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Favourite albums - shall we give it another go?


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Hey there,

If you remember a while ago we were going to do another TWO favourites thread by having people PM their ten favourite albums and Cripp was going to do the tallying, like we did with the favourite bands thing a while ago if anyone recalls that. However, Will's computer acted up a bit as I recall and some people's suggestions were lost, blah blah blah, meaning that it didn't get done.


I don't want people to post suggestions here, but I just want to know as the music forum could use some fresh threads, would people be up for doing this again? I don't mind doing the tallying up this time.


Just yes or no is a good enough reply!

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Why does that post read so dirty? The smilie doesn't help either! Popsi, you deserve a slap on the wrist. Wait before the watershed before you make posts like that!





Moi? Dirty? Never Pabby - i'm wholly innocent! *halo glows*



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Damn, I feel quite embarrassed about this. I was going to run it like Steve said then my hard drive got wiped and in the process, I lost all of the nominations. Then I got some people to send theirs then I can't remember why I didn't go through with it. Sorry about that guys.


It's a great idea though so maybe if someone more responsible like Steve did it then we'd actually see a list!

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Yep, I'd be up it again... although it seemed that from what people said that Metallica - Black Album was gonna win...


Lets see if the same patterns occur...


Oh and lads... 2,960... Since May and three times member of the week and nominated in three TWO awards...


If this was scissors, paper, stone you be amputiees and I'd be an octopuss...


Can I get a boo and a drum roll!

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Fair enough - oh and Will, the idea wasn't to give you a guilt trip about it! If your computer goes, it goes, which means you've more to worry about then that. Anyway, the forum wasn't too bad after that, whereas recently there's been a little bit of a lull in the music forum, so it's maybe more suited to doing it now. As you're at the crunch stage of university and I'm not this time it also makes more sense for me to give you a break just like when you agreed to tally up the bands and albums nominations in the first place. :)


The start


OK then - to vote you have to send me a PM. I've got eighteen spots free in my PM inbox as I write this. Absolutely do not post your votes on this forum, only send them to me by PM. I'll close this thread after this so that the votes don't get leaked out on here until it's all done (just to keep it interesting!). Any queries about how to vote, what it means, PM me as well. Here's all you really need to know though:




PM me with ten albums, in numbered order of preference (so I know as some people prefer to list from last to first and others from first to last, this way I won't be confused). Just to remind you that, as with the last time this was going to be done, greatest hits albums and albums of live shows do not count. Please vote for ten conventional albums with material that does not represent a compilation of a band's earlier work.


Each album will be given points, so the first choice album will receive ten points and the tenth choice album will receive one point.


You will have until the end of January 31st to do this (that's a Monday), meaning that I will begin the counting on February 1st.


I will edit this post periodically to inform you of whose votes I have received. This means that if my inbox gets full or for some other reason I don't get someone's votes, they can check to see if their name is on here and if it isn't then please send me your nominations again. I plan to update this post every 3-5 days or so about who has voted so keep checking.


The final voting, once it has been tallied, will be revealed probably some time during the week beginning February the 7th - in cases where points are tied between any albums, they will be listed as equal for that position unless one album received more votes to accumulate the same points as the other(s) - in such cases, the album with the most votes will be placed above the other(s).


Vote here!




Basically, just tell me your ten favourite albums. Take your time with this though - I have a tendency to think of my ten favourite bands/musicians and then pick their best album, but this time I'm going to take longer and consider from a longer shortlist the merits of the actual albums in themselves rather than thinking just about who made them or how important they might be to a particular genre or music scene. Do it however you want - changes of mind will be accepted, but please do take your time to try to get it how you want it to be in the first place. :)


Enough gibberish - get voting! :xyx

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OK - I know I said I'd update my post from before this but I'm bumping this as well so there you go. :)


So far I have had entries from:





Draven Cage




As of January 17. Cheers guys, keep the votes coming.

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I've now had further entries from:


The Crippler



As of January 21.


NOTE: I've also updated the rules in bold above this post to mention that greatest hits albums and albums of live shows should not be included. I worded what is allowed as 'conventional' albums rather than saying 'original' albums as studio albums of cover versions (such as 'The Spaghetti Incident' by Guns 'N' Roses) or live albums where it's actually an album of completely new songs recorded live (very, very rare I know, but Steve Vai's 'Alive In An Ultra World' would be an example) could be allowed. I won't be voting for either of those examples, but the covers album thing is totally fine and for live recordings of new stuff, let's say you can include them if they have strictly at least 80% new material (so on a fifteen song live album, three songs could be earlier versions, while twelve would have to be completely new songs that don't feature on earlier studio albums). Hope that makes things clear. :)

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I've had entries in addition from:





As of January 24. Just to remind you all that you have until the end of January 31 to vote, so that's one week from today. I've also moved the entries that I've had so far, which means there are eighteen spaces free in my PM inbox again so there should be no problem voting. :xyx

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I have had further entries from:







While Nash02 sent in his entry again. When I said I'd moved earlier entries, I meant to an inbox I have at a different forum (I should have made that clearer). I still have all of the entries that everyone has sent of course, just my inbox here would have been full if I hadn't made a few deletions to various stuff in it, so the old cut and paste job came into use to free up space here. I did check anyway to make sure that all of the entries I'd moved were the same as when people sent them to me, they all are so we're good to go. :)


Anyway, you have until the end of Monday to send me entries if you haven't already done it.

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