so you should complain over and over again to the makers or Sky (assuming it's still in warranty) and if you moan enough they'll probably give you a new one.



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