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Cripple Search 2004/5

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got disability?  

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  1. 1. got disability?

    • Physical imapairment
    • mental impairment
    • sensory imparment
    • disfigured from birth
    • disfigured from accident
    • Other

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If you want to know where this idea came from look in the prolife/ pro choice thread



1) mobility impaired: wheelchair not amputated/ misformed legs


2) mental imapirment: ADD, Dyslexia anything like that


3) Sensory Impairment:blind (although i guess here that would be one eye only and glasses don't count unless really thick deaf


4) disfigurement from birth


5) disfigurement from accident


6) other




I personally am in a wheelchair with a condition called spina bifida but walk on crutches if i am at home or inside but not in a busy place as i have some balance problems

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Im cursed with the disability of ugliness, it was from birth (See avator pic of moi)


I had asthma but Im told im all but cured of it, I dont need inhalers on a regular basis anymore and she said I actually arent asthmatic anymore btu something else, not sure of the name but its just that i may occasionally get a shortness of breath and wheeziness, but not often at all. Which is great news since Ive been cursed with the asthma restricting me from doing so much over the years so it wont get in the way of my wrestling


I also HAD excema really really badly up and down my legs and arms. Ive even had to go into hospital before for over a week when i was younger as it got that bad. Fortunately all I have now is the scars on my legs and thats all.


My right knee is scarred horribly for life after having a football stud in it and having stitches and injections into it. Never be the same again

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I have Dyslexia and had to copy and paste the bugger to get the spelling right lol...


I also have a damaged knee from wrestling and SSP's, trust me, highflying kills careers....


Several scars from accidents in crap dead end jobs and one where some one caught we with a knife on the arm when someone attepted to mug me about a year and a half ago... I won still....


And thanks to my broken hand and dislocation of my knuckles my pinkie on my left hand is never going to look the same lol.

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I have a congenital abnormality, its no biggy, just my left hand is weird looking, everybody has a unique looking whatever if they have this abnormality. My thumb is normal, my index finger is extremely fat and the middle finger is stuck to it, its not really a finger, just a little blob of fat skin with a tiny nail in, the others are just little blobs with tiny nails in them. Oh yer they are all small except for the thumb so they dont stick out.
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I have two disabilities!?




Yo I have a physical and a mental impairment (never) I hear sarcastically from the crowd.lol


Anyway on my 23rd birthday, I prevented two smack rats from stealing an ambulance and they threw me through a plate glass window, which almost severed off my right arm, and my nose came off to the point where I was pushing it up my face like a pair of glasses, I had over 450 stitches to repair my arm and had plastic surgery to fix my nose. It is why I left building work.


I received a Metropolitan Police Commendation(which was my second) I also received one for preventing a Scout Hall from burning down when I was 11, thats another story though.


I am registered as a disabled person and am a Green Card Holder, I also suffer from panic/anxiety attacks since then and it is the worst feeling in the world, you cannot get your breath and you feel like you are going to die. It is very frightening, especially at three am.


Just lately I have also found that I have a hiatus hernia, which can aggravate the symptoms of panic attacks, so thats nice.... not!


Anyway, I still try to work and have spent time as some of you know Mentoring people who cannot get work, especially young folks, but lately it has become more stressful and I have had to return to building work, which I do and work for myself when I feel up to it.


Other than that, I'm fine and dandy :thumbsup .



Would miss the pain if it went away! :lol

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