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Guest DiluZional

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Guest DiluZional

The place is about to explode, here is an official release from your homie and mine, Kid Krazy on behalf of PSY. The following regards the level at which Psychopathic! is at regarding the whole issue of "backyard wrestling".



"For years I've spoke about staying underground, for years I've spoke about how we have spat in mainstream promoters faces and crippled what they stood for all for the good of the underground and what we believed in. Being arrested and charged was just a price I had to pay to spread what I believed in. But if I was to say that I NEVER wanted to go mainstream EVER, I'd be a liar. Of course I want Psychopathic! to be mainstream, I want to spread the word of the Dark Carnival to as many people as possible. I don't want to lose that underground instinct though.


We never did promote backyard wrestling, we promoted the fact that we did it. We promoted the fact that we learned our skills by ourselves without the help of wrestling schools and their strong armed robbery antics. We did it OURSELVES. Thats a chapter of our story and now it has ended. Its time to move onto the next.


Did you want us to stay in the backyard forever? Supporting a community who turned their backs on us long ago for being freaks of their "industry"? All the juggalos who downloaded our clips who wished they could see us perform live in person and hook up with us couldn't. But now they can. We will travel the entire UK now spreading the word of the Dark Carnival. Unedited, uncut and definitly in an [Edited] way! We 'aint changed juggalos, we're wanting to move on and sometimes change is good. But we will never forget the juggalos, thats what this is all about. We live, breathe and die for juggalos, their wish is our command and our wish is their command - but not for backyarders. Backyard wrestlers are NOW hurting OUR scene. Thats what happens. Like a pendulum, what goes around comes around and now the backyarders who looked down on us, we're looking down on them. We won juggalos, we won the battle, but now the war has begun. There is now bigger fish out there to catch and poke at with a spear and fry up!


Its time to turn the UK into a JUGGALO NATION. A twisted mingling of freaks, ninjaz and juggalos representing the dark carnival. For this to happen we now have to drop the backyard wrestling. It don't mean shxt now. We used it to get here and now we have milked it enough. We are the ONLY UK BACKYARD WRESTLERS TO GO PRO, and no-one is gonna top that bxtches! Thats already 1-0 to the juggalos and the dark carnival.


Some serious shxt is about to happen, some crazy serious shxt. We will go to any lengths to spread the message juggalos, and we want you there with us. Just like old times. Instead of 10 people in the backyard, it will be 300+ at venues all over the UK... We won't forget you, this is yours and our time. We will not sell out to any [Edited], and fo sho - We will always represent the WICKID SHXT and nothing BUT the WICKID SHXT... The Sixth is coming juggalos. This place is gonna' explode like an atom bomb full o' peanut butter. Since us ninjaz don't die, we want you ridin' that bomb with us...


To any haters now, [Edited] you we don't need you. The true juggalos are the ones who will stick by us and support us, the REAL juggalos.


hope you understand, its time to bring the dark carnival to a majority number. Its time for them to experience and witness, the WICKID SHXT! Yeeeeeeeeea. "


There you have it peeps!





Psychopathic! The Pro Wrestling Faction That Runs Beneath The Streets!

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