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Why is no one taking advantage of the market in Ireland

Brian Houlihan

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I am from Ireland and I am a huge wrestling fan and I watch as much as I can a week but I have only been to one show. No its not because I am lazy or poor. It's because there is hardly any wrestling. There has been two tribute shows and I would go no where near it, There was the WWA show that had more people in attendance than Raw or Smackdown that same week. Irish Whip are the next to pop up and I will be there on June 15th but thats not enough I mean in 2001 Ireland had how many shows 1. WWA aren't coming back this year so this means all we have is Irish Whip, no offense to the show I just mean that all we have is one show. I have heard a few small promotions travel from England to Ireland but they never promote enough. There is a market here and I think it's about time a promotion took advantage. If someone like FWA were to come over they could sell out an arena no problem. So all I am asking is give Ireland a chance I mean wait till after Irish Whip and see how well that went and once you see that don't hesitate to come over. Also may I add that if anyone here lives in or near Ireland go to the Irish Whip show it's gonna be a blast.

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Guest the.icon

hello the tamer i also live in ireland and i agree its a joke.

i am a wrestling fan for nearly 20 years in all that time the

wwf has only come here once{to my knowledge} back in 1995

the main event was shawn micheals vs irs it was great watching

a live show.when will they come back?as for the'tribute' shows

i have gone to a few{the last one was in the national stadium 2 years ago} but usually they are not worth the price of admission.


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