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What superstar should be in a movie and what movie

Guest Melissa

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Well, Kevin Nash was in one of the predator movies as the predator.It wasn't him speaking but he was wearing the suit. I think Albert should have been in Underworld as a werewolf.He's big enough and if I saw him coming towards me in a subway station you can bet I'd be running hehehehe
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HHH could should have been in Deep Impact, the mission has failed, all hope is lost, the rock is coming down and all the earth is doomed...

But wait on the hill, its HHH he's just pedigreed the astronoid, he puts one finger on his chest, 1,2,3! HHH has made the astronoid job and the earth is saved!

Special guest apperance by Booker T as the Astronoid and Ric Flair as HHH's bag carrier/ass wiper.

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