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New PC recommendations: help neede!


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My mate's looking to get himself set up with a computer and decent printer this month and he's asked me to advise him. Not that I know much about computers but in my circle of friends I'm the least rubbish at computing.


He's seen some offers on the Dell website that he likes the look of:


Dell Dimension 2400


Dell Dimension 3000


They look like pretty good deals but I wondered if the computer-bods here might recommend something better?


Cheers in advance. :xyx

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I liked the look of the dell computer's, and wasgoing to buy one,but they wouldn't accept me because of my really poor credit rating.


I think the best computer you can get is one that you've pieced together yourself, and it usually works out cheaper. You also then get all the specs that you need and get rid of all the crap you don't need.


When i can afford it, I'm just going to go to a computer fayre and see what I can pick up. I'm after a really powerfull computer, with alot of memory, so I can finally buy Sims 2.

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Becarefull from dodgey guys outside mind.


I go to the one at Bowlers near Old Trafford it's HUGE and you can get some real bargains, you can also get totally ripped off and if you buy from outside your not likely to be able to take it back if its faulty unlike the guys inside who are very easy to trace.

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