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Last weeks Raw


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Just thought I'd see how others felt about that Raw, cause a few things happened asides from the interesting Draft bits....


The draft bits were quite fun to watch, especially Kurt Angle turning in a great performance as usual. Also good to hear that Benoits probably gonna get a nice push when he gets back..hopefully.


Anyway, other things i noticed, was it just me or was Tazz V Mr. Perfect the worst match ever? I dunno what happened, and I respect both guys, but what on earth were they doing? It was awful to watch them make fools of themselves...and why did Tazz get a clean victory when he's just going to end up nowhere again..damn hes lost all credibility to me, dunno about anyone else.


Also, Mavens missed spot...ouch? Raven covered well for him i think, really looked quite sore when he bumped his knee off the apron while falling, I wonder if he's injured. Ah well he got his first "you f***ed up chant" anyway.


Apart from the Perfect v Tazz match, i thought Raw was pretty good.

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