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faking IT USA


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FAKING IT USA Is that Jesus


Ok a while ago I saw this program and this guy was trying to make people believe he was a wrestler


Well he was being trained by a guy named the hardcore kid


I'm pretty sure it was none other than Jesus


has anyone else seen this program

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I only caught a wee bit of that Faking It, but I'm sure the guy was being trained by UPW. Judging by a little bit of Google-ing, I can see that Aaron Aguilera was a former UPW tag team champion, making it very likely that he was on the show in some capacity.


One question though, did they treat it like the Faking It UK wrestling one, where they pretended it was all real? I'd have enjoyed the show if it wasn't for the fact that the narrater kept on saying stupid things like "He managed to wrestle really well, but in the end his opponent was too strong and got the three count, but what a great effort from the ballet dancer, he put up a great fight".

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