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Fedor Emelianenko fight compilation and Pride Fc / UFC / PPV tape lot! MMA NHB

Guest idz135

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Anyone want to buy:

-a fight tape compilation of Fedor Emelianenko's fight career, from Rings

to Pride Fc:


-Fedor vs. Hiroya Takada -Rings Battle Genesis vol.6

-Fedor vs. Ricardo Arona -Rings: King of Kings 2000

-Fedor vs. Tsuyoshi Kohsaka -Rings: King of Kings 2000

-Fedor vs. Kerry Schall -Rings: World Title Series vol. 1

-Fedor vs. Renato Sobral -Rings: 10th Anniversary

-Fedor vs. Lee Hasdell -Rings: World Title Series vol. 5

-Fedor vs. Chris Haseman -Rings:World Title Series Grand Final

-Fedor vs. Yugi Nagata -Inoki: Bom Ba Ye 2003

-Fedor vs. Heath Herring -Pride Fc: Championship Chaos 2

-Fedor vs. Antonio Nogueira -Pride Fc: 25 Body Blow

-Fedor vs. Kazuyuki Fujita -Pride Fc: 26 Badd to the Bone

-Fedor vs. Gary Goodridge -Pride Fc: Total Elimination 2003

-Fedor vs. Mark Coleman -Pride Fc: Total Elimination 2004

-Fedor vs. Kevin Randleman -Pride Fc: Critical Countdown 2004

-Fedor vs. Naoya Ogawa -Pride Fc: Final Conflict 2004

-Fedor vs. Antonio Noguieira -Pride Fc: Final Conflict 2004


some screenpics:





















VHS: PPV lot (great quality 1st gen from master)

-Pride Fc: High Octane , Pride Fc: Final Conflict 2004/2003

Pride Fc:Critical Countdown 2004, Pride Fc: Total Elimination

2004/2003, Pride fC: 27, Bushido 3, Pride Fc: 25

Pride FC: shockwave 2003

PRIDE FC SHOCKWAVE NYE 2004 -premiering this NYE


-UFC: 50,49,48,47

- K-1: Romanex


-interested? email me at idz135@yahoo.com

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