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Building up or relaxing and not caring how your next week is looking


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I broke up from college today and work, and boy am I happy, 3 whole weeks off to sleep late and do nothing.


Yeah right I wish this is just the begining of my week of hell, now that they are not required to wake before dawn my kids will no doubt do so, unlike every other morning them rolling over and saying "go away im sleeping" when i wake them. Also no doubt that the very days i want to go shopping for their gifts they will have tantrums and want to come too.


The very toy my kids want more than anything will no doubt be out of stock and I'll have to hunt wales for one.


I wont be recieving any presents myself due to lack of anyone in my family giving a s**t, (thanks jayden for sending me one)


I also need to get a turkey and cook the stupid thing.


For some reason even though I love xmas Im not really looking forward to this one. Maybe being alone makes it that much less appealing.


So enough of my list of things I need to do but dont want to do, what you guys upto? You still working right up till xmas eve, or like me got lots of time off? You going away or just letting someone else take care of it all.



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I Unfortunatly don't finish work untill thursday at 5pm. I'll do the last of my Christmas shopping early Friday morning. this weekend i'm continuing my footy binge. Up in Sunderland tommorow, hopefully home in time for Juve v Milan. Then its Rangers V Killie on Sunday then i'm out for a sunday Carvery so no time to think about Christmas untill monday i think.


I've done most of my stuff i just need to get a few books for my mum, and a few trinkets for others. I need to get all my beer in, so come Friday i can put my feet up and enjoy a week of doing what i want when i want.



Oh and taki i'm loving your signature.

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My girlfriend and I have the kids sorted out, we need just a feew more things for family and we are done. We didn't do much for each other, but we are taking a personal 48hours away from everyone after. Nice hotel room with room service and one of those vibrating beds!


That is a gift! :devil

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I've got all mine sorted about a week ago.


Mum - Live Aid DVD, Gordon Ramsey Calendar

Stepdad - Talking George Bush, Brian Clough book

Stepbro 1 - Mall Rats DVD, Hollyoaks girls calendar, Donnie Darko book

Stepbro 2 - Shocking Roulette game, His & Hers calendar, Hangover pack

Sister - I love you bear, Teddy bear book, Justin Timberlake calendar, Manicure set

Gran - White Christmas DVD, Poetry book

Taki - Four of the Vampire Chronicles


Just one really really special person left to buy for and I'm struggling like hell to find something for her but I think I'll know what to get her when I see it. Just need to keep looking.


I'm getting to be in excited little kid mode right now though. I can't wait, everything about Christmas is so perfect and amazing and gorgeous and I'm soooooo excited. It's like only a week away, woohoo.

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Im not to fussed about Christmas this year, mainly due to the fact that I cant be with my girlfriend. Although we will be together for New Year which is better anyway as shes Jewish so she doesnt celebrate christmas. Im working the Monday and Tuesday right after Christmas which doesnt really bother me as its £600 for 2 days work. :D
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