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7th Jan-TNA Report


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Haha beat you to it DraVen you job stealer. hahahahahaha. Ok overkill. Anyways Ive downloaded today, pretty sweet if I do say so myself, o wait crap today is Saturday, not Friday, so thats pretty screwed/ Dayam thought it was Friday, which then wouldnt make sense me getting it before its aired in the US. Anyways onwards an forwards.


Match 1

Aj Styles vs Chris Candido

The Fallen Angel was at ringside for this one. God knows why. meh I dont like Daniels. Anyway nice to see Candido in TNA, shame hes going to be wasted for a while as if he were in WWE. TNA obviously dont have much idea what to do with him yet. I think he may have been one of those impulse buys. You get to the checkout for something then there it is urging you to look and buy it while you wait in the queue. TNA bought a new timeslot and repeats on FSN and they saw Candido while waiting in the queue. Hmm we must buy they think. But when they get it home, it wasnt all that great in the first place and they dont know what to do with it. Anyway Candido is looking in good shape, He reverses a top rope Hurracanrana with A Manhattan Drop (Inverted Atomic Drop) and now he hits a legdrop from the 2nd rope. Nope no 3 count young Candido. Mr Styles eventually hits the Styles Clash, which is pretty impressive when you see Candido and gets a 3 count. Candido does the J-O-B. Nice work sir. See you on Xplosion soon.


Shane O Douglas talked about Ultimate X. the most overused match in TNA history. And said Petey has to defend against Aj Styles and the winner of Sabin and Chris Daniels. Hmm who gets the shot I wonder. No i dont wonder.....so... no i wont spoil. Traci talks to AC..sorry Johnny Fairplay (Sorry AC but you have a double man) and Trinity about a note or something. My attention never focuses on whats happening when Traci is on screen. My eyes are drawn to her...eyes.

Match 2

X Champ Petey Williams vs Andy Douglas of the Naturals

Naturals...yawn..... anyway petey twice tries for that flippy flippy piledriver, the Canadian Destroyer. Stevens distracts the ref. Scotty D'Amore gets involved and Petey reverses a pin into his own for a 3 count. To be honest I dont like Petey Williams tha much. And i dont really like the Naturals either. So bit of a useless match for me to watch. Williams still seems a bit bland to me although saying that hes more charismatic than the other prats in Team Canada bar Bobby Roode who i quite like. And the Naturals just seemed to be faces by default because they wanna hype Williams as the big heel going into Ultimate X. Naturals were good whenthey first came in or back whatever it was and kept cheating to help JJ but just wrestling in general theyre fairly generic tag team. I honestly can't see the attraction. Thats my two cents on that one


HYPE VIDEO..BAH GAWD ..They used a hype video....Just shows AMW beating TEam Canada two weeks ago and them getting a ttitle shot. Douglas talks to Harris and Storm about the match. Me thinks AMW shall be tag champs again soon. Well in a week and a day. Good luck lads. Harris turn on Storm already.

Match 3

Bobby Roode vs Chris Sabin

Daniels left the announce table with a chair to apparently hit Sabin. Scotty Not So Hotty distracted The ref and Roode hit a clothesline to the back of Sabin and he hit the chair on his way down. Clever stuff . Roode then got a 3 count as the crowd booed. BOOOOO. Congratulations TNA, lets make Sabin do the job to try hype him as some great contendor for the X title and against Daniels. Lets have him lose to Roode. Who isnt that great. Booking this week thus far hasnt been great to be honest. Nice that theyre hyping Daniels vs Sabin for next week but where does it go after that. One of them gets in UX the other doesnt. 2 week feuds arent brilliant. Lets face it

Match 4

Konnan vs David Young

Match of the night by a country mile. David Young vs Konnan, this should be the main event of Final Resolution. Young the most over guy in the company vs Konnan the best Mexican Superstar ever. Sarcasm ends. Konnan is rubbish and Young isnt much better although I do find Young hilarious in promos. Anyway B-Jizzle distracts el Reffio, and K-Kwik hits the Booker T special. Ron make your own finisher biatch, you even used the Pedigree the other week. Anyway Konnan hits an X-Factor, another stolen finisher for the win over Mr Young.


Raven talking with DDP about Kim. Raven droans on about Watts being wrapped around his little finger. And in the most unpredictable story of the night. Watts is behind him. Watts and Raven fight for a bit. Watts turns face again and he and DDP seemingly have kissed and made up. What a waste of time it was turning Watts heel. Anyway Raven vs Watts at the PPV i hear. Something about ryan Wilson coming back with a stupid name. Wilson was one of the original red-shirts before Legend. Legend=Best Red=shirt ever. Wilson=worst.


JARRETT TIME..>YAAAAAAY. Cannot beat some good old fashioned Jeff Jarrett promos. Mike Tenay is doing it too. Seems like the old days. God i miss the old Tenay vs JJ feud. Twas brilliant. Anyway is it me or is JJ using the old edit of his theme again. Doesnt sound like his 6th with the extra guitar beats and less of the main rift. Sounds like his remix theme from Theme Songs Volume 2. Anyway I digress. Jarrett talks about Poooouuuunnnnceeee boy and Bang Man. That sounds terrible. I meant Monty Brown and DDP in case you dont know who i mean. He then talks direcelly to Big Daddy Cool. DDP runs in and attacks JJ. Brown comes in and attacks both. Le Outsiders come out but JJ hits Hall. Nash then confronts JJ bt Brown clotheslined him. Then we get the usual TNA over booking of officials running down etc. Overbooking at its best. Just like the old days. Bit of friction in a stable, numerous run ins, refs and sceurity to keep them all apart. Shame they didnt really push it like the old days and have them then try and escape and beat on each other again.

Main Event Time

Goldust and SmackHead vs Kid Kash and Dallas

Dalls resturns at long last. About time an all, been here all night thought he were never go'ne come. Anyway about time they followed up on Kash and Dallas costing Hardy the X title me thinks and use up a bit of PPV time since we have all these matches that wont happen since Garzas in nick and Abyss has gone. Anyway Dustin Rhodes is dressed like a cowboy again. A couple weeks back they seemingly hinted at him turning all Goldust on us with his Movie Quote, but nothing more been done on it. I think they maybe waiting on the copyright to end on the name Goldust. They could always call him Gold-Dust. But thats cheap and tacky. Again i digress. After the Addict himself and Goldie get the advantage , the heels cheat to gain the advantage. Dustin tagged in Hardy who hit a Swanton and Rhodes hit a Bulldog so they got the win. Then go backstage and see JJ arguing with the other KoW.


Overall not too bad a show. Shame there was a bit of over booking and some rather silly booking but still, not all that bad.

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I too don't understand the booking of Sabin... nor throwing Daniels into the X-Divison scene right now... why not wait until after the Ultimate X blow off of the issues between Williams and Styles/Sabin?


Not that much build up to the actual titloe contenders I see... But Raven and DDP's eventual blow off will be very intresting to see...

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In honesty the Sabin booking was awful. I cannot see why they had him lose to Roode when apparently he'll be in the Ultimate X. Its showing him as weak before the PPV. Which doesnt build him up very well


On a side note Im very very very happy theyve got rid of the Squash matches on iMPACT. It was really dragging the show down. Its like an hour long weekly PPV quality now

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