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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter #81 (Column: NYR Preview) - New Editors!


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter

- Issue #81 - 9th January 2005



Hello and welcome to the TalkWrestlingOnline.com Newsletter Issue #81, but more importantly, Issue #1 of the new editing team of Darkstar and Chris2K!


This week we've been frantically running around, hoping to get everything in time and everything sorted that needed sorting, and with some good deadline-keeping from our workers (well done guys! :D), we've got it ready for you.


The new edition of the newsletter sees some new columns and news updates.

Robert Gringo has the International Scene news, Darkstar has a new column on Extreme Revolution Entertainment, TWO's sister-e-fed, and Chris2K's brought in a new statistical guide to the WWE. As well as that, we have a new reviewer/previewer in Chris Clarke, Maxx is our new man for the US News, and because she had nothing else to do, Goldy still sticks with the UK News :P.


We know everyone has put in a lot of hard work, and we thank them very much for that. We hope that you enjoy reading the fruits of our labour. :)


Darkstar and Chris2K

Newsletter Editors



This week in Wrestling History



3rd January


2000 - Triple H defeated the Big Show for the WWF Heavyweight title.

1952 - Jim Ross born.


4th January


1999 - Hollywood Hogan defeated Kevin Nash for the WCW Heavyweight title after the FINGERPOKE OF DOOM~!


5th January


1996 - D'Lo Brown defeated Bobby Blaze in a tournament final for the HWA Heavyweight Title


6th January


2003 - Lance Storm & William defeated Booker T. & Goldust for the WWE Raw Tag Team title


7th January


2001 - Rhyno defeated The Sandman to become the last ECW Heavyweight Champion at the final ECW PPV "Guilty as Charged".


8th January


1998 - WCW Thunder debuts on TBS


9th January


2002 - RC (Charlie) Haas defeated EZ Money for the HWA Heavyweight Title




New @ Wrestling 101



- T3C: WWE New Years Revolution 2005 Preview


- UK Scene #154


- United State of Wrestling #3


- The Rise and Fall of ECW DVD Review


- Adam Copeland on Edge Book Review



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WWE New Year's Revolution Chat - January 9th 2005 (TONIGHT!)



As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our PPV Chat night. This month is the first of two chats, and we start with the new PPV New Year's Revolution. With the big Elimination Chamber match as well as many other contests to be decided, don't forget to join us for a good ol' chat about the PPV with all the TWO regulars? The more, the merrier!


Chat - 9pm to 1am


More Information



US News - by The Maxx



Well everyone lets start the New Year off with a bang, and the US Roundup!


-Special thanks goes to our own Fletch for being so kind as to help me with this week’s edition.






Vince McMahon has made a Sports Illustrated list of 'Who's Hot' for taking Smackdown to Iraq over the holidays.


- Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat and Paul Orndorff were all guests last night on the WWE.com webcast Byte This. The Orndorff portion of the show was hilarious, especially his comments on Brock "Lessinger"... who he described as "ugly as hell" -- well worth checking out.


- Kurt Angle and Stacy Keibler arrived in Japan last night to promote the upcoming WWE tour. They will be doing TV and radio spots as well as magazine and newspaper interviews.


- Bubba Ray Dudley did a rare interview last night on the Between The Ropes radio show out of Orlando, FL. He talked about his love for the wrestling business and the importance of tag team wrestling to him. He said that there are no great tag teams out there today aside from America's Most Wanted in TNA which he has heard good reviews about. He talked in-depth about ECW and the reunion show rumors saying that in order for it to work they need to give total control to Paul Heyman. You can listen to the interview at http://www.betweentheropes.com


- The Smackdown-brand Armageddon PPV last month did 225,000 buys. That figure is slightly better than most insiders were predicting so it's considered good news.


- The WWE have told developmental wrestler Chris Masters to shut down his official website. Masters has been on the road with the Raw crew for the

last several weeks and will be making his debut in the near future.


"The World Strongest Man" Mark Henry made his long awaited return to the ring as him and current OVW champion Elijah Burke defeated "The Blue Print" Matt Morgan & Dark Secret in a non televised tag team match.

Mark looked to be in great shape and his shoulder looked to be fine.


NWA Wildside owner and TNA rep Bill Behrens met with WWE officials yesterday in Stamford, CT to further discuss plans to use his Atlanta-based fed as a developmental territory. The WWE are very high on Wildside because they produce weekly TV and promote around 100 shows a year, quite simply, like OVW they are not the typical independent promotion. I would assume that if Behrens signs an agreement with the WWE then he would no longer be affiliated with TNA and possibly the NWA too. As far as WWE developmental goes there will be some major changes over the next few months if everything falls into place.


The WWE No Way Out PPV logo has been released and it features barbwire in it. This could be more information that the rumored Big Show vs JBL Barbwire cage match may infact go down at the event.


- Among Brock Lesnar's wants from WWE: (1) An Undertaker like work schedule (8-10 shows per month), (2) a big guaranteed contract, and (3) a big push.


- There is talk of Al Snow becoming head trainer for OVW.


- In other WWE developmental news, Lance Storm requested opening a developmental territory in Calgary, but was turned down.


- OVW trainee Alexis Laree recently underwent a breast enlargement.


- Brian Gewirtz has gained more creative power. In addition to being Raw's head writer, Gewirtz is apart of the Smackdown conference calls. David Lagana remains head writer for Smackdown, but must submit his ideas to Gewirtz and Tom Chehak - which often times makes changes.


From WWE's international website:




Don’t miss your chance to see the WWE Superstars LIVE in Tokyo! For the first time ever, both WWE television programs will emanate from Saitama Super Arena. Be there for the non-stop action at a special Friday night taping of RAW on February 4 and the Saturday night taping of WWE SmackDown! on February 5. These historic events are your chance to see your favorite RAW and SmackDown! Superstars battle it out on the Road to WrestleMania 21!


According to sources, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer newsletter reported that WWE had signed former LLF women's champion of Mexico Christi Ricci to a developmental deal.


I had heard last week that before the end of the last tour, Mexican promoters had received word (probably from the Mexican media) that Ricci was going to WWE, and asked her to drop the women's title, which she had since December 13, 2002.


I just got off the phone with Christi, and she tells me that she has not signed with WWE. She has had contact with them previously, but nothing at this point is in the works.


'Jornada del muerte' has been anounced as the latest WWE production.


Plot Outline: A modern-day Western where gangs, drug trafficking and broken codes of honor rule.

It's no secret that Vince is a big fan of the western genre and will have a big hand in the making of the film as executive producer.


Directed by John Milius.

It will star Triple H.


There is some talk going on right now that the Kurt Angle Invitational that we have seen on Smackdown each week where Kurt challenges any so called "Rookie" to face him and if they win would then get his Olympic Gold Medal could be used to debute Chris Masters. Masters has been down in OVW for a while now and just started touring with the Raw brand for shows a few weeks back however the WWE feals with his amature background he may be more suited for Smackdown and this angle could lead to him beating Kurt in his debute to help build him up.


Head writer of Raw, Brian Gewirtz has personally told the McMahons that he was opposed to bringing back Paul Heyman, because he felt that Heyman would create a competition between the brands and destroy the harmony that the writing teams/brands had built with one another.


Right now it seems that the Rock may not actually wrestle at Wrestlemania 21 and instead might just cut a promo or be invloved in an angle on the show. Rock feals that he might not have enough time to train with his busy schedule and that he would indeed have some ring rust.



If you saw Smackdown this week you heard Carlito say that his goal in 2005 is to get Smackdown GM Teddy Long fired. Well in some news that might actually upset a few of you I know it does me the WWE is actually considering replacing him as GM. Ratings have gone up as has the quality of this show since he has taken the role so this comes as a shock to alot of people. The WWE feals that the crowd is bored of him but in all relaity I think there much more bored with Raw GM Eric Bischoff. No word yet on who might replace Long but the names we have heard include Al Snow, Shane McMahon, and Christopher Nowinski.


John Heidenreich vs The Undertaker in a Casket Match and JBL vs Kurt Angle and Big Show in Triple Threat have both been added the WWE Royal Rumbe PPV.


Jesus is scheduled to have a CAT scan and MRI done on his neck this Monday. He's had two opinions from doctors regarding rehabbing his neck and not having surgery but WWE wants to be as sure as possible that he'll be OK.


There is an Easter Egg on the bonus DVD that comes with WWE's Themeaddict CD. If you highlight the Smackdown Video listing and click right three times, a John Cena promo pushing his rap CD that will be released next month will play.


Candace and Todd Grisham have had their bios added to WWE.Com. However, they are yet to add Khosrow Daivari, Mohamed Hassan, Viscera, or Simon Dean to their roster page.


Former WWE Diva Search contestant Carmela DeCesare's bar fight and subsequent assault charges were covered in The Washington Times' Most Dubious Sports Moments of the Year article






Nashville, TN (January 4, 2005) – TNA Entertainment, LLC. announced today that FSN has added an additional replay for “iMPACT!” on Friday nights at 2:00 a.m. (local) beginning on January 7, 2005.


Viewers will now have three opportunities per week to see “iMPACT!” on FSN – the original broadcast on Fridays at 4:00 p.m.; Friday night at 2:00 a.m.; and Saturdays at midnight.


Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic will also add the debut broadcast of “iMPACT!” to Friday 4PM. The show had previously been airing in a late night timeslot on Saturday, which will continue to air.


“The addition to upgrading our premiere timeslot to Fridays at 4PM and the Saturday night at Midnight airing ,a second national replay combined with Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic adding the original broadcast to their lineup is a sign of great things to come for TNA in 2005.” said Dixie Carter, President TNA Entertainment.


Since the debut of “iMPACT!” Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia and Mid-Atlantic have both aired the show in Saturday late night timeslots, such as the new replay schedule. Both networks have had strong consistent ratings success at these times, with the highest rating being a .71.


The replay will have national clearance on FSN regional networks. Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia will continue to broadcast iMPACT! on Saturday nights in its normal timeslot.


TNA debuted “iMPACT!” on June 4, 2004 in the 3:00 p.m. timeslot on Fridays and exceeded all FSN ratings expectations. In November 2004, FSN and TNA teamed up for two primetime specials on “Best Damn Sports Show Period’s ‘Best Damn Wrestling Event Period.’”


At last night's Impact tapings, TNA organized a bunch of tickets to their Jan. 16th Final Resolution PPV to give out at an upcoming WWE Smackdown taping. They will be giving out free tickets to Turning Point at the Smackdown tapings on January 9th, at the TD Waterhouse Arena in Orlando, Florida.



Toybiz has announced the lineup for series two of its TNA action figure line and it will include Christopher Daniels, Jeff Hardy, Chris Harris, and Ron Killings while series one of there tag team set will include Triple X, AMW, and the 3 Live Kru (Konnan and BG James) both sets are scheduled for a late summer release and series one is still on track to be released in March.


Here is the current card for TNA's big Final Resolution PPV as of this weeks Impact tapings:


Jeff Jarrett defends his NWA Title against the winner of a 3 way elimination match that will take place earlier on in the same show featuring Monty Brown, Kevin Nash, and DDP.


The Ultimate X Match returns as Petey Williams defends his X Division Title against Chris Sabin and AJ Styles.


AMW go for the NWA Tag Team Titles as they battle Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Eric Young).


Johnny B Badd and Sonni Siaki take on the Naturals.


Other matches are sure to be added and while not yet official it looks as if a 6 man tag featuring Kid Kash, Dallas, and Chris Candido vs Dustin Rhodes, Jeff Hardy, and Sonjay Dutt as well as Traci Brooks vs Trinity may be added to the final card.



TNA has added a few new items to shoptna.com. Items include the Final Resolution PPV poster, the new Kid Kash shirt and more.


Chris Sabin will be on a future episode of "Elimidate."


- TNA Impact on 12/10 scored a .30 rating, and did a .20 rating on 12/17.


- It is believed the Turning Point PPV did between 25,000 and 30,000 buys.


- Some wrestlers in TNA have wondered why it is alright that Jeff Hardy often shows up late to work and still receives a big push.






Brock Lesnar is set to marry former WWF Women’s champion Rena Mero (Sable) this spring on the island of Palau. Antonio Inoki, who has been courting Lesnar for New Japan, is expected to attend the wedding.


Ring Of Honor's Pure Champion John Walters not only wrestled Hardcore Holly at this weeks Velocity tapings but was also featured as one of the Undertakers druids much like he also was at Wrestlemania 20. Rumors continue to go around that the WWE is interested in Walters and with Steamboat now in the WWE as an agent we could see them sign him very soon.


Former WWE Women's champion Gail Kim posted on her web site LaFelina.com that she will be working in Seoul, Korea on January 19 - 24. She will be facing Malia Hosaka on the shows.


- Lance Storm has updated the Q&A section of his website at http://www.stormwrestling.com answering mostly ECW-related questions.


- Zach Gowen is looking for indie bookings. For those wondering Gowen has put wrestling on the back burner for now and is attending college in the Detroit area...


- Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat are the scheduled guests for tonight's Byte This webcast over at WWE.com.


OH booker Gabe Sapolsky decided to switch champions on 12/26 because it was the perfect time for a change. Despite rumors, Samoa Joe is not WWE bound.


- Ken Shamrock is opening a new gym in San Clemente, CA. The 8,000 square foot gym will teach pro wrestling, boxing, kickboxing and MMA.


- Terry Funk is talking about his 1/29 Tampa, FL match as being his final match ever.


- AAA runs a show at Korakuen Hall on 1/28 featuring La Parka and Juvetund Guerrera.


- The Embassy Hotel invoiced IWA Puerto Rico for two toilets Rikishi broke while staying there last tour. After the first one broke, they thought it was an accident and replaced it. After he checked out, they found a second one broken and then charged the promotion.


- Independent valet Simply Luscious (Ronnie Stevens) is doing a heel ref gimmick for Japan's Zero One Max.


- Former TNA grappler Ryan Wilson is headed to Zero One Max in Japan.


- Harry Smith, the son of the late British Bulldog, debuts for New Japan on 1/23.


- The next Pro Wrestling NOAH tour from 1/11 to 1/23 features Rick Steiner, Doug Williams, Too Cold Scorpio, Mike Modest, and Donavan Morgan.


- The 2/5 Baba Memorial show at Budokan Hall will feature the likes of Abdullah the Butcher, Mike Barton (Bart Gunn), Jamal, Rodney Mack, and Chuck Palumbo.


The Rock arrived back in the U.S. during the holidays after wrapping up The movie "Doom" (scheduled for an August release) which he has been shooting in Europe. Rock has a light schedule from now until he starts work on "Spy Hunter" in June which means theoretically he could appear on WWE TV at any time. There are already plans for him to work an angle leading into Wrestlemania 21. He will start promoting "Be Cool" very soon, a movie he shot last year with John Travolta and Uma Thurman. He plays the gay bodyguard of an up-and-coming music star's manager who has ties to the mob. "Be Cool" opens nationwide on March 4.


-Credit news to Gerweck.net and TNAWrestling.com, and to Fletcher the great!





UK News - by Goldy



Hello everyone! It's good to be back with all the UK wrestling news and show results from the past few weeks, including those over the festive period and also plenty of up coming show news and events.


I hope to make the UK section of the TWO Newsletter even bigger and better than ever before. If you are a promoter or a fan and you have any show results/news/training events and press releases from ANY UK or Ireland wrestling show please feel free to email me at goldy@wrestling101.com or via PM through the TWO forums, thanks. This will also help keep our news board fully up to the minute.


The UK scene section of this Newsletter will be slightly different than usual as I'm going to have results, training, up coming shows and wrestler news under their own headings which will hopefully enable you to find exactly what you're looking for as well as enjoying the usual news etc.


Before I start I would just like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very happy and prosperous New Year. I hope you enjoy the new layout, now let's begin..




3CW - Billingham - 10/12/04

Team Tiger def Team malice

GBH def Jonny Love

Hatred & Adam Shame def 'Flawless' Jay Carter

Ice XV11 & Stevie Aaron def Blake Norton & Jayson Mayson

Team Dormanston def The Vegas Connection

Conscience def Lance Thunder

Dave Styles def Chris Cannon.



MPW - Coventry - 11/12/04

Jet Black def Sean Hunter

Majik def Keith Myatt

Nero def Imperial Dragon

Psycho Steve & Mad Mike def Total Annihilation ended in a no contest.

Conscience def Edgar Stryfe

Jekkel def Samurai

Stiro & Blaze def Fanboy & Jetta

Chris Charisma def Leon Lionheart

Mad Mike won a Festive Battle Royal.



NPWA - Xtreme Xmas - 17/12/04

Necross def Lumberjack

Phobia def Barrati

D-Dogg and Jason Glory def The Brethren

Sean Phoenix def The Fireball

Doctor Dream def The Slayer

Ryan Maiden def Joey Ace

Brickwall def James Fury.



Premier Promotions - Worthing - 30/12/04

Robbie Brookside def Johnny Kidd 2-1

Thunder def Doug Williams 2-1

Robbie Brookside def Thunder by THO

Aviv Maayan & Max Voltage def Jorge Castano & Mark Sloan.



RAMWA - London - 13/12/04

British Dragon def Mace

Battalion def Tom Demoury & Matt Diamian

Alex Shane def 'Superstar' Tony Sefton

Martin Stone def Kristian Linnal

The Kartel def Question & Answer.



UCW Christmas Carnage - Ulster Hall - 27/12/04

JDP & Vice def Frankie Fever & Tron

Joey Blayze def El Torro Sanchez, RODD, Takahiro Fujinami and William Spielberg

'Primetime' Jonny Cage def Mick Stupp

WZW's Iceman def WZW's Spitfire

Dunkan Disorderly def Bobby Lee Harm

Stevy Shaker 'Babymaker' def. The Machine.




As you can see by reading this, the promised large update by Revolution British Wrestling has taken place.


The website has now been re-designed, providing you with a new fresh layout that incorporates the new sections such as the Venue Guides with the rest of the website.


A large amount of pages have received an update, including:


- New-look news board.

- Several brand new Net.TV episodes.

- Updated history page.

- Updated wrestler profiles.

- Brand new profiles of past RBW wrestlers.

- Updated media coverage section.

- Details of new Exeter and Hampshire training centres.

- New past event reports and never-seen-before photos.

- Details of the January RBW event plus the Finchley, London dates for 2005.

- The huge RBW Net.TV announcement!

- Plus much, much more.


Don't forget we at Wrestling 101 also have our own UK News board which is and will be kept regularly updated. Our Addy is http://www.wrestling101.com for anyone who's been living under a rock!!


To mark the start of the year, wZw have developed an all new faster, slicker website, more video downloads, more news and more images. To visit go to http://www.wzwuk.com






FWA are launching a three day camp so that people can have a taste of what it takes to be a British Wrestler. The FWA are always looking for more additions to their roster and this could be your first foot in the door.


The trainers for the 3 days will be FWA's Mark Sloan, James Tighe, Raj Ghosh and other FWA Academy Trainees. All are fully insured with the CPA and hold instructor liability to the value of £5,000,000 (Five Million) and Mark Sloan, Raj Ghosh and James Tighe have over 17 years experience between them in Professional Wrestling. The centre is also insured for £5,000,000 (Five Million).


Inclusive of the cost you will receive a souvenir camp 2004 t-shirt, Please state you shirt size when applying The cost of the three days is £65.00, this does not cover food or accommodation, however all trainees are more than welcome to sleep at the training centre if they require. There is a large selection of bed and breakfast lodges in the surrounding area. Please send a cheque for £65 payable to FWA ASAP to book your place. You will be sent a map and any further details around 1st of the month. Please send either a cheque or money order made payable to FWA, to FWA, Unit 5b, Alliance House, St Mary's Rd, Fratton, Portsmouth, PO1 5PH. For more information please visit http://www.frontierwrestling.com




A brand new training centre in Exeter, Devon, will be opened on Saturday 8th January 2005 by Revolution British Wrestling.


The main trainer for the new Exeter centre is set to be the former British Welterweight Champion and number 1 ranked Sammy Ray, who had a very successful 2004, despite loosing the British Welterweight Champion to the wrestler who he had won it from, "The Gift" Ross Jordan. That said, Sammy Ray stepped into the ring with the likes of Johnny Kidd, "Wildcat" Robbie Brookside, "Misfit" Jorge Castano, Tex Benedict, the Southern Alliance and many more, gaining the best win/loss record in RBW in the process.



Venue: The Riverside Leisure Centre, Cowick Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 1AF

Trainers: Sammy Ray (and frequent special guests).

Days & Times:

Saturday 12pm - 1.30pm - Regular Session (All Welcome).

Saturday 1.30pm till 3pm - Advanced Session (if it's your first time training in RBW, please attend the Regular session).

Price - £5.00 for All Ages

Telephone: Both 07950 576063 or 07940 476612 for all inquiries.


For more information on this centre, as well as Revolution British Wrestling, please visit http://www.revolutionbritishwrestling.co.uk/



Just to let everyone know there is another training day in Southampton at Woolston Community Centre in Southampton on Saturday the 15th January beginning at 9.00am until 7.00pm. The cost is £30 and the trainer is Phil Powers. The price includes in-ring training (16ft ring).Places are limited so please book early. For more information and to book contact: 07709377521 or 07863267459 text or phone.






By now the majority of you will have seen what happened in Asia this past Boxing Day. The pictures from the region, showing the devastating after effect of the Earthquake and Tsunami will remain with us for the rest of our lives.


Already millions of pounds has been raised by various means in Britain, and we in the wrestling industry would like to do our bit to help the survivors of this tragic event.


The World Association of Wrestling has launched a Tsunami Appeal Fund via it's Auction Forum at http://www.wawrestling.co.uk. We are asking you, the wrestling community, to donate any items for auction, and to donate any money raised to the Tsunami Appeal fund. We already have several items donated, with several more items already promised to us.


Donating your items to the auction is easy - log onto http://www.wawrestling.co.uk, and register for our fan forum. Once you have registered, go to the WAW Auction Forum, and place your items for bidding on the forum. You can put up any wrestling-related item you like, be it a book, video, T-shirt, DVD, whatever.


Also there will be a charity event held on Thursday, January the 20th at The Winter Gardens in Cleethorpes which will have NO entry fee, just a £3 donation to the Tsunami relief fund. Everybody involved including the wrestlers themselves will be working for free, this is a great opportunity to do your bit for the Tsunami victims as well as see what's shaping up to be a cracking show. I won't list everybody who's signed up for this show as basically it'd be easier to list those who haven't! It's fantastic and I hope as many people as possible will get down to the Gardens and show their support. The first match for this event has just been announced as:

Jonny Storm vs Burchill.






ALL STAR WRESTLING - January dates..

Croydon Fairfields Hall - 0208 6889291 - Tues 18th

Telford Oakengates Theatre - 01952 619020 - Fri 21st

Hanley Victoria Hall - 0870 060 6649 - Sat 22nd

Bristol Bristol City Football Club - 0870 1121897 - Thur 27th

Nottingham Royal Centre - 0115 989 5555 - Fri 28th

Stockport Stockport Plaza - 0161 477 7779 - Sat 29th

York Grand Opera House - 01904 671818 - Sun 30th 3pm.

Shows start at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated.





FCW Present 'Back To The Future II' on Sunday, January 30th, 2004 at

Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre, Lower Gornal. Doors Open at 7:00pm, show starts at 7:45pm. The card so far:


FCW Title - Laken Xander© vs Spud

FCW Tag Team Tournament Matches - Quarter Finals..

The British Connection vs PL4Y

The Party Boys vs Devil's Advocate.

For more information check out http://www.futurewrestling.co.uk.




GPW's first show of the year takes place in their usual venue which is the Royal British Legion in Leigh, Lancashire on the 16th of January 05. Doors open at 6pm and tickets cost just £5. The card so far looks like this...


Anthony McIntyre(WZW) vs. Danny Hope vs. Jack Hazard vs. Joey Hayes

El Ligero vs. JC Thunder

WKD (w/Elroy Doogle) vs. Jiggy Walker & Dirk Feelgood

Cameron Knite vs. James Tighe

Declan O'Conner & Paul Zantar vs. 'Superstar' Tony Sefton & Dom Travis.

Alex Shane, Damage Control, Pain Inc and Dangerous Damon Leigh are also on the card.




IPW:UK presents Best of British 1 on Sunday January 23rd, 2005, at Orpington Halls, Orpington High Street, Orpington, Kent. Doors open at 5:00pm, bell rings at 5:30pm.


Tickets are twenty pounds for ringside, ten pounds for general admission. Ringside fans also receive 20% off of all Official IPW:UK merchandise and many more benefits. Card so far:...


Best of British: High Flyers

5 Way Elimination; Scramble Rules

Spud vs. Aviv Maayan vs. Jonny Storm vs. ??? vs. ???

'New Superstar’ Stevie Douglas vs. Tony ‘Superstar’ Sefton

Hombre Del Veilo vs. Cabritro (w/ a special Lucha referee!)

The Party Boys vs. ???

‘Sensation of the Nation’ Rob Hunter vs. Morales

Plus, many many more AND the debut of Team Charming’s "Enforcer".


For information about IPW:UK, click http://www.ipwuk.com/ or e-mail Daniel Edler: daniel@theinteractiveinterview.com.




The next IWF show is a special IWF v NWA-UK Hammerlock show at Consett Civic Hall on Saturday 5th February. Times and ticket details will be released in the next few days.




IwW presents the first annual ‘Super Show’ on Sunday, March 20th, 2005 at the SFX Theater, Dublin. Doors open at 7pm, show starts 7.30pm. The card includes Ex WWE Superstar BILLY GUNN, TNA Superstar A.J. STYLES and CZW Superstar M-Dogg 20. Plus more Wrestlers to be announced in the New Year. Tickets are on sale now from The Wrestling Mania Shop,Top Floor, St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre. Tickets cost €35 Front row (Includes 1-free ticket to any ‘Easter Tour’ show / free signed programme), €25 Second row (Includes free signed programme), €20 General admission.




NPWA's next show is entitled Ringmaster and will be held on the 3rd of February 05, more details when I have them for you.



NWA Hammerlock

The first NWA Hammerlock show of 2005 will be taking place, in South Wales, at Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff. The date of the show is Saturday the 15th January. The show will begin at 7.45PM.


Tickets are available on the door on the night of the show, or in advance from the Community Centre reception. The cost of tickets is £6 for children and OAP's and £7 for adults. For further ticket information call 07729045845.




The Original Pro Wrestling Organization is pleased to announce "Scorn," scheduled for Friday, March 4th 2005. This event will take place at Wesham Community Centre, Wesham, Lancashire. The card for this event is as follows:


Nemesis vs. Marcus Kool

Athena Gold (w/Ashton Brown) vs. Angel Gonzales (w/SK8)

Special Agent vs. Stealth

Nero vs. Danny Devine

Mooga (w/The Empire) vs. Rampage

"The Sensation Of The Nation" Rob Hunter vs. "The Dragon" Kyle Masters

"The Evolution" Kriss Sprules (w/The Empire) vs. Gugi

Ashton Brown vs. "All Eyes On Me" David Sharp vs. TJ Cain vs. SK8 vs. Joey Hayes vs. El Ligero vs. "Dangerous" Damon Leigh

Melicious & Mikey Furiae (w/The Empire) vs. Mailman & Dean Christ

British Born Steel vs. The Saint

"Checkmate" David Kasparov (w/The Empire) vs. Exodus


Tickets are priced at five pounds and they are available immediately, either by e-mailing OPWOPromoter@aol.com or by telephone on 07821 182 371. Bell time is 7:30pm, doors open at 7pm. Wesham Community Centre has a fully licensed bar!




RBWA Stamford Show, 29/01/05 New Years Spectacular! at Stamford College,Drift Road, Stamford on Saturday 29th January. Tickets cost £6 for adults, £5 for under 16's and £17 for a family ticket, 2 adults and 2 under 16s (Saving You £5). Show starts at 7:30pm and should finish (approx) at 9:45pm - 10pm.The Card thus far..


El Ligero Vs Scotty Hexx

Magenta Vs Jetta

'The Teen Sensation' Bubblegum Vs Samuari

Black Ice Vs Rapid

'20 Year Mat Veteran' Keith Myatt And Azazeal Vs 'The Golden Boy' Cameron Knite And Nero

Ghloom Vs S.C Supreme.

Plus a 20 Man Over The Top Battle Royal featuring some wrestlers from the card and various trainees from the NMVA!




UCW's next events in Northern Ireland are on February 19th at Stormont Hotel, Belfast and March 25th - UCW 'Good Friday Disagreement' at Sormont Hotel, Belfast.




wZw are to start the year off in its spiritual home of Whitley Bay Residents Club on Saturday 29th January. (Doors Open at 6.30, Showtime at 7.00 – 10.00pm). The fans are in for one hell of an explosive night of Professional wrestling in a 3 hour show. Over 20 professional wrestlers in a 7 match card. Ticket Prices: £6 Adults, £4 Kids/OAP & £16 Family (2 Adults & 2 Kids) (Ringside tickets are available at http://www.wzwuk.com/shop.The Card So Far….


NBWA Battle Royal

Anthony McIntyre Vs Stevie Lynn (Cruiser Division Title Match)

Highlander Vs Drew Galloway

Tron vs Carbon & Super Ted Taylor (Stipulation Inter-Promotional Title Match)

Iceman & Juvenile Vs Spitfire & AJ Anderson


Other matches are to be announced shortly, other wrestlers scheduled to appear are Iain Robinson, Micky L, J Nattrass and making their wZw debut Lance thunder and Jay Phoenix. For more details on the show check out: http://www.wzwuk.com/whitleybayevent.htm





On Friday March 18th, FCW have secured the services of "The Original Playa From The Himalaya" Sonjay Dutt. The current NWA-TNA X-Division star is heading to the UK to be a part of the TWC Supershow at The Coventry Skydome on the 19th but first he makes a stop at FCW.


As if the debut of NWA-TNA star Sonjay Dutt wasn't big enough news for you FCW fans, FCW have just added another US star to the show on Friday March 18th.


Contracts are close to being finalized, but they won't announce the name until this weekend once it's all signed and sealed. Keep checking back to FCW Online (http://www.futurewrestling.co.uk) to find out who this new addition is.


In keeping with FCW, I would like to wish both Laken Zander current FCW champ and 'Golden Boy' Cameron Knite' the best of luck as they travel to Rotterdam to take part in an DCW show on Sunday, March 20th. Do us proud boys!


"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels has just been signed to appear at TWC International Showdown this March 19th, in the Coventry Skydome.


Daniels has been rated by many respected critics as one of the top grappler's in the world today, and has wrestled in Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, NWA:TNA, 3PW, and FWA, to name but a few. Daniels is one of the most featured wrestlers on The Wrestling Channel, and International Showdown would not be complete without The Fallen Angel.


Also signed to be part of the incredible line-up at the TWC Supershow: International Showdown are:


Mick Foley, Raven, AJ Styles, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Doug Williams, Petey Williams, Jonny Storm, Sonjay Dutt and many more.


This is already shaping up to be the most star-studded independent wrestling show in the UK in many years so don't delay, book your ticket today either by calling the box office on 02476 630693.


Top overseas talent Chris Hero has signed to make his debut appearance for the FWA at New Frontiers on February 26.


The FWA is pleased to announce it will be returning to the Southbury Leisure Centre in Enfield, Middlesex, for three dates in 2005. They are on Saturday May 7 (the day after Carpe Diem), Sunday July 31 and then a special first-ever FWA Matinee Show on Sunday November 20 (the day after Gold Rush).


The FWA is still in negotiations to add more dates to the 2005 calendar so please stay tuned to upcoming updates for more information.


Premier Promotions have announced that Doug Williams is their PWF Wrestler of the year for 2004, Williams becomes the first wrestler to win this accolade three times since the awards began. Williams also collected the Most Popular Wrestler with Paul Birchall picking up Best Young Wrestler whilst Ricky Knight topped the Best Villain award!


That's everything for my first UK edition of 2005, as ever please check out Wrestling 101's UK Scene section where you will find some excellent columns, Adam Sibley's latest offering is already up to view, thank you very much for reading.




International Scene News - by Evil Gringo



Firstly I'll kick off with Japan's largest promotion, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and its traditional show to kick off the year...


As always these days NJPW ran 'WRESTLE WORLD' at the hugew Tokyo Dome on the now set date of the 4th. It placed it's two new, bright hopes, Tanahashi and Nakamura in the headline spot as the two tag champs went to battle over Tanahashi's IWPG Under-30 title...


Here's the results....



Tokyo Dome

46,000 Fans


1. Wataru Inoue & Katsushi Takemura vs. Jado & Gedo went to a draw (15:00) when the time limit expired.

2. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title #1 Contender Match: Jushin Thunder Liger beat Koji Kanemoto (10:30) with a cradle.

3. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title: Tiger Mask beat Heat © (14:17) with a Tiger suplex hold to become the 47th champion.

4. Amaresu Exhibition Match: Yuji Nagata beat Katsuhiko Nagata (5:00) by 15-11.

5. Minoru Suzuki beat Takashi Iizuka (9:45) with a sleeper hold.

6. Satoshi Kojima beat Osamu Nishimura (19:26) with a lariat.

7. Ron Waterman won an 8 Man Ultimate Royal (21:55). Participants: Yuji Nagata, Blue Wolf, Masayuki Naruse, Toru Yano, Manabu Nakanishi, Mitsuya Nagai, Ron Waterman & Dolgorsuren Sumiyabazar

- Round 1: Ron Waterman beat Masayuki Naruse (2:35) by referee stop.

- Round 1: Manabu Nakanishi beat Toru Yano (3:09) with an armlock.

- Round 1: Dolgorsuren Sumiyabazar beat Mitsuya Nagai (5:46) with a shoulder hold.

- Round 1: Yuji Nagata beat Blue Wolf (5:49) with a heel hold.

- Semi Final: Ron Waterman beat Manabu Nakanishi (1:02) with a front neck lock.

- Semi Final: Yuji Nagata beat Dolgorsuren Sumiyabazar (1:53) by referee stop.

- Final: Ron Waterman beat Yuji Nagata (1:41) with a V1 armlock.

8. Dogfight: Masahiro Chono beat Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Riki Choshu (18:07).

- Masahiro Chono beat Riki Choshu (6:34) with a sliding Yakuza kick.

- Masahiro Chono beat Hiroyoshi Tenzan (11:33) with an FTS.

9. IWGP U-30 Openweight Title: Shinsuke Nakamura beat Hiroshi Tanahashi © (24:45) with a cross armbreaker to become the 2nd champion.


So Nakamura established himself as the front runner to be reguarded as future 'ace' of the company with this win. It also dethrones Tanahashi from his reign as U-30 champion, a belt he himself created in 2003.


Underneath the current 'ace' Tenzan was part of a 'dogfight' with Riki Choshu and Masa Chono. The format involved rotating singles matches with the winner of two straight matches becoming the victor...


It was Chono who came out on top, submitting the IWGP champ after diposing of Choshu. This means that he has been crowned number one contender and will most likely face Tenzan at the 20/2/05 show for the belt...


Also Tiger Mask dethroned Minoru 'HEAT' Tanaka as Junior champ with a come from behind win, the Tiger Suplex getting the duke. He will face junior great Liger at the 20/2/05 show as he won a number one contenders match against Koji Kanemoto earlier.


On top of that Brock Lesnar was in attendence with Reno 'Sable' Mero. New Japan founder, Antonio Inoki, came to the ring and greeted him to Japan. He then went to ringside and shook both his and Mero's hands. Lesnar was unable to do an in-ring angle because he is still under a no compete clause that carried over from his WWE contract. Although it is the intention of Inoki for Lesnar to work at least 5 shows from May onward including the planned shows in Italy. The two met over lunch on the 5th to discuss idea's and possible business ventures as well as the fact that Brock and Rena are planning on getting married, and they are doing so on Inoki's very own island of Palau and Inoki is to be a guest of honour....


Now on to NOAH, who ran a big show to kick off their year too. Taking place on the 8th it featured Puro legend Tenryu make his NOAH debut and Kobashi defend his GHC title against freelancer and former shooter Minoru Suzuki...


Here are the results...


NOAH "GREAT VOYAGE 2005", 1/8/05

Tokyo Nippon Budokan

16,700 Fans

1. Haruka Eigen beat Mitsuo Momota (7:48) with a side cradle.

2. Akitoshi Saito, Masao Inoue & Takashi Sugiura beat Jun Izumida, Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Kishin Kawabata (14:51) when Inoue used an Argentine backbreaker on Kawabata.

3. Yoshinari Ogawa, SUWA & Ricky Marvin beat Mohammed Yone, KENTA & Kotaro Suzuki (6:59) when SUWA used the FFF on Suzuki.

4. Akira Taue & Takuma Sano beat Tamon Honda & Go Shiosaki (13:10) when Sano used a northern lights bomb on Shiosaki.

5. Takeshi Morishima Return Match: Takeshi Morishima & Naomichi Marufuji beat Jun Akiyama & Makoto Hashi (12:18) when Morishima used a backdrop on Hashi.

6. GHC Jr. Heavyweight Title: Yoshinobu Kanemaru © beat Tatsuhito Takaiwa (18:21) with an avalanche-style brainbuster (4th defense).

7. Mitsuharu Misawa & Takeshi Rikio beat Genichiro Tenryu & Shiro Koshinaka (15:53) when Rikio used the Muso on Koshinaka.

8. GHC Heavyweight Title: Kenta Kobashi © beat Minoru Suzuki (25:22) with a Burning lariat (13th defense).


So Kobashi retains yet again, Suzuki defeated by the very move Kobashi said he would use, the Burning Lariat. After the match Takeshi Rikio challenged Kobashi to another title match (he'd had one nine months previous) and Kobashi accepted saying that Rikio was a worth challenger. Plus Rikio is the only person in 2004 to have pinned Kobashi (at the Sapparo Tag Tournement).


Misawa invited Tenryu back to NOAH as well after he and Rikio downed Mr Puro and Koshinaka of the Dark Agents. The two legends Misawa and Tenryu squared for the first time in 15 years and back then Misawa was still Tiger Mask II. Misawa mentioned a match with Akiyama as being on offer should Tenryu want it...


Also Kanemaru continued his reign as NOAH Jr Heavyweight champion as he downed Takaiwa of Zero One with a top rope brainbuster to keep the title in NOAH. It was Kanemaru's 4th successful defense as he has downed Low Ki, TAKA Michinoku, Takashi Shingura and now Takaiwa....


Also Haruka Eigen accepted Marufuji's offer of a GHC Openweight Title shot and Marufuji was pleased to hear it but promised 'a 120% victory'. Eigen just said it would be nice to win another title before his retirement and that he'd attempt to improve his record between now and his shot so he seemed truely deserving of a title belt....


Now onto AJPW and a little round up of whats going there...


-Kawada is to face Kensuke Sasaki in the pairs third ever singles confrontation. It will be for Kawada's Triple Crown and his ninth defense of the collection of belts. The two had a pair of matches over the IWGP title in NJPW which finished with a draw and a Sasaki win. Can Sasaki overcome Kawada yet again and claim the 3-Crown for the first time?


-Kojima is already confirmed as the next challenger of the 3-Crown champ whatever the result of Sasaki/Kawada III. He has promised victory and then a march on NJPW and a unification match with former tag partner and IWGP champion Tenzan....


-Kaz Hayashi is not without title contenders either. He has been challenged by TAKA Michinoku, Mini Love Machine (Gran Hamada under a mask) and others... No news on a title match yet though...


-And finally Yuji Nagata says that the AJPW Tag Titles are offically vacant after KaShin's departure from AJPW and also KaShin's siding with Black Japan. KaShin says he hasn't vacated his half of the titles but it is no use..

TanaYoshie (Yukata Yoshie and Hiroshi Tanahashi of NJPW) will face RWTL winners Taiyo Kea and Jamal for the vacant titles on the 16/1 show, the same on where Sasaki and Kawada collide...


Thats all for now... till next week!


Robert Heard



Extreme Revolution Entertainment Update

The History

- By Darkstar




The Extreme Revolution e-fed was born on March 19th 2001 and it all happened if by accident in a thread called 'I leave you lot alone for five minutes'. Those were the words spoken by Elbow a guy who set up the original WWF (UK) Board, a board that span from a group of people who came together at the disgust of Channel 4's coverage of WWF back in 2001 and 2001.


In the thread 'I leave you lot alone for five minutes' Elbow reacted to a board members comment about Ed (That's Ed_666 to you TWOites) saying he is practically running the place so he should take charge. This is what sparked it all off and from that a small cyber wrestling war broke out, a war which would form the beginning of the e-fed originally known as WWF (UK) Extreme.


The WWF (UK) Extreme didn't have anyone behind the booking until Andrew took control of the place in June 2001, this was echoed in storylines when Deadman turned his back on the WWF (UK) Extreme and helped the Extreme Revolution faction take control of the company on the Fully Loaded PPV held on July 22nd 2001. The night after on the first Extreme Revolution RAW it was revealed that Deadman was behind it all and he was now the owner of the company.


The Extreme Revolution was now on a roll and things were going to get even better with the arrival of TGX on the scene, fresh from the original TWO Stars. TGX consisted of the legendary HBK, Skullmonkey, Hunter (known as }{H}{ at TWO) and TWO Hall of famer, KJ.


The group debuted at Summer Slam 2001 and instantly made an impact by capturing the Extreme Revolution Tag Team Championships from Fill and Whizz Kidd, two of the best currently in the Extreme Revolution. TGX carried on with their momentum and continuously mocked and ridiculed the commissioner at the time, Pabster.


Now in 2002 all eyes looked towards the Royal Rumble and who would win it to go onto Wrestlemania 2 to face the Extreme Revolution Champion. That answer came on January 19th 2002 when HBK defeated 30 men to become the first ever winner of the Royal Rumble and he was indeed on his way to Wrestlemania.


Extreme Revolution Wrestlemania 2 happened on March 17th and it was HBK who walked out of Wrestlemania 2 as the new Extreme Revolution Champion, his Championship run didn't last long however as he walked out on the e-fed, leaving them without a champion.


The e-fed was without a champion but this was soon to be sorted because at Judgment Day 2002 there was a Six Pack Challenge held for the vacant Extreme Revolution Championship belt a match which KJ won to become Extreme Revolution Champion but just like HBK before him, KJ decided he had to leave the e-fed but he was leaving for a reason, he was leaving to set up TWO Stars Version 2.


TWO Stars started business again on August 5th 2002 and used a familiar style to that used by the Extreme Revolution. TWO Stars had a lot of potential and went full speed ahead into it's first PPV, RessureXtion where a new TWO Champion was crowned in Latino Reheat.


Following RessureXtion, TWO Stars moved forwards but people soon began to lose interest and by the time No Mercy rolled around on October 20th, TWO Stars was all but closed.


TWO No Mercy saw Acid Christ become the TWO World Champion and The Crippler became the first TWO Intercontinental Champion. It was then when the Extreme Revolution made an offer to the people of TWO Stars offering them a place in the Extreme Revolution, an offer which many people accepted.


Following the arrival of the TWO Stars roster into the Extreme Revolution a faction war soon began to break out a war which would see the two leaders, Deadman and KJ go at it at Wrestlemania 3, a match where KJ took Deadman out of the equation leaving no one to oppose KJ's hostile take over of the Extreme Revolution which he then renamed TWO Stars.


KJ was ruthless as the new owner of Extreme Revolution/TWO Stars so when Deadman and Commissioner Pabster returned side by side on the May 19th edition of RAW the superstars joined up with them to help over throw KJ out of power and turn the company back into the Extreme Revolution.


With the Company back in Deadman's hands, KJ left the Extreme Revolution and his TWO Stars faction disbanded into the Extreme Revolution roster.


SummerSlam was now on the horizon and a new contender for the Extreme Revolution Championship was beginning to come out of the wood work, that person was The Crippler and on August 24th 2003 he accomplished his goal and beat the seven foot tall monster Gavin for the Extreme Revolution Championship.


The Crippler was a fighting champion and took on all challengers but he was crumbling under the pressure, The Crippler was beginning to lose it mentally and it eventually took it's toll when he went one on one with Extreme Revolution veteran Whizz Kidd who managed to beat The Crippler for the Championship on November 16th. The Crippler however quickly regained that very championship on November 24th with help from Extreme Revolution Owner Deadman.


Infuriated The Crippler got in Deadman's face telling him he wanted to face Whizz Kidd one more time and this time he didn't want any help, but Deadman didn't listen and ended up accidentally costing The Crippler the Championship on December 14th. The night after on RAW, The Crippler snapped and beat up Deadman, the friendship between The Crippler and Deadman was over.


Following the fall out between The Crippler and Deadman, Deadman vowed that The Crippler would never get another shot at the Extreme Revolution Championship and furthermore Deadman refused to face Crippler in the ring but on February 15th 2004 at No Way Out, Deadman's and Cripplers roads to Wrestlemania came together as Deadman became Extreme Revolution Champion and The Crippler became the number one contender.


So it was on, Deadman vs. The Crippler at Wrestlemania IV a match that everyone wanted to see, former friends now enemies facing for the Extreme Revolution Championship. The Crippler did what he intended to do that night, he became a three time Extreme Revolution Champion and he became the first person to ever make Deadman tap out.


Following Wrestlemania the feud between Deadman and The Crippler intensified and it all came to a head on May 17th when The Crippler would kidnap Deadman during a no holds barred match before driving him off a pier into the sea apparently killing him.


Without Deadman in charge, the power of the company fell into the hands of Paul Heyman who is the current Chairman of Extreme Revolution Entertainment, during these past few months we have seen HBK regain the Extreme Revolution Championship from The Crippler and forcing him into retirement.


On October 17th Deadman made he return to the Extreme Revolution wanting his company back, but Paul Heyman believes it is now his company and has refused to give it back to him. So now Deadman has to win five matches, five matches without a loss and if he does succeed he can have his company back, he has already won two of these matches but if he was to lose any of the other three he would have to leave the Extreme Revolution forever.


January 30th 2005 marks the date of The Royal Rumble but this year it's for all the marbles, the Extreme Revolution Championship. 30 Men, One Winner, One Champion. Who will be crowned the Champion? Find out on January 30th




Credit to Andrew of Ex-Rev and TWO for this background article.


Want to find out more? Visit Ex-Rev.com




WWE Statistics

January 1st - January 8th

- By Chris2K



If you know me, I sympathise, but you'll also know that I'm a big fan of statistics. For the last few months I've been doing something similar to this just as a hobby-type thing, going from 1999 onwards, and now I've decided to bring it to the newsletter. Allow me to explain...


This project is basically a league table. It relies on the results of matches shown on WWE TV, be it RAW, SmackDown, Velocity or Heat. For the purposes of this project, I have separated the points into shows, rather than having one big table.


But why do it? Well it doesn't take that long at all, and it allows you to see who's been winning the most this year, and who's been the year's biggest jobber. It's just a bit of fun really :).


To score points all you need to do is win a match, or be involved in a DQ. You get five points for winning, three for a DQ, Double Count-out or draw, no points for a no contest, and you lose a point for a defeat.


For the first few weeks there won't be much to look at, I'll admit that myself. But as the year progresses, things will get a lot more interesting. And now, on with the results...




Batista def. Chris Benoit

Edge def. Chris Jericho

Shelton Benjamin def. Sylvain Grenier

Trish Stratus def. Victoria

Christian def. Eugene

Randy Orton def. Triple H


After an action-packed RAW, the scores are going to set up for the future quite well.


Batista ~ 5

Christian ~ 5

Edge ~ 5

Randy Orton ~ 5

Shelton Benjamin ~ 5

Trish Stratus ~ 5

Chris Benoit ~ -1

Chris Jericho ~ -1

Eugene ~ -1

Sylvan Grenier ~ -1

Triple H ~ -1

Victoria ~ -1




Rey Mysterio Jr. def. Eddie Guerrero

Funaki def. Akio

Kurt Angle def. Brian Black

Doug Basham def. Rob Van Dam

The Undertaker def. Heidenreich and Paul Heyman


Brian Black is not eligible for points as he is not on the WWE roster full-time.

Paul Heyman is not eligible for points as he is not a full-time wrestler.


Doug Basham ~ 5

Funaki ~ 5

Kurt Angle ~ 5

Rey Mysterio Jr. ~ 5

Undertaker ~ 5

Akio ~ -1

Eddie Guerrero ~ -1

Heidenreich ~ -1

Rob Van Dam ~ -1




(1st January 2005)


Kenzo Suzuki def. Paul London

Chavo Guerrero Jr. def. Billy Kidman

Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns def. Charlie Haas and Hardcore Holly


(8th January 2005)


Orlando Jordan def. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Hardcore Holly def. John Walters

Rene Dupree def. Nunzio

Booker T def. Spike Dudley


John Walters is not eligible for points as he is not on the WWE roster full-time.

The two Velocitys have been included so that every WWE show of this year is covered.


Booker T ~ 5

Kenzo Suzuki ~ 5

Luther Reigns ~ 5

Mark Jindrak ~ 5

Orlando Jordan ~ 5

Rene Dupree ~ 5

Chavo Guerrero Jr. ~ 4

Hardcore Holly ~ 4

Billy Kidman ~ -1

Charlie Haas ~ -1

Nunzio ~ -1

Paul London ~ -1

Spike Dudley ~ -1




Trish Stratus def. Victoria

Tyson Tomko def. William Regal

The Hurricane def. Rob Conway

Ric Flair def. Val Venis


All wrestlers eligible for points.


Hurricane ~ 5

Ric Flair ~ 5

Trish Stratus ~ 5

Tyson Tomko ~ 5

Rob Conway ~ -1

Val Venis ~ -1

Victoria ~ -1

William Regal ~ -1


So there's the first week. Hopefully you all understood what it's about, but if you have a question, ask in the thread below.





New Year's Revolution Preview

- By Chris Clarke



There have been six match’s signed for this Raw exclusive pay per view.




I expect that the opening match will be for the world tag team titles. I also expect the Champions, William Regal & Eugene should come out on top. The challengers Christian & Tyson Tomko have singles victories over the Champions but this is WWE so one never knows.




Women’s champion Lita should win this match for a lot of reasons. Number one, she has just won the title a few weeks ago from Trish Stratus, and number two, because of what happened on Raw the Monday before the pay per view with Trish and Gene Snitsky trying to break her neck.




Kane vs. Gene Snitsky. I don’t expect this match to go on for long. I think Kane will snap and get DQ and absolutely destroy Snitsky.




Intercontinental Title Match. To be honest I really don’t know who will win this match. I think this match will be the most unpredictable match of the night and anything might happen. Like they say, you never know what will happen in the WWE.




Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Muhammad Hassan. After what happened on Raw on Monday I think The King should win this match, but what you have to remember is that this is Muhammad Hassan’s first match in the WWE. So therefore I just don’t know who will win this match.




Elimination Chamber Match. This contest is between Edge, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Batista and Triple H. Shawn Michaels is the special guest referee. I suspect that Chris Benoit, will be the first one Eliminated. We know that Batista will be the last participant to enter the ring. Other than that who knows, with HBK in the ring anything is possible.


So fans, don’t forget to watch WWE’s New Year’s Revolution live on Sky Sports1 Sunday January 9 2005 for all the action.


Chris Clarke



Forum Threads of the Week




The Best Finisher Ever! Canadian Destroyer by jonnygrooveUK.


A great thread with a lot of decent replies that have taught me some things...........





Relationship Status by Chris2K.


I found this a very interesting thread documenting which of you poor souls are taken (which includes me!). Well done Chris!



TWO Member of the Week/Heel of the Week



Who is TWO Member of the Week?


This weeks premiere member is Tajiri-San! Tajiri has had a fantastic week in the forums and has been able to stick with his morality without being arrogant or offensive, and yet is able to accept the opinons of others well!


Congratulations Tajiri-San.



As of next week we will be adding 'Forum Heel of the Week'.This title will be a lighthearted award to whoevers posts leave you with a feeling of 'Huh???'.


So thanks for reading, congratulations to our award winners Tajiri-san, Chris2K and jonnygrooveuk. A happy new year to everyone, and we hope to see you back for next week's newsletter.


Darkstar and Chris2K








Some of the news stories included in the TWO newsletter are taken from various sources around the Internet and is not necessarily exclusive TWO news.


Edited by Chris2K
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I'm really happy with how my piece turned out...


I'm aiming to add more depth next week with some an indy round up with Osaka Pro and Dragon's Gate as well...


Bummer with the big AJPW show being on the Sunday the newsletter is published but what can you do? Still it adds some news for the newletters ahead eh?


Congrats to Tajri San, Chris and Johnny for making some good contributions and threads and to my fellow workers for doing the business. Hope it did Pab and the other workers justice.


Till next week!

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I enjoyed the newsletter, aside from the efed thing. Maybe this'll not go down too well with other people, but the whole efedding process, to me at least, is just something that I couldn't see appealing to the newsletter's audience, as it makes no sense to people outside of the efed itself.


The old newsletters looked really professional, covering wrestling events and news from different continents all over the world, including some really well written columns. Including stories and a regular update on the efed makes it look pretty amature-ish. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of people who read the TWO Newsletter. I'd wager that most of them read it for an easy to read, round up of all the latest happenings in the wrestling world, and not to hear about make believe story time. If Meltzer or Keller or some other respected wrestling journalist started including news on their sites about pretend role playing games, I think a lot of people would lose a lot of respect for them.


If you're in an efed and happy with it, great. I just don't know how relevant a few people's experiences in a role playing game are to a wide audience of wrestling fans. Meltzer doesn't tell us how his career mode is going in a Smackdown! game, John Motson doesn't tell us who he beat in FIFA and I don't really see the need for an efed column in a newsletter dedicated to wrestling. But hey, that's just me, and I didn't have a problem with the rest of the newsletter, which did well to match up to the high standards set by past editors.

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I like the newsletter, top stuff guys.


I thing I would question though is the Non restling thread of the week. On a personal note I thought that General chat has been quiet of late and that the Thread in Other sports entitled - Worst Ref Decision in a Long Time was a very very good thread and had some good debate within.

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i hqave to agree with russ that the e-fed update is awaste of time considering how many people there are in the e-fed that will know the info already compared to the number of people who subscribe to the newsletter and couldn't care less about some people playing make believe
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As far as the Efed thing goes it will include more efeds as it goes, Ex Rev was just the first in! And I personaly consider it a part of wrestling as it mirrors the views and opinions of a lot of fans as to booking and ideas.



And the thread of the week was my choice, and I just felt that Chris' thread was a better one as it showed a lot of peoples characters and thoughts, helping me to get to know them a bit better!

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Excellent edition people, i hope there is more of the same to come. The whole thing was enjoyable to read, however i must agree with Russ concerning the efed stuff. It hasnt got the "mass-market" appeal, as it only really interests/concerns those who are involved and maybe a select few others. Other than that, Top NL guys!
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