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*** Official Smackdown Thread - 13th January 2005 ***


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JAN. 13, 2005


Two titles will be on the line when SmackDown! visits the sunny climate of Tampa, Florida.


Per SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long’s orders, Kenzo Suzuki will face United States Champion John Cena. Read Cena's take on the match


Last week, Cena and Suzuki traded blows after a bizarre Battle Rap.


Meanwhile, the WWE Tag Team Titles will be on the line in a terrific Fatal Fourway, featuring WWE Champions Rey Mysterio & RVD, Eddie Guerrero & Booker T, Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak and the Basham Brothers.

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Looks like the bookers love you two...


Dark match

Mike & Todd Shane b Shannon Moore & Steve Madison



Scotty 2 Hotty b ?

Bob Holly b Spike Dudley

Akio b Paul London - said to be the best match on the card

Charlie Haas b Rene Dupree



Bashams won four-way to won tag titles over RVD & Mysterio, Booker & Eddie Guerrero and Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns. Van Dam did a post match stretcher job. Danny pinned Rey


Backstage, Show forced Angle to apologize for being a peeping tom last week on Joy Giovanni in the showre


However, Amy Webber refused to apologize to Giovanni, and they argued to set up a match.


Kurt Angle b Roderick Strong in seconds


John Cena b Kenzo Suzuki to keep the U.S. title


Joy Giovanni never came out for her match. A panic went over the building as she was missing. Who writes this crap?


Funaki b Nunzio to keep the cruiserweight title


Carlito and JBL were interrogated about what happened to Joy. They didn't know. Jackie Gayda and Torrie Wilson said the last they saw of Joy, Orlando Jordan was on her tail.


JBL was presented with the Man of the Year award from the Florida Agriculture Group (F.A.G.) in the kind of stuff I used to write in 5th grade. Angle confronts JBL and discovers that Joy Giovanni is unconscious in JBL's limo. She is rushed to the hospital with oxygen. Show is upset and destroys Jordan.


However, the cameras catch Team Angle joking it up about how they set the whole thing up as revenge for last week. Show finds out as the show ends


Dark match

Undertaker b JBL & Jordan in a casket match

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I've been reading that the plan for Rey Mysterio is to move him into the United States Title division. Apparantly he's voiced his opinion on no longer wanting to participate as a cruiserweight and Vinnie Mac has apparantly agreed to give him a bigger singles push.


As for Cena dropping the US title - that's fine. Why would he drop it to Kenzo Suzuki of all people? Surely that would get the belt off Cena but what credibility does that leave Cean with ... let alone the US title? Orlando Jordan should enter into a program with Cena and JBL should cost Cena the match thus picking up the gold for Jordan and creating heat between himself and Cena. In the months leading up to Wrestlemania we could see Cena feuding with JBL's cabinet (who all hold major WWE championships). It's by far the better way to go as opposed to just throwing the US title on a wasted talent like Kenzo Suzuki.

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RVD losing a punishment for not going to Iraq?? It makes sense' date=' since WWE probably won't have RVD in the US Title hunt, and they are trying to move Rey away from the CW moniker[/quote']

Actually RVD's injured at the moment and is going in for surgery. He'll be out for a few months.

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Nice to see the Bashams take the tag team title, but its a shame they dont have any real tag teams to defend them against!


I'm even more convinced now that they are going for an Eddie heel turn, and in the process it looks like if he turns heel, he will drop the ''Lie, Cheat & Steal'' gimmick, because whats that now, Rey has out cheated him 3 times in a row. Should be interesting to see what unfolds but im expecting Heel Eddie vs Face Booker at WM.


I liked the whole Angle/Big Show/JBL, and they are building it up perfectly, the ended of the show had me in stiches, i thought it was brilliantly booked having Angle at the end say ''What was it that JBL said last week, I love it when a plan comes together''


I was liking the Taker-Heidenreich build up aswell, shame there were was no Taker on the show this week.


Wasnt the best of shows, but i loved the title match build up.

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WWE are editing the logo themselves' date=' so on the WWE Shopzone site they can advertise Cena's merchandising as "TOO HOT FOR TV!". It's a marketing ploy, and I have no doubt that it'll work very well.[/quote']


Ooohhhh sneaky! :roll

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