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Hardcore Holly does it again


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This just proves that Bob Holly is a complete and utter tit


Wrestling Observer


WWE house show report 1-9 Orlando

by Sean Hummel


Orlando Jordan b Hardcore Holly. Promo by Jordan "telling the people

you love my smile". Holly says, "I can do to you what I did to Renee

Dupree but I'll take it easy. (I think like five of us got that.) Your

smile's good for sucking and swallowing." Holly stiffs Jordan

throughout. There was a blown clothesline spot so Holly went all Tough

Enoungh on Oge for a few. Finish was Bob going for the Alabama Slam

into an Orlando sunset flip while holding the ropes. Awful.


So management let him off with a small fine and now he is allowed to boast on the mic at house shows that he gave Rene Dupree an unprofessional pasting. How can WWE management be so stupid. This sends the wrong message to younger staff in the locker room.


Whats more by reading this Holly got all unprofessional in this match, this man needs to be fired, he is a danger to professional wrestling.

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I really don't have the words for the man.

Plenty of wrestlers are "snug" or "solid" - call it what you will (basically it means you will feel a few aches the next morning because they work hard but safe) but Bob Holly is an arrogant liability with a chip on his shoulder.

If you are in this business you need to respect your opponent (they are after all a colleague, not your enemy) and they need to be able to trust you with their safety. To go into a ring knowing the man in there with you will not give a damn about your well being must be a horrifying situation to be placed in.

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Hell, we need Hardcore Holly on Raw.A guy with his attitude is needed there.LOL! I love his attitude.When you have guys like HHH cluttering our lives with his BS in comes a guy like Holly to bring fresh air into a room. LOL!


I hope Holly keeps up the good work.Being on a drag of a wrestling show can drive a man mad.I guess Holly is one of those guys. :devil


Btw, A.C.? Thats is truly some of the funniest #### I've ever seen.LMAO!!! Thats pretty good!!! :lol

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Holly is an a$$hole, really, what more can you do before you get fired.


I worked stiff, but never intentionally injured or hurt anyone. I was respected for it and I respected my collegues for doing the same to me, but if we ever took liberties like that, the whole roster would beat the **** out of us and we wouldnever work there again.


And with the UK scene using a lot of the same talent within different companies, you wouldn't get used anywhere.


Put Holly in with Cro Cop, give us all a laugh.

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I seem to remember posting this same comment after the shoot on Rene Dupree. Fire him. He's a danger to the entire locker room. He's a bully who get's his kicks out of inflicting pain on (so called) weaker performers.


The guy has never been main event material and never will be.


How about a handicap match against all of the guys that he's done this to.

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