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The Death of ECW

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In convenient dvd form! £4 for one, £6 for both. Er, in case RF Video is reading this, I'm merely offering you backups for DVDs you already own.


Fancam-Poplar Bluff, MO 1/12/01


1. Michael Shane vs Oz

2. Prodigy vs John Phoenix

3. Joey Matthews & Christian York vs FBI

4. Jack Victory vs C.W. Anderson

5. Tajiri vs Super Crazy

6. Danny Doring & Nova vs Hot Commodity

7. Tommy Dreamer vs Justin Credible

8. Rhino vs Sandman


Extreme Fancam- Pine Bluff, AR 1/13/01-ECW's final show


This is the final ECW show. Witness the emotional post match as all the wrestlers come of the ring and drink beers together.


1. Prodigy Tom Marquez vs Nova

2. Christian York and Joey Matthews vs Hot Commodity

3. Jack Victory vs C.W. Anderson

4. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Super Crazy

5. Rhino vs Spike Dudley

6. Danny Doring and Tommy Dreamer vs FBI

7. Justin Credible vs The Sandman

8. Impromtu rematch- Justin Credible vs Sandman

Post match-all the wrestlers say goodbye in the ring...very emotional .

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