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A bunch of Wrestling News by wwe4eva part 1


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- Only about 2000 tickets were sold to the Smackdown taping Tuesday night.


- Trish Stratus was on ESPN2's "Cold Pizza" last Wednesday morning.


- The Smackdown taping in Nashville will be the last live WWE show for nearly two weeks (not including the Iraq tour that some wrestlers will be going on) as the holidays hit full swing. WWE will return live with RAW in Biloxi, Miss. on December 27th.


- A lot of the Smackdown wrestlers are unhappy about having to go to Iraq during the holidays. The trip is being labeled as "voluntary" but it is pretty clear that those who are asked to go an don't will not be looked upon well by Vince McMahon. Word is that Vince feels it is good for WWE to give back to the troops and expects the talent to feel the same way.


- Fangoria.com, a top horror movie website, reports that the WWE movie starring Kane will be now called "Goodnight," not the previously rumored title of "Eye Scream Man." The site also praised what they saw of the film during a set visit, especially praising director Gregory Dark. The movie is about a group of kids who have to clean up a hotel for their community service but end up getting locked in there with a maniac (played by Kane).


Credit: PWInsider.com


- Apparently before Paul Heyman was removed from the SmackDown! writing team, there had been early discussions about the possibility of running an ECW PPV next year. It's not known whether or not the talks reached anything past that point, as because mentioned before it was during Heyman's run with creative, and one of the big forces against the idea was Stephanie McMahon.


- It's looking as though the next challenger for John Bradshaw Layfield's WWE title will be The Big Show. Big Show is scheduled for WWE title matches on house shows following the holiday break.


Credit: PWInsider.com


According to several fans who witnessed the story we reported earlier about a WWE related harassment suit in Alabama, there's really nothing to the charges filed against Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, and Dave Batista from a Monday incident at a Hooters restaurant.


Fans who saw the incident in person claimed Dana Mixx, the man filing the charges, actually challenged Chris Jericho to an arm-wrestling contest and lost. The same person claims that after losing, Mixx handed over his hat, but Jericho later returned it.


The three WWE stars were there for over an hour following that, signing autographs with fans including Mixx. One WWE employee who was there noted there was no physical incident at all, despite the claims.


Also, the one wrestler who we mentioned WWE denied even being there during this, was in fact Batista. That's pretty much confirmed.


The following is from the Pwtorch Newsletter:


-It is said that Stephanie McMahon was the main catalyst in having Paul Heyman removed from the Smackdown! writing team with encouragement from Brian Gewirtz. Vince McMahon originally put Heyman on the writing time, despite the wishes of Stephanie. It is not known exactly what "caused" Heyman to be pulled off the team, but it could have been something as small as Heyman saying he was disappointed that Taz lost to HHH on Raw (On the ECW DVD) since it is widely known that both HHH & Stephanie's ego's are very fragile.


Heyman was also said to make some of the hire's that Stephanie McMahon had made look incompetent, because of their lack of knowledge for wrestling and that this was probably another factor which weighed into him being removed. It has been reported that Heyman did not let personal issues get in his way as a member of the Smackdown! writing team.


Heyman would reportedly get upset after putting together a Smackdown! script and then having it changed on a whim by either Stephanie McMahon or Vince. Heyman was also well known for his inspired "pre-Smackdown!" meetings in which he would go over the script for the show with the wrestlers, whereas on the other hand, Dave Lagana is much more matter-of-fact and bland in his presentation.


Thanks to Pwtorch Newsletter for the following:


-The Biggest losers in the entire scenario of Paul Heyman leaving were the cruiserweights. Heyman went to bat for the cruiserweights week in and week out and now without Heyman on board, the morale among them has sunken to a low.


-There is more talk that the WWE was considering running a one time only ECW PPV next year. With strong sales off of the DVD, this was a strong possibility, but with Heyman leaving his creative position, this may no longer be on the radar. Heyman was pushing very had for this too happen, while Vince was open to the idea. However, it wasn't a major priority of the WWE, but if the WWE is able to add revenue by running the one time only event, then it may still be a possibility in the future, but the exact time of such a thing is not known.


-The Dudleys have been off camera for a while in hopes of freshening up their characters. This could however, lead into the ECW PPV, where the Dudley's return and complain about how they were being under-utilized.


In confirmation that a Shawn Michaels return is on the horizon, the Target Center is advertising HBK for the 1/14/05 RAW house show.


The card features Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair as one of the headline matches, so HBK should, at the very latest, be back in action by 1/14/05.


The show also features Chris Jericho vs. Muhammad Hassan, Randy Orton vs. Batista and Kane vs. Gene Snitsky.


- The main event for the Smackdown Taping on January 11 is being advertised as The Undertaker vs JBL and Orlando Jordan in a casket match. That could be a dark match.


- David Tate, one of the Memphis police officers charged with conspiring to burglarize Jerry Lawler's home, was indicted today on two counts of receiving and possessing child pornography.


WWE has posted interviews with Eric Bischoff and Simon Dean on their website. The interviews are in work/storyline mode. There are plenty of other post-Armageddon articles on the site as well.


Triple H, William Regal and Lita were guests on Byte This Wednesday night.


Judd of PWI sent this:


Trish Stratus appeared on ESPN2's Cold Pizza Wednesday morning. The interviewer asked her about her missing knuckle and she said it was smashed inside her hand (ouch!) She talked about how she lost the title recently to Lita but now she is in an effort to get it back. She talked about how she recently went to Iraq and Lita was there with her and joked about how they had a "pillow fight" over there. She said it was great entertaining the troops and it provided an escapism for them. She talked about how she was starred in a sketch comedy in Toronto recently. They talked about her recent Oxygen magazine cover and how she enjoyed doing the photo shoot. She talked about how she loves the OHL in Canada and how her 9 year old nephew(s) love playing hockey. Finally, they plugged her magazine cover and how the magazine is on newsstands now. It was a good little segment with, at least in my opinion, the most beautiful woman in WWE and maybe in the world.


Amy Weber's profile has finally been added to the WWE.com SmackDown! sub site.


Chris Jericho will be on TSN's "Off The Record" January 13.


-Delta Airlines is now showing a promo of Brooke & Hulk Hogan along with her music video as part of the in-flight entertainment


-WWE will be hosting a Hall of Fame dinner on April second at the Universal Ampitheater. You can get tickets on Saturday morning at 10am, before they're officially on sale, at TicketMaster.com or WWE.com, using the password 'legend'


-Blade: Trinity, featuring HHH, debuted at #3 in the UK movie charts, behind The Incredibles and The Polar Express.


-Chris Jericho will be featured on "Off the Record" on January 13th.


-The SmackDown! crew took off for the middle east immediately following the SmackDown! tapings on Tuesday. Everything is being kept real secret as they obviously don't want to advertise when or where to they are flying.


-Opie & Anthony on XM radio were talking about the Sean Waltman-Joanie Laurer sex tape. They are friends with Laurer and said since Vince McMahon owns everything that made her famous, she's had to resort to this to make money. They said the still photos are "disgusting" and made the requisite male jabs at Laurer. Anthony said that even though she claimed the tape was done for private use and fell into the wrong hands, that they actually made the tape so they could release it


-- According to PWTorch newsletter author Wade Keller, just about everyone within a hundred yards heard the loud argument between Chavo and Big Show at last week's Smackdown tapings, which quickly got physical. It started with Chavo snapping at Show about bigger wrestlers and smaller wrestlers, and ended up calling Show fat and lazy. Big Show then threw Chavo across the dressing room. Agents and wrestlers broke it up quickly, and nothing more happened between the two that night.


-- Daniel Puder's backstage attitude has many thinking that it will get him into a lot of trouble with other wrestlers. "It's obnoxious" says one source, "He's a master politician with his head up anyone's ass who has power. But it just might work out for him, too, the way things work around here."


-- So far WWE has not had to take any special precautions for Hassan and Daivari for their safety. So far there are no signs of fans taking the gimmick too seriously and getting violent, however their comments about the U.S. troops fighting overseas has many worried that things may change.


credit: the websites mentioned above.

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I was really disappointed after hearing Paul Heyman had been dropped. This probably means that we will not see the cruiserweights anymore. Everytime Paul Heyman get control of smackdown, the product improves and the ratings go up, so why do they drop him. Another thing, What happened to the Kidman-London and the shooting star press angle and witth Chavo back, this could have really been something special. It was the highlight of the No Mercy ppv. They really dropped the ball on that one.


Also related to what you said, if hbk comes back, i don't think that he should have a televised match until WM21.

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