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Violent Night Results


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Quickly as I'm tired :) - I'll do a full show review tommorrow, as theres quite a bit I'd like to say about some wrestlers and the show as a whole (all positive :))


Damien Grant def BBS - Grant is 2/2 over British Connection over the past 2 months

Party Boyz def Marc Hogan & Judge - Pheonix took a sick shot to the head as he was flipped into the ring post. Otherwise, a very good fast pasted match

Spud def Rob Hunter to become #1 contender - Gotta love Spud and Rob's matches, seriously they are different every time. Joel (HOLY JOEL!) got knocked down by Spud's dive to the outside, which allowed Morales to attack Spud, but Spud rolled up Rob for the win.


Saul Adams def Danny Devine, A-Star & Kev O'Neil - Personally my MOTN, I loved this match from top to bottom, am really pleased to see Saul win, he's got so much talent, and must be going places soon.

Morales def Cameron Knite - Solid wrestling match, shame the focus of the fans was on Danny D rather than the wrestling because it was brilliant.

Laken Xander def Falcon to retain the FCW Title - I wanted Falcon to win :( Well I'm looking forward to Spud v Xander next month.


Great 2004 for FCW, I'll have more thoughts when i get 2 mins. Thanks FCW for a great year, here's to 2005 :beerchug

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Violent Night


Saul Adams def Danny Devine, A-Star & Kev O'Neil - Personally my MOTN, I loved this match from top to bottom.


Gotta agree with htffcsomethingortheother there. With a nod towards Cameron and Morales.


Was waiting for Santa to appear, but alas :( :lol

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Normally I'm a whinging smark but this is a little ray of positivity from me for a change. I loved Violent Night and left feeling hugely impressed with all concerned. Only when I was halfway home did I realise this was a show with no US stars, no Bouncer and no GBH. I'm a big mark for both these guys so it shows the show was a Christmas cracker (pun intended) when I didn't even notice their absence!

I also want to give a big :clap to Saul Adams. I've been wanting a Mr Bad Attitude singles push for a while now and he's not disappointing me. But my surprise is Damien Grant - far from pulling a D-Von and floundering away from the Tag Team that made his name, the littlest DA is pulling out blinding matches! Loving the work a body part aggressive submission style he's using. A huge :thumbsup to you, Smelly Hairy Man!!

Finally, I am delighted my HOLY JOEL chant caught on - it seems weird to chant for a ref (unless you're an Earl Hebner hating Canadian hurling abuse), but if anyone deserves it then it's the Afroman. :worship

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