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Guys i'm worried


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Not about wrestling but I could do with your advice.


For a while now I've suspected that the girlfriend is having an fling. You know the usual, I answer the phone and they immediately hang up and she's been getting defensive over everything. And last week I picked up her mobile to check the time and she went mad, saying I shouldn't invade her privacy etc. I wanted to get to the bottom of this so I decided to follow her, a bit sneaky I know but I wanted to find out.


So, yesterday I watched her leave her house to see if she was would get into some bloke's car or go into another house. I hid behind my car as this gave me the best view of the whole street without me being seen. Then, while I was hiding there I noticed, as she walked down the street, a small piece of rust on my rear left wheel arch. So i was wondering, do you think I should take it to a body repair garage or try and fix it myself?

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I knew it was false the moment BRM mentioned a girlfriend. i mean other than Rightina I doubt many ladies have been near my BRM recently!


only kidding lad!



I don't like to talk about my escapdes with women on the internet. Its as stupid as talking about your credit rating on the net in my book.

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