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I'm not sure if something similar has been posted before, so I apologise in advance, but I'm new here, so be nice.. please.


Ok, I thought I'd post a topic and get your views on the collection of females affectionately know as the 'Divas'.


Personally, I'm a big Molly fan. In the little WCW I watched, she impressed me whilst wrestling under the 'Mona' moniker and since debuting in the WWF in late 2000, she has continued to impress.


Unfortunately, she still hasn't held the women's title, with the WWF administration seemingly preferring to give the title to surgically enhanced Barbie dolls and overrated 'Playmates' rather than a woman with actual wrestling talent, but she still has plenty of time to gain some recognition, being only in her early twenties.


The title has regained some credibility lately, but I am presuming that it had some in the first place, with Jazz and an improved Trish having a couple of decent matches recently. Maybe, just maybe, this is a sign of things to come and the division will be more than just an excuse for T & A, or am I just being foolishy optomistic?


So, what are your feelings on the Diva's and the state of women's wrestling in the WWF?


Who is the most useful, talented, overrated, annoying, useless.. etc?




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Guest Jazzmaster
I also like Lita although I question her ability to have good matches. I think Trish has surpassed her in many ways. Ivory and Terri are the most wasted (presenting excess does not count as good usage).
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I like Lita is the best female? *shrugs* oh well.


I don't like Lita except for her body. Her wrestling skills are pretty poor and her promo's are awful, but hey, her body makes up for hit (and yes, her face included.)


Molly is a great athlete and can wrestle very well even with the men, but then again, she had Dean Malenko as a trainer so that's got to count for something.


Trish is sexy, but i'm not keen on her interview or presenting skills. Her wrestling has improved though, so that deserves credit.


Stacy can't wrestle, but she's the sexiest diva in WWF, is natural, and looks DAMN good.


Ditto for Torrie excluding the natural part.


Terri is hot, but is a bit too old for my liking.


Ditto for Debra.


Jazz isn't sexy, but can kick some ass like no other woman i've ever seen.


Ivory is good looking and talented, which is good, if only the WWF would use her.


If you have my MSN, you'llk know my feelings about Steph, except her promos are quite good, to tell the truth. While Shane takes after his nmom in producing wooden promos, Steph takes after her dad in using feeling, power, and screaming. She is very sexy too, and had a great match with Trish at NWO 2001...it's just the fact that she dominated WWF too much. Thank God she's not on TV anymore (at least until KOTR).


Overall, i'm happy enough with the current divas. As long as CChyna doesn't return, i''m cool.

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I think Trish is now not just a pretty face and well done to her for improving dramatically over the last eighteen momths. Molly also has the odd very good match, so does Jazz, Jackie and Ivory are also watchable. However Lita is vastly over-rated. She only knows three moves and is not particularly good looking. As for her body, look at the pictures of her a few years back and tell me she hasn't been, ahem, "modified."

Overall I think the divas are a welcome addition to the roster. Some of their matches can be god-awful admittedly but they always try hard and at the end of the day isn't that all that matters?

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To be honest I'm not really keen on any of them. don't want to sound sexist but...............


They only have women on WWF TV to provide a little T + A. Do they not get that having them wrestle doesn't really count as titilation? The other problem with that is that many of the less presentable talents, Jackie and Jazz for instance, are actually the ones that can wrestle.


Even Molly, Ivory, Jackie, Jazz at their best don't provide as good a match as the guys do, sorry but it's true. Billy Gunn Vs Crash Holly could work a more polished match than any combination of the WWF women on offer, and that's saying something


Why have these matches on TV? If you want to give us T + A, then just keep Torrie Wilson, Stacy, Terri etc as managers/interviers/general wrestling hangers on. But why put them in matches? No it's not a turn on to see them pull each others hair.


I was watching the Jerry Lawler shoot interview recently and he makes the point very well. they were bought in by Vince Russo and the WWF initially to add a little sex appeal to the show. What the WWF now seem to figure is that having them wrestle is keeping them on TV, and therefore keeping the sex appeal there but if we're honest, that's not what it does at all.


Oh yeah and while I'm at it, Lita in my opinion is the most over rated female wrestler I can remember. She's like a watered down version of Jeff Hardy, a few high spots, not as good as his, has no idea how to build a match, and is poor on the mic. Disagree with me if you want, but Daphney's frankenscreamer looked more polished than the Litacanrana.

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Ivory is by far the most talented across the board.


Otherwise I really dont find the Womans division interesting. Partly because of Lita, the HHH of the division. She is so goddamn overrated. Trish's style is even more entertaining than Lita's repetetive bs.


I also hated Chyna while she was around, just because she made Ivory look silly at Wrestlemania, and thought she was better than she really was. Ahhh hate, wonderful thing.

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Yeah Chyna sort of never really fitted in. Too big to wrestle realistically against the women, just made them look inadequate size wise, but she was never talented or powerful enough to hold her own in the men's division.


as for ivory, she's a good in-ring performer, but i still think she's no more entertaining than billy gunn

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Although sometimes sloppy, Lita is my overall fav diva. However, Trish, Torrie and Stacy definately have the best looks.


I think they do very little with Molly, she is a smooth wrestler and has been here over a year yet has not had a womens title reign.


I hate Debra, she is too old. Terri is okay but again is quite old.


Jazz is a good wrestler, I would like to see her mix it up with the guys, same with Lita and Jackie

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