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Commentary for the Rumble match


Who should commentate for the Rumble match?  

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  1. 1. Who should commentate for the Rumble match?

    • JR and King
    • Cole and Tazz
    • JR and Tazz
    • King and Cole
    • King and Tazz
    • Cole and JR
    • JR, King, Cole and Tazz
    • Other (please state)

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I suppose they could do periods of the match each, sort of like Five Live's football coverage, where they keep switching between comentators. Of course, if WWE embraced interactive TV they could let the audience switch between comentators at their own leisure. My guess is that they'll probably use JR and Tazz again, but it might be interesting to go for a 10 minutes with Smackdown-10 minutes with Raw format.
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Andy Gray and Martin Tyler!!!


UK commentary from the king of football punditary, Andy Gray. At every elimination he would break out his various Sky gadgets and analyse how it happened, the runs of each wrestler, slow motions of the moves etc. You could even have Alan Hansen as a special studio guest. "Look at the defending there!!!" "He wasn't even watching the play!"


...........................(silence) gust of wind blows.....................


Oh all right then JR and Tazz!!



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Tazz & JR.


Tazz has come on so much as an announcer. I still prefer him as The Human Suplex Machine, but realise that is behind him now. I find King OK in small doses, but his humour is to samey now. Puppies, whatever outfits there wearing etc. It reeks of old janitor at the school disco IMO.


JR and Tazz are great because of the knowledge that Tazz brings, plus JR's (usually genuine) emotions.

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